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Industrial Military Grade Epoxy Flooring
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  • Our Ultra Military - Industrial grade three layer epoxy flooring system provides the highest level of floor durability in a beautiful high gloss epoxy finish. 10 times thicker and more durable than retail epoxies! go with a proven time tested system, over 30 million square feet sold!
  • Packaged in a complete easy to apply kit with no prior experience needed!
  • High gloss finish so beautiful it's often used by interior decorators. available in a no odor package for jobs in an occupied area.
  • Water proof, stain proof, highest impact resistance, scratch resistant, hot tire proof, impervious to all vehicle fluids, corrosive road salts, and most industrial acids. will not yellow, dull or peel!
  • 100% military grade epoxy resins! cannot be equaled by any amount of epoxy sold at home improvement centers, water based epoxies or any off the shelf type epoxy floor coating.
  • For an equivalent epoxy coating you would have to pay a contractor $5.00-8.00 a square foot or more and still not have as good a coating!
  • No time to grind or etch? Choose our new Instant No Prep Primer option. Allows you to prime and epoxy coat the same day without grinding or etching! Saves significant time and over $1.00/sf for contractor diamond grinding! Plus it's Nano Technology elevates the adhesion level to where it is impossible to separate the primer from the concrete substrate. Can be used over previous epoxy coatings without the need to sand and rough up!!
  • Your order will include everything needed for a complete professional installation! Two part high performance epoxy primer base coat (outperforms most other company's actual epoxies!), our patented three component extra thick 100% military grade epoxy second coat, high gloss urethane based ultra high wear military grade clear topcoat, etching solution, TSP neutralizing powder, anti wear nonslip additive, calibrated notched squeegee(automatically spreads the epoxy at the proper thickness), epoxy rollers, mixing bucket, easy to follow instructions.

    The Ultra Epoxy Flooring kit

    The Military Ultra Epoxy Flooring kit is self leveling making it suitable for application by non-professionals. Even first timers can easily apply our kit for a showroom finish floor!

    One of the most important performance factors of any epoxy is it's Abrasion Resistance Rating. Our Topcoat has an industry best 4mg Loss rating and is why our Ultra Military Grade System is the best epoxy coating in the business bar none! See The Need To Know Tab at top of page to learn more about Abrasion Ratings.

    Military Ultra Epoxy Flooring is super versatile and is engineered to be a permanent coating on any type of concrete or wood floors(please specify when using on wood floors) even under the harshest traffic and environmental conditions. Vertical surfaces can be coated with Ultra Wall version without drips or runs.

    Extra Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Coating System for Industrial or Military Use, USDA Approved!

    Conventional floor enamels are 2-3 Mils thick, water based epoxies 3-4 Mils thick, hybrid cycloaliphatic epoxies are under 10 Mils thick. These thin coatings although well marketed with low selling prices are all prone to wearing out prematurely, yellowing and or outright failures. They're no match for our 25 mil thick Ultra epoxy flooring system. See our proprietary Bonding Primer if you need to coat over an existing coating that has worn out.

    Super thick Ultra Epoxy Flooring is applied with our calibrated notched squeegee and then rolled with our high quality epoxy rollers guaranteeing you a perfectly smooth coating at the proper thickness automatically. No worrying about thin spots or marks that cause uneven finishes and early failure points.

    Ultra Epoxy Flooring Is Fast Drying (6-8 Hrs.)With No Odor And Cures To A Rock Hard Non-Stick Finish!

    Makes keeping your floor spotless a snap, simply wipe your floor clean with water and any mild cleaner such as Simple Green.

    PLEASE NOTE that due to recent changes in VOC laws by the EPA certain states require the 'Low VOC' version. The Low VOC version has the same performance as the standard version just a little less odor. Current states that these laws apply to are CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, MD, MA, ME, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, KY and all of Canada. Orders shipping to these states require that the Low VOC Option be selected for the size kit you need in the Size Drop Down Box, orders to these states that have not selected the Low VOC option will be manually adjusted with the correct price when your order is processed.

    See our full line of Concrete Repair Products for any needed repairs to your floor.


    Minimum size order for this product is 500 sf.

    Custom colors available for 10,000 sf and up

    For quantity discounts for over 5000 sf, additional help or service.
    Call Or Email Us At: Toll Free 866-532-3979 or info@armorgarage.com.

    Armor Ultra Epoxy Flooring

    Armor Ultra Epoxy Flooring is sold as a complete packaged system for your convenience. Simply enter the square footage of your floor and we will calculate and package everything you need. Minimum order size for this product is 500 sq ft and in 100 sq ft increments after that, ie: 500, 600, 700. Please average up to the next 100 foot increment as a margin of safety due to different concrete porosity, ie: if your floor is 545 sq ft, enter 600 into Qty Box. We are very conservative in our coverage ratios and provide plenty of material unlike our competition, we still recommend that you have a minimum 10% safety factor since every floor has a different porosity and texture and will absorb the product differently. Also note that Beige and high pigment colors such as Yellow, White, Bright Red, Brown and Black will yield even less coverage and we therefore recommend a 15-20% safety factor.

    For floors with a very rough finish such as a broom finish or that are pitted we recommend you call us to discuss since you will have to do an extra layer of the extra thick epoxy.

    For jobs larger than 5000 sq ft call or email for quantity price discount. When using either the oil primer or the metal & wood primer select the "No Primer" option in the selection box above. It is not necessary to use the standard primer with one of these primers. It will also ensure you'll get the best possible adhesion between the floor and our epoxy.

    Ultra Epoxy Floor

    Ultra Epoxy Floor can be applied onto just about any type floor, for walls see the Ultra Wall Epoxy, it can also be applied over existing paint. Ultra Epoxy Flooring can be used in conjunction with our cove base kit between the floor and wall. This results in a 100% waterproof and sanitary installation as required in commercial kitchens or other food prep areas. Cove Base is recommended when waterproofing a floor that is above a finished space. A cove base forms a seamless and edgeless transition from the floor and up your wall. See:Epoxy Cove Base Compound, you can form cove base with this and a cove base trowel. Or you can purchase prefab Cove Base such as EasyCove.Com or SpeedCove.com. which are much more costly but save you some time if time is a factor.

    Application is good down to 60 degree slab temperature. Floor temperature must stay above 60 degrees for the entire curing process.

    Epoxy Floor Application:

    Apply epoxy floor in a temperature range of 60-95 degrees. Clean floor thoroughly. Oil stains must be removed or primed with our proprietary Oil Primer prior to application.

    Floor can be diamond grinded or acid etched. The Floor Prep Machine from Home Depot does a great job, for large areas rent an industrial diamond grinder. If etching, power washing the floor first is ok but not necessary. Etching is not necessary if grinding. Etch with the supplied Acid Etching solution. Etching is simply done by mixing the etch solution with water in a 3 to1 part ratio of water to acid, pour it evenly over the floor and brush it in with a stiff bristle shop broom. Let sit for 5-6 minutes and then rinse. Then sprinkle provided TSP powder evenly over floor, brush in and then rinse thoroughly. Apply TSP at 1lb/1000sf. Let floor dry 24-48 Hrs at a minimum to be sure concrete has completely dried. Floor must be completely clean, etch a second time with Muriatic Acid if it's a new floor or if your floor is very dirty. If you grind the floor make sure to remove all dust prior to application.

    Mix each can of the Primer individually then mix primer per the mix ratio stated on front label. Then roller on in an even coat and let dry to the touch. Primer should be hard and not leave any fingerprints. If you order Red or White you will have two coats of Primer, allow first coat to dry between 6-20 hrs before applying second coat. Allow between 8-20 hours after completion of primer application before applying the epoxy. Application of epoxy after 20 hrs requires sanding with 100 grit to roughen up. If using the Instant No Prep Primer simply wipe off anything that can detach from the concrete. Stir primer in can and spray on with supplied pump sprayer. Let sit 15 minutes till tacky and then apply the epoxy layer. Note epoxy must be applied over primer within 90 minutes. For larger areas do the floor in sections leaving a wet primer edge to overlap with next section. If any part of primer sits for more than 90 minutes simply rough up with 100 grit sandpaper and reapply primer. This is tremendous cost and time saving option!

    Next mix each can of the epoxy individually then combine the two epoxy parts in a 2 parts of A & 1 part of B Ratio (not the typical 1:1 ratio!) Mix the combined A & B parts for 3-4 minutes using the supplied power drill mounted paint mixer at low speed, making sure to move the mixing wand up & down and scrape the sides and bottom to ensure a thorough mix. ArmorGarage Ultra Military Epoxy Flooring once mixed has a Pot life of approximately 30-40 minutes at 70 degrees before it starts to thicken. DON'T mix all the paint at once, this is NOT like store bought epoxy that has several hours of pot life, make sure to not mix more than you can apply in about 30 minutes. We recommend mixing 1 gallon for each person rolling. If you mix more than one gallon split up the mixed batch into smaller pails to slow the thermal reaction down. So if you have 3 people rolling you can mix up 3 gallons but immediately after mixing is done divide the 3 gallons into three 1 gallon pails and then give it a quick stir or mix with the jiffy mixer. The more you mix the faster the epoxy sets, so by splitting up large amounts you slow the curing process down.

    Recommended application method is simply pouring a "bead" from left to right of the mixed material onto the floor and squeegeeing out with the supplied calibrated notched rubber squeegee, do not use a roller pan. The notched squeegee automatically spreads the epoxy at the proper thickness. Once you have the paint evenly squeegeed out roller over it with the supplied roller to smooth the squeegee ridges and do some additional spreading at the edges. There's no need to rush, each batch should only take approximately 15 minutes to apply leaving you a wide safety margin. Then mix the next batch, this will reactivate whatever epoxy is on the roller, squeegee and mixer so you don't have to worry about the epoxy hardening in between batches and apply to next section. Continue until floor is done, all the sections of epoxy will blend into a seamless finish. Let dry for 10 hrs or overnight but not more than 20 hours. Epoxy should be rock hard and leave no fingerprints when touched. Be sure to NOT leave rollers or squeegees on floor or leaning on walls or columns as they will be welded the next morning to whatever surface you left them in contact with. Dispose of ALL Rollers & Squeegees right away when done. It's a good idea to have a small can of Xylene(available at Ace, Home Depot or Lowes) for clean ups. Clean any epoxy that is on anything that is not suppose to have epoxy on it while wet, once dried it can only be removed by grinding. Again this is not like off the shelf epoxy.

    Next apply topcoat within 20 Hrs after epoxy floor application. Mix the topcoat in the can at low to medium speed as to not introduce air bubbles into coating. Pour the non skid additive into the Topcoat for a non skid surface and even more durability! Our Micro Tubular Aluminum is a High Tech nonslip designed to act as rebar in the coating while providing a slip resistant finish. Mix topcoat as often as possible to keep nonslip suspended in coating. Use roller pan and roll on the Topcoat like regular paint and let dry 6-7 Hrs for foot traffic, 24 hrs for light duty traffic such as carts and dollies, 48 hrs for light vehicle traffic and 3 days for heavy traffic such as Forklifts. You now have the finest and most durable epoxy floor coating possible!

    Average times to apply is 1000 sq ft/hr for two men per coat. The Ultra System can be easily applied by one person up to floors of 5000 SF. For fastest results for floors over 5000 sq ft we recommend 1 person mixing and 2 men rolling. 10,000 sq ft and up should have 1 person, mixing and 3-4 persons rolling. This will allow you to get each coat done in about 5-6 hours.


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    Ultra Epoxy Flooring

    1. 100% Military Grade Polymers and resins. Not water based or a cyclioaliphatic epoxy.

    2. Three coat system, comprising of high performance epoxy primer, if you stopped right at our primer coat you would have a better quality floor than 95% of the other epoxies you could apply, Military grade extra thick high build 100% solids aliphatic epoxy and Ultra High Wear Clear Topcoat with 4mg abrasion loss rating-Best in industry, most so called commercial and industrial epoxies have ratings of 24 up to 55! This means with only a 4mg abrasion loss rating you get the hardest most wear resistant floor possible by far. It's not even close, there is no comparison to any other Do It Yourself epoxy coating. It is also very impact resistant, so dropped tools and parts are no problem!

    3. Finished floor thickness - 25 Mils. Standard epoxies are 2-9 Mils thick only.

    4. Sold by the square foot in a complete turnkey package, nothing to figure out, no forms to fill out, simply measure the square footage of your floor and we take care of the rest, your order includes all application tools needed, rollers, mixer, calibrated squeegee to spread out high build epoxy properly, mixing bucket, etching solution to clean and prep your floor, neutralizing powder to bring your slab back to the proper PH after acid etching and high tech micro tubular aluminum nonslip additive.

    500 SF is the minimum order for this product.

    5. You can add color chips to the epoxy layer and then seal them in with the provided clear topcoat. See the color chip option at bottom of page.

    6. USDA approved, high chemical resistance, high gloss finish and forklift rated. Can handle highly repetitive traffic.

    7. Available in a no odor version for floors that are in or next to occupied areas where strong smells may be disruptive.

    8. Very versatile and easy to apply can be used on any floor from a residence to factory production areas. Available in a fast dry version for floors that have a short amount of downtime or for outdoor floor areas.

    9. UV rated so it won't yellow, very flexible so it won't crack with floor expansion or contraction.

    10. See our Crack Repair page for filling in cracks, joints and holes in your floor. Please do not use cheap concrete fillers when using the Ultra System.

    How quick can I get one of your epoxy flooring kits?

    Standard colors ship out the in 2-3 business days(please allow extra time due to labor shortages and trucking delays) by Fedex ground or common carrier. Cut off time is 1 PM Eastern time. Orders placed after this time are processed the next day..

    Why is Clear additional cost? To do a clear floor properly requires a highly UV resistant coating since clear is the most susceptible to yellowing. Our Clear epoxy is specially formulated not to yellow.

    Why is Red and White more cost? Red and White are what we call high pigment colors, they require much more pigment to get that bright White and bright Red look. Also you get a lot less coverage so we have to ship more product so that you don't get any concrete bleed through or a dull finish, we supply the proper amount of materials for all our orders, that's why the finished look of all our floors is so good. With White and Red you will get two base coats and then either a Red or White colored Topcoat.

    Is Ultra Epoxy Flooring over kill for a residential garage? Many of our customers use Ultra in their garages when they want the absolute highest protection. Is it necessary, no. You can always over protect with no down side but you should never under protect. Meaning you can use our Military or our Commercial epoxy coatings in a residential garage but you can't do the opposite.

    What is the temperature range for application? 60 degrees or warmer is the ideal floor temperature. The warmer the floor the faster the coatings will dry. Do not apply if temperatures will drop below 60 within 8 hrs of application.

    My floor is new do I still have to etch? New floors still have to be etched clean in fact new floors should be etched twice and concrete must be at least 28 days old.

    Should I repair cracks in the floor first? Yes, use or Instant Crack Repair for most cracks and divots. Simply mix Part A & Part B and putty knife into repair area, lets you coat right over it without having to wait for it to cure. For larger cracks and repairs use our Crack & Joint Filling Compound. Super strong will never crack or chip out.

    When you say the epoxy is self leveling will it level my floor? Self leveling means the coatings will self level themselves, not the floor. If you need to resurface or level your floor you need to use a self level floor slurry. We recommend you use a good quality slurry similar to Ardex-15 and not those available from your Home Improvement store which are subject to chipping and cracking. Check with manufacturer for wait times before applying an epoxy coating.

    We recommend that you don't fill in your saw cuts or expansion joints. They are there for a reason. The last thing you want is a crack down the middle of your brand new shinny epoxy floor. Th If there's a crack at the bottom of the saw cut you can fill it with one of our crack fillers but it's really not necessary just feather the three epoxy coating in and out of the cuts to give a proper finished look and don't worry about debris accumulating in the joints, the epoxy will make the joints nonstick so you can simply sweep or leaf blow and debris out. Not filling in the joints will give the floor a nice dimensional look. If you absolutely cannot live with the saw cuts or expansion joints then you can fill them in with our crack & joint compound. If you have a true expansion joint, one with a black material in it then use our Flexible Joint Compound.

    Can I do curbs & walls?Ultra Epoxy Flooring can be applied to curbs and steps for walls we recommend Ultra Vertical version since it is designed not to drip or run down a large vertical surface.

    Can this be applied outdoorsUltra Epoxy Flooring is not recommend for outdoor exposure. See our Ultra Fast version for outdoor rated epoxy.

    Two versions of nonslip are available, the standard nonslip provides a light traction surface while our heavy duty nonslip provides a more coarse finished surface. This will make it harder to clean with string mops but still easy to clean with stiff shop broom and hose. Power washing can also be done.

    For scratch repair simply sand the area lightly with 100 grit paper and brush on some topcoat. The scratch will disappear and the new topcoat will blend into the old.

    Use Xylene for clean ups. Ultra Epoxy Flooring is incredibly strong so you need to clean up all spills or splatters while it's wet. DO NOT forget to throw out all squeegees and rollers when done with each coat. If you leave them leaning on a wall or column like some of our guys have done you will have to jack hammer them off the next morning. A small trap is also a good idea as a small mixing station.

    Can I add color flakes to this floor? Yes you can see our Industrial Flake Floor option.

    Epoxy Flooring

    When we do the ASTM abrasion testing we put a weighted abrasion wheel on the epoxy and run it for a certain amount of RPMs and then weigh how much epoxy comes off. This simulates actual wear from vehicle tires, forklifts, pallet jacks etc. Our coating loses an incredibly low 4mgs while our closest competitor loses 24mgs. Our clear topcoat is many orders of magnitude stronger than our nearest competitor at resisting scratches, scuffs and everyday wear and tear from everything from passenger tires to steel wheels. It's because of the patented super hard high performance polymers we use.

    If you haven't done so yet, watch the video on our home page. It's a close up video of a car's tires twisting and turning into a tight parking spot. It gives you a great visual and audio example of how much stress is put on your epoxy by a car's tires. It also show's you how tough our military grade topcoat is that after 8 years (16 years as of 2022 and still counting) it still looks like the day it was done.

    This is a tried and true industrial epoxy floor coating. Applying a single coat system or some water based type epoxy for your large industrial or heavy traffic commercial floor would be making a big mistake. There's a reason why we make this a three coat system, it's designed to provide the greatest adhesion to your floor, to be highly impact resistant and extremely durable against abrasion wear. The thing to keep in mind is that epoxy floors fail by either one or all of the following reasons, (1)delamination, (2) chipping/cracking (3) abrasion wear through.

    Our primer is a two part high performance epoxy based coating that is designed to penetrate into the pores of your concrete floor and provide an inseparable permanent bond to your floor. If you stopped with just our primer you would have a stronger more durable floor than 90% of the epoxy floor paints on the market today. The epoxy base coat is the core, it's an extra thick coating of our extra thick high build military grade 100% solids epoxy for strength, this provides the mass that protects against Hot Tire Lifting, chipping/cracking from impacts and stress from high loads. Then we topcoat it with our Ultra Hard High Wear clear urethane topcoat that keeps your floor looking new longer than any other epoxy product. If and when you manage to wear it out at some point you simply roller on another single coat of the topcoat and the floor comes right back to new again without you ever having to touch the primer or the epoxy!

    You must have a thickness of 14 Mils or higher and an abrasion loss rating of 12mg or lower for high traffic-high wear floors otherwise you are simply wasting your time and money. Using an under rated epoxy coating for your floor will result in a floor with a very poor appearance a lot quicker than you would ever imagine. Then you will have to do an expensive diamond grinding job to remove the coating and start over with an appropriate epoxy.

    Some of our competition just use a clear version of their epoxy to save money and be able to say they offer a topcoat. Epoxies are not topcoats, they're nowhere near as hard as topcoats, that's why topcoats are more expensive to manufacture than epoxy. Another reason you need a true topcoat is for UV protection. Some manufacturers say they can add in a UV additive, again simply mixing in an additive does not make an epoxy a topcoat! Typical epoxies have abrasion loss ratings from 24mg all the way up to 50mgs. That's exponentially softer than our 4mg loss rating for our topcoat. Most manufacturers don't publish their topcoat specifications they're so poor.

    If need be you can do your floor in sections. Put a tape line down, use a good tape like Gorilla tape, then apply base coat up to tape line. Then apply Epoxy up to about 6" from tape line. Then apply Topcoat up to about 6" from Epoxy Line. Remove tape and then feather each layer over the it's respective coating. It will all blend in without a seam.

    Two great pages to read are Why Epoxy Coatings Fail and How To Prep Your Floor Properly