ArmorGarage Customer Feedback!

First of all, we used your product in our laundry room including the military top coat to cover VCT. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! It looks great and now we want to extend it to the hallway from garage to the elevators.
Pauline Building Manager, Hanley Towers/DNIProperties

What a great website. I had no idea why every coating I put on my wood deck would peel off every year. Then I read the information on your website and found out why. Used your Armor Super Deck paint and it has held up fantastically! Now I am reading up on your epoxy coating and plan on using your product for my garage. Thanks so much, Dan, AZ

Thanks so much for all the info you put into your website. I just want to let you know that your products work as advertised. Used your Renew It deck coating and I haven't had to strip and repaint my deck this year! Not only hasn't it peeled off it still looks like the day I did it. WOW! Andy G in CO.

Did my Garage with your Armor Granite kit and military grade topcoat. When people come over to the house and see the floor their jaws drop. It came out spectacular and I can already tell this is going to last a long time just like you say. Thanks for everything, Jack, VA

We used your Ultra Industrial epoxy in our Joe Canal stores and it's held help nicely under tremendous foot, forklift and shopping cart traffic. Just finished the floor in my new venture Tackahoe Brewery with your commercial epoxy floor system. Came out great and have no doubt it will last like the Ultra has. Stu S, NJ

Epoxied 3500 sf of garage elevator areas with your Ultra industrial epoxy and color flakes. Looks gorgeous. Lots of compliments. Glad we worked through the shipping delays and got this done with this product. Ocean III Condos, Manny, FL.

Used your garage epoxy system with the military topcoat and wow is it good stuff! Epoxy is much thicker than what I've used in the past. The topcoat stinks like heck but I've done a whole bunch of work on it and nothing even comes close to touching it. Works as advertised! Trevor, CA

Just wanted to say thanks for sending out the replacement renew coating under warranty. Not sure why the one spot peeled but the rest of the deck looks great and has held up fine over this past horrible winter. Dave H, MN

John from VA here, just finished 2500 SF of deck with your Armor Renew It. What a fantastic product!! Cost a fortune but worth every penny. Deck looks amazing, comfortable on bare feet and won't have to strip and paint this huge beast ever again!! Couldn't be happier! Thanks.

Armor Guys, Bill Strang here I bought ~600 sq ft of Armor Tile from you a couple-three weeks ago. Just want to say that the shipment arrived promptly (the Thurs after Thanksgiving) and the tiles went down great. The floor is fantastic - truly! The floor is much more comfortable under foot than concrete, and far warmer.Thanks again for a fantastic product the Swisstrax and RaceDeck tile is kiddie stuff compared to Armor Tile.
Have a Merry Christmas.
Regards, Bill

Your matting rocks! Stays down in Gail force winds. (Today)
I'll let it rest for 3 days then trim around the edges.
Thanks for all your help. Marty WA

Got the floor tile down and I have to say it was super easy to do and I couldn't be happier. I love the floor and so does everyone who sees it. You will be getting some other business from referral. Thanks again for the great customer service to a pain in the ass customer. You earned my business and that of everyone I refer to you. Have a great week!Jeff B, Benicia, CA.

What an amazing website! Started off with your lifetime deck coating and was so impressed I did my garage, my driveway and the roof of my office building with your products. All are as advertised, you guys need to advertise more! Thanks for all the great info and products you provide. Ron from Miami

Hey, Jim my garage floor is DONE!!! It looks flat gorgeous, in fact I refer to the place I park our cars as "My Garagenous Zone". The toughest part to this process was emptying my garage. After that, it was a piece of cake even for this never DIY guy. Would recommend it to anyone. Now if I can find some friends to do the same thing. Regards, Ron

Thank You soooo much for saving my countertops! It was very easy to apply and with a little sanding it came out perfectly smooth! Now I don't mind being in the kitchen so much! All the best Sherly

Hey Armor Garage, I would like to put another topcoat (clear) over the black topcoat. If this is possible, can you please shoot me a price for that (with the traction dust stuff) shipped to Tupelo MS. Even though my floor isn't ready yet, I can tell it's gonna be awesome. I swear I wished I would have found yall before I bought and applied that box-store garbage three separate times! Thank you for all of your help and thank you for an awesome product!CF

Don't know what your Armor roof coating is made of but it's amazing stuff. We spent a ton of money and untold hours patching our metal roof and could never stop the leaks. We sprayed on your product and it worked just like you say. We covered every bit of roof surface and the leaks stopped! We are extremely satisfied customers! Martin and Jack, MI

As soon as I picked up your tile in my hand I knew this was the right choice. Your tiles make Swisstrax and Racedeck tiles look and feel like tinker toys. Your solid tiles are far superior and the decision to go with you guys was a no brainer. Thanks very much for a terrific product and great service. Joe D, TX

Good morning and Happy New Year. Just wanted to let you know the installation on the three garages and storage area went perfectly and I am very pleased with the mats. If I need any additional mats, I will not hesitate to use your company or recommend you to someone else in the future. Many thanks for all of your assistance. Marc W

The floor looks Fantastic, Everything worked perfectly. David L

I am SOOOOO Happy with my deck after applying your lifetime coating. It's just SOOOOOOO Beautiful I just love it! Sorry for being such a pain about which color to use! Joeann, NJ

We are very impressed with the quality of the mat and found it very easy to install. Don't know why we didn't consider this years ago as a way to finish the garage floor. After applying various stains and epoxy finishes over the years, which were costly and messy when refinishing, we are pleased with the mat. It is clean, and gives a cheerful look in the sandstone color, and as our neighbor said, "It makes the garage look like a room you add a sofa and TV and live in. We highly recommend this product as a solution for covering a variety of floors We appreciate your help in answering all of our questions and thank you for the quick and efficient response to our order. Anita

It's Eric from Pfeffer Industries again. We were extremely satisfied with your floor epoxy system in our warehouse so we decided to go with your epoxy Roof Coating. What a fantastic product, your support crew laid the job out for us to the point it was simple and fool proof for our guys to apply the coating. Roof looks better than new and it couldn't have gone any smoother. Thanks again for your products and service!

Looks awesome! Ditched my directions last night. How long until the topcoat is dry enough to walk on?
Thanks again and there are few friends looking hard at that floor. If they want to drop the dimes, I'll send them your way. Timon

Your Armor Shingle sealer is a fantastic product, my roof doesn't leak anymore, looks like new and saved me $10,000.00 for a new roof. Just wanted to let you know and say thanks. George

Armor Roof is a wonder product! Was easy to apply, even by me! Looks great and it's easy to see this is a high quality product. Roof problem solved, Thanks! Harold

I did the install of Armor Roof over the last week and everything has turned out terrific. Thank you for your help. Gary

Already done half my deck, beautiful product, no dog nail scratches anymore! Normal paint cannot compare to this product. Now getting 2nd order to complete lower more painting every couple of years..perfect! C. Sangar, Canada

Just a note to tell you that we were very successful in applying the Armor II to the area of the shop floor that is under the 2 post lift. The very old dry and rough surface sure did soak up the first coat, but you did properly estimate the extra amount of product needed to put a second coat on prior to the top coat. Mike L

I am very pleased with the roof product and the results. I Hope to be able to do the remaining 5000 Sq. Ft. sometime in the future. Walt

Just wanted to let you know I got my hangar floor painted this past weekend. You may not get too many "thanks" in your business, but I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The quantity of product was right on, the service from your company was great (as you may recall, I had some damaged cans that you replaced right away), but most importantly - the finish is excellent! The complete kit you offer is also a great value compared to other products. I'll be sure to recommend your company to all who ask about it. Greg H.

Hey Jim, just letting you know that your Renew It product worked exactly like you said. The bonding primer stuck to my Trex boards and the deck coating dried hard as a rock to the primer. Good to do business with guys that know what they are talking about! General Redman Ret.

I recently purchased and have completed the installation of your Armor II kit on my residential garage floor. It looks great and Im very happy with the results. Thank you for an excellent product. Bryan

Your Lifetime Deck Coating is amazing! Our deck came out so beautiful and is very comfortable to walk on with bare feet! You need to advertise this more! Claudia, NY

Well, the decks and stairs look great -- beautiful color, and it covers it beautifully as well. Include me in your testimonials! Larry-San Francisco

Finished off my garage with your black and red Armor Chip kit and it is just amazing how beautiful it came out. Check out these pictures! Carl, MA

Just got done applying your epoxy countertop kit over the Modern Masters kit I used a couple of months ago and what a difference in the finished look. So much easier and far superior finish. You are correct it's almost impossible to hand sprinkle in the granite effect stuff. You're built in granite look makes it fool proof! Jane, MI

Great website guys, thanks for all the information on epoxies and thanks for an awesome looking epoxy floor! Your Ultra Military System Rocks! Al,

All I can say this morning about the floor is WOW! Becky

Reporting back as promised to let you know the roof coating made it through our winter up here in Montreal with no cracks or leaks. Fabulous product, totally superior to anything we've ever used! Gordy, Skylink Inc

Guys, I ended up not using the crack repair (I should have) so I will return it for a refund. Do I need a special return code or anything? By the way, rolled the paint/epoxy coat on today. Went on easily and looks tremendous. Couldn't put the top coat on as it wasn't dry after 4 hours (humid day) so I'll go back and roll the top coat on tomorrow. Expecting the finish to look even better after the top coat and it already looks fantastic. Great product!

Your website is by far the most informative and your Ultra Epoxy is as advertised. Wow what a great product, my floor is beautiful!! Already rolled steel wheeled floor jacks, engine stand and my huge tool boxes on it and not even a hint of markings. I can tell already this is not ordinary paint. Dave, IL

Armor Roof is the best! Just wanted to let you know the job went easier than expected. All leaks stopped and my old roof never looked better! Thanks, Chris

The Ultra epoxy system is fabulous, what a great look and super quality product, no comparison to any other epoxy I've ever used! Highly recommend. Len, MI.

I would recommend your lifetime deck product to anyone!
Dominick, NJ

Your Lifetime coating has already outlasted every deck paint I've ever tried with no signs of wear! So happy to not have to work on my deck ever again! Rick, WA

Thanks for all the advice you saved us from making a big mistake. We got a better job doing it ourselves for much less than half the price! Ron, Fl

Lifetime Deck coating saved my deck from the scrap heap! Thanks a bunch! Joe, CA

Great selection of epoxy kits, great product, our friends are blown away when they see the floor! It was a pleasure doing business with Armor Garage.
Johnny K, NY.

Hi James,I said I would send you a picture of the epoxy floor in the basement, and here it is. Everybody who sees it, loves it and is very impressed. It's so glossy, it actually reflects off the ceiling. The guy who applied it for me said he loved working with it. Thanks for all your help with the information.
I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy 2010! Susan, Canada

Had our guys apply your roof coating to the entire plant.
Our chief engineer is very happy with the product and the results. Saved us from a costly new roof and shut downs! Premio Sausage, NJ

Your Lifetime deck product is the best, my deck was a splintering mess and now it looks better than new! Susan, Chicago

Six months ago my friend and I decided to epoxy paint our garage floors. I read through your website and got an education in epoxies, my friend went to our local big box store and bought one of their kits. I went with the Armor Granite. His floor is now faded and coming up, mine still looks like the day I put it down. Love my new floor! Ron, CA

Your epoxy countertop kit is great! So simple this single mom did the job so good it looks like real granite! Thanks, Lori-NJ

I can't believe how great my deck came out with your lifetime coating. Not only is it a great looking product, I now don't ever have to strip and paint my deck ever again! Thank You Thank You Thank You. Rita, NJ

Guys, great quality roof product! Went on easy with no problems. No more leaks! It is now the standard roof coating for all our properties. Thanks, Jason T.

My shop looks first class! Put down the Armor II and couldn't be happier. Stu, SD

Shingle Roof coating came to the rescue just in time, got laid off from work and couldn't afford a new roof. Sealed it with two coats for a fraction of the cost and no more leaks! Thanks Again! Ted, TX

Thank you for the Armor Tile sample, once I had it in my hands it was an easy decision to go with your product. So glad I decided not to go with the lesser quality type tiles and I now know why you can guarantee these tiles for 30 years! Bruce, Fl

Your bathroom and kitchen countertop refinishing kits are top quality. Just upgraded my kitchen and bathrooms with your kits. Well designed and easy to use. Thanks for saving us a fortune in replacements. Cindy & John.

Just wanted to say thanks for rushing out the Ultra kit the same day for us. It got here just in time and we were able to get inspected and production back up on schedule, which made my boss very happy. Will be using your product for the next production area we do. Karl, PA

Great product guys, went on as easy as the video shows and looks great! John, OH

We used your Armor Roof coating with the granules on our new roof deck and just wanted to let you know how pleased we are. Good quality product and no problem from tables, chairs and walking on it almost daily! Plus we love all the money we saved doing it ourselves! Karen, CA

Our mats were delivered on time and in less than an hour we had them rolled out and in the garage. Quality product, thanks! Kim & Lou, MI

Did my race shop with Armor II and the entire crew loves it. Very heavy duty and the high gloss finish is beautiful. Jack, PA

Installed the flat pattern tiles in my 4 car garage and they have survived every torture test my boys gave them.
Super Quality product. Roy, TX

The Harley Tan Chip epoxy is as advertised, what a great product! Thanks for a beautiful floor! Wayne, IA

Your roof coating stopped all my leaks and has actually lowered my utility costs. Didn't think it would but it did!
Thanks, Jim, Tampa

Your roll out mats blow away the vinyl mats I wasted my money on. Much heavier duty product and not slippery. Kevin, Chicago.

Installed your Ultra epoxy in our executive jet hanger and WOW what a difference it made. Floor looks beautiful and keeping it clean is now a fraction of the work. Customers love the look also. Great product well worth the price, thanks. Gordy, Montreal

The Armor II system is installed and performing well. Warehouse floor looks great and so far no sign of wear from the Hi-Lo traffic. Ron, Miami

Thanks for taking care of the problem so fast. I agree your customer service is great! Al, CA

We ordered a 10,000 sq ft Ultra Job On A Pallet and it's as advertised. Everything we needed came in one shot and the epoxy went down beautifully. It's rock hard and looks like a polished mirror! Great stuff, thanks! Pfeifer Industries, Miami

I had multiple buildings with several different types of roofs that were all leaking to some degree, I just wanted to let you guys know that the liquid roof coating worked great on all of them. We even put it on a block wall we were getting water through and it worked on that too. Cliff, Tampa.

Armor Chip! It was easy to do and my floor looks awesome!
Stu, Atlantic City, NJ

I refinished my countertops myself and I'm very happy with the new look! Saved me a lot of money. Thanks. Janet, CA

My floor just had it's 1 Yr anniversary after a heck of a bad winter up here in Montana. Floor looks like the day I put it down. Thanks for a quality product. Roger

We were nervous about putting your tiles in our 5000 sq ft "Garage" but we're glad we did. Put the clear coating on and it gave the tile a showroom finish. It's held up fine with several big parties on it and with lots of farm vehicle traffic in and out. Quality product! Hank, TX

After shopping around at all of the home improvement centers and finding nothing but water-based "epoxy", I found Armor Garage on the web. Simply put, my garage floor kicks butt! If you price out all of the stuff you'll have to get at a home improvement store, it's comparable. The real difference is just the quality of the epoxy. Love the long wearing topcoat as well. Highly recommend. Nate,Tucson, AZ

Thank You Armor Garage! I saved over $3K and my countertops look amazing. Very happy with the color and clear topcoat. Count me as a satisfied customer! Jill, CA