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ArmorGarage Surface Bond is an asphalt & concrete coating available in 16 different colors for driveways, commercial parking decks, indoor parking garages, hangars, warehouses, plazas, pool decks, commercial walk ways, bicycle lanes, traffic crossings, stadium floor painting, high traffic amusement park pathways and many other applications. Works on new or old concrete, patterned or flat concrete. Works on new or old asphalt. This coating is perfect for stamped concrete, offers vastly superior durability than typical concrete stains that are prone to wearing off very quickly. Far superior to smelly traditional asphalt emulsion coatings that are loaded with toxic levels of PAH and also wear off quickly.

Our product cures in just a few hours allowing same day or next day full service. This is a critical advantage over traditional coatings that can take several days to apply and cure. When doing commercial areas that are open to the public, down time is a critical factor along with a non odor application. We address those needs plus offer beautiful finishes with best in class durability.

Easy to apply with no prior experience needed, just rolls on like paint, but 20x the performance and life span. LOW VOC, with almost zero odor or noxious chemicals and safe to use in all 50 states and meets all USA environmental requirements. Beautify your asphalt or concrete surfaces with one of our designer colors while adding significant life and protection from the elements. Protects against freeze damage from water intrusion. Surface Bond uses special nanotechnology bonding agents to assure a firm bond to your surface and long life. Fully UV protected from the elements and can withstand rain, snow, hail, salt, chemicals, fuels, oils, etc. Surface Bond is color-stable, flexible to allow for wide temperature swings, and easily recoatable in the future with little prep other than a standard cleaning. Works on sloped surfaces and is not a latex or water based product.

Each kit includes the Part A shipped in a five-gallon pail (for mixing), can of Part B Activator, and can of liquid Color Tint of your choice. All three get poured into the supplied pail yielding 4 mixed gallons, and then mixed together using a ‘mud mixer’ and then applied by roller or spray. Long working time unlike other outdoor epoxy based products that have very short pot life and long cure times. Surface Bond is the opposite, long pot life and very short cure time which offers a very unique advantage to the end user. Standard rollers may be used to apply or use our SURFACE BOND TEXTURED ROLLER to create an

“Orange Peel” Effect.
Textured Coating On Outdoor Walkway Before & After Surface Bond Asphalt Sealer Coverage 275 sf/pail. Minimum of two coats is required. Please note that initial coat your coverage will be lower due to the absorption of the surface, but subsequent coats coverage will be higher since the surface is now sealed. APPLICATION OF ADDITIONAL COATS BEYOND TWO COATS WILL ADD LIFE SPAN AND DURABILITY. Up to five coats can be applied.

We have Walkway & Bike Lane colors in two shades of Green made for high mileage traffic.

Primer is not required for standard, new or good-condition asphalt, but degraded, older asphalt must use the SURFACE BOND ASPHALT PRIMER. Primer will increase adhesion for both concrete & asphalt applications. Coverage is 200-300 sf/gal so 1000-1500 sf depending on surface texture and porosity. Goes on blue for easy identification of where you've applied it and dries clear. Once dry to the touch( 60-90 minutes) without leaving fingerprint you can apply Surface Bond>


Coverage will vary according to type of surface, texture of surface and age of surface. Coverage will average about 275 sf/ 4 gal pail. If using the textured roller figure 225 sf/ 4 gal pail. Coverage may vary depending on surface texture, condition, porosity and application thickness.

We recommend two coats for pedestrian traffic and light vehicle traffic, three coats for heavy vehicle traffic such as commercial parking areas or public roadways and traffic crossings . Goes on at an average of 9 mils per coat dried film thickness. Up to five coats can be applied!

ArmorGarage Surface Bond is easy and straight forward to install. Surface must be clean and dry. A good leaf blower and stiff bristled broom is normally all that is needed for asphalt surfaces. Vigorously broom surface to loosen dirt to be blown away.

Very dirty or large surfaces can be power washed. If power washing allow sufficient dry time. If there are vehicle fluids in the surface they must be removed. Oil stains can be scrubbed out with Liquid Tide and Muriatic acid and then thoroughly rinsed, be sure to allow enough time for the surface to dry completely.

Once surface is cleaned and completely dry make sure temperature will be above 50 for a minimum of 4 hrs after you will be done with application. No rain is allowed for 24 hours.

For asphalt surfaces use the asphalt Surface Bond Asphalt Primer unless asphalt is new and stable. Apply Surface Bond after Asphalt Primer is dry to the touch.

If coating over concrete, concrete must be 28 days or older and all concrete surfaces must be acid washed at the rate of 1 gallon of muriatic acid mixed with 3 gallons of water for every 300 sf of surface. Wet surface, scrub in diluted acid solution with stiff resin broom or pool brush. Allow to sit for 5-6 minutes and then rinse of thoroughly. We recommend neutralizing with 1lb of TSP powder for every 1000sf as a final rinse. Allow concrete to dry to the touch.

Application of Surface Bond is the same for asphalt and concrete. Mix all three components of the product plus one empty Part B can filled with water with our Surface Bond mixer for 3 minutes, this will ensure a proper amount of working time. If applying in very hot temperatures you may increase the water amount to two cans to extend work time. Once thoroughly mixed. Roll on with 3/8" lint free rollers or use the Surface Bond roller for an orange peel type textured finish.

Allow each coat to dry fully to the touch before applying next coat. Dry time is 1-3 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Roll on second coat perpendicular to first coat. When spraying the coating over a patterned surface use a broom to work the coating in and to distribute the coating evenly, see image below. The final coat on a nonpatterned surface can be sprayed and rolled instead of brooming. Applying each layer perpendicular to the previous coating will ensure a more even finish.

  • One Year Limited Warranty per coat, up to five coats can be applied. More coats will result in higher durability.
  • Shore D Hardness of 80.8. About equal to construction hard hats!
  • Surface Bond is an ArmorGarage HDSC(High Durability Surface Coating) which means its super durable with an abrasion loss rating of an amazing .33mgs. This means it can handle high volumes of vehicle traffic without wearing out.
  • Superior flexibility allows it to handle applications with large temperature swings. Can handle temperatures from -50 to 150 degrees!
  • Environmentally friendly and nontoxic. Meets all EPA VOC standards. Can be fully recycled with asphalt.
  • Slip resistant for all applications
  • Very user friendly with long pot life and quick curing once applied. Allows for fast back in service turn around in 24 hrs or less.
  • Easily recoatable in the future with just a standard cleaning that is needed as prep.
  • UV stable!
  • Cannot be compared to typical polyurethane epoxies
  • Large selection of colors including Solar Reflective colors
  • No experience needed, easy to apply
  • Surface Bond requires little to no maintenance. Normal clean up can be done with a garden hose and a product such as Simple Green if needed to remove heavily soiled spots. TSP can be used to remove oil & grease stains. For municipal streets, street cleaners must have nylon rotary brushes. Power washing is ok, use no more than 2000psi. Gum may be removed by first freezing it and then chipping off.

    When Surface Bond needs to be recoated it can be done at anytime, just clean and dry the surface and reapply. If concrete stamping has worn out then restamp prior to reapplication of Surface Bond.

    During Fall foliage season care must be taken to remove leaves on a regular basis. Lighter color leaves left on surface for extended periods of time can cause staining on any coating.

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