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Designed For Use As Roof Deck Coating, Balconies, Pool Deck Coating, Above Or Below Grade Walls

ArmorGarage has developed a versatile liquid waterproof membrane coating that can be applied to virtually any surface. Can be used indoors, outdoors, horizontal or vertical surfaces. This is a fantastic product that solves a lot of problems we get calls for everyday. Waterproof just about any application with a decorative finish available in 14 different colors. Leaky shower floor - solved, leaking wood, concrete or tiled roof deck - solved, need a new pool deck surface - solved, planters leaking - solved, leaking below grade walls or basement walls - solved. Adheres to just about any surface type that needs to be waterproofed this product takes care of it with a finished color of your choice. Eliminates the need for paint.

Amazing molecular cross linking also allows our coating to stretch by a factor of 1300%! 5X thicker than standard waterproof paints available at Home Improvement stores and 10X as durable! It also remains breathable so it lets vapor through but not moisture so therefore prevents mold and mildew and de-laminating from the surface applied to that many other membranes and paints fall prey to.

Seals cracks in vertical or horizontal applications unlike standard paints. Armor Liquid Membrane is applied with brush, roller or spray. Any type of airless sprayer with a tip size of 17-21 and a PSI of 2500min-3300 max can be used for spraying application. Normally a minimum of two coats are required, and additional coats can be applied for added protection. Low VOC, almost no odor and safe for indoor use. Dries in one hour per coat @ 72 deg F, full curing strength 2-7 days depending on condition. Nonskid aggregate can be broadcast while wet to reduce slippage. Order one unit in the appropriate size for each gallon or 5 gallon pail of purchased product. We suggest broadcasting nonslip into base coat and applying an additional coat over aggregate. UV stable color finish.

This is a great stand alone product with an aesthetic color for application to outdoor wood or concrete substrates that are above occupied areas. Can also be used as a waterproof layer on roof decks that will have tiles, pavers or wood flooring applied over it. This is a big problem for many home and business owners that require a require a finished floor. ArmorGarage Liquid Membrane is super durable with a very high abrasion rating so it can handle deck chairs and tables, high foot traffic and won't be worn out from movement and friction from flooring installed above it. Trust us you don't want to have to remove your flooring to find and stop leaks down the road.

Minimum two coats required each coat dries to the touch in about an hour at 70 degrees and requires 2-5 days for full cure depending on temperature and humidity. Lighter colors may require additional coats. For nonslip finish you can add nonslip aggregate or sand to first coat and cover with the second coat. Available in 14 colors, please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. 5 Year warranty!



Call for quantity discount on 1500 square feet or more.

For a sample pint of this please call our office and we can order you a sample for just the cost of the shipping and handling.

Lighter colors may have bleed through from darker colors underneath. Call for optional high pigmented topcoat.
Two coats are required and you will get more coverage with the second coat. So on average you will get about 200 sf/gal over concrete and wood and 300 sf over nonporous surfaces such as tiles.
All surfaces must be clean and dry. Use Deck cleaner on wood and prior coatings. Remove any loose or flaking coatings and all petroleum based coatings. Can be used over Latex or epoxy coatings. Epoxy coatings should be sand to roughen up. Use an concrete etching product for all masonry surfaces. Sand new wood to remove Mil finish. Application temperature must be between 35-90 degrees.

Cracks up to 1/4" can be filled by using Sikaflex 1a caulk(available at Homer Improvement stores) up to right below surface. Allow to cure per manufacturer instructions. Apply coat of Liquid membrane and let dry approximately 45-60 minutes and apply second coat apply additional coat if needed to get flush with floor. For cracks larger than 1/4". For cracks and seams larger than 1/4" wide use a good quality concrete floor patch material and for wood you can use paintable wood putty or Bondo.

Once floor is fully prepped apply a coating of Liquid Membrane with 1/2" nap roller at the coverage rate stated in our Coverage Section do not apply thicker. Thicker applications can cause product not to cure. Two coats are required for above grade applications a third coat can be applied if thicker coverage is required. Allow first coat to dry for approximately 1 hr, coating should be dry to the touch and not leave any fingerprints. After final coat inspect for any pinholes, bubbles or other defects, repair by applying some additional Liquid Membrane. Three coats are required for below grade and submerged applications. For above grade applications full cure is in 2-5 days and for below grade or submerged applications you must allow 7 days for full cure before back filling or filling with water.

Joints between a deck and a structure should have a cant strip( available at Home Improvement stores) installed, apply a generous amount of membrane at the joint, embed the cant strip, then as you're coating the deck apply the membrane over the cant strip and up 4-6" on the wall of the structure. T

For spray applications use sprayer with 2500-3300 psi and .95-1.6 GPM capacity. Use 0.521 or 0.631 reversible tip. Hose length to not exceed 100' at 3/8" diameter.

Clean up is easy with soap and water.

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