Specialty Epoxy Coatings

Specialty Epoxy Coatings
ArmorGarage manufactures a wide variety of Specialty Epoxy Coatings for industrial to residential applications. We do not believe in the one type epoxy coating or epoxy flooring product for any and all applications approach. This is a common mistake made by many customers. Not applying the correct coating will always lead to a product failure. The coating you choose must be duty rated for that application. Many customers buy an "Epoxy Paint" and use it for everything. This is not the right approach and is the more expensive approach since since multiple applications cost more time and money than doing it right the first time. Please also note that ArmoprGarage sealers, coatings and paints are all made in American with all American made materials.

ArmorGarage's Government/Military Division specializes in providing flooring systems and surface coatings for heavy industry, prisons, rehabilitation facilities, government storage and military facilities, USDA specified floors and equipment. We offer our coatings in standard, low/no odor versions and fast drying systems for certain coatings for applications where downtime is critical. If you don't see what you need listed give us a call to see if we have a coating to fit your application needs. Our experts will steer you to our product that fits best or if none of our products are suitable we'll recommend you to another brand that is.

Whether you need to coat concrete, steel, galvanized metal, piping, industrial equipment, tanks, mechanical equipment or structural elements ArmorGarage has the right coating for your application.

Want a one of a kind floor? Use our Metallic Epoxy Flooring System. No two floors will ever be alike. Provides a 3D high gloss effect with a super durable finish. We provide the best equipped package on the market with the highest grade of epoxy coatings.

Need to coat over tiles or metals, see our Coat All Epoxy System. This kit works wonders on surfaces that were previously impossible to apply a long lasting epoxy coating over. You can now do an epoxy flooring finish over ceramic tile, porcelain tile, VCT tile, metal plate, plastic, or wood.

Commercial kitchen floors and correctional facility floors see some of the toughest abuses a floor can be subjected too. Our epoxy paint for these types of floors are as tough as they come in fact they have the hardest finish available with a Shore D hardness rating of 90. That's harder than a construction hard hat! When we tested this in our own warehouse we had our forklift drivers drive with the forks down on the floor with no adverse effect! USDA approved.

Dealing with acids? No problem our acid resistant epoxies are made specifically to be exposed to acids and chemicals. Although our standard floor epoxy and paints have good resistance to acids and chemicals in general, our Novolak line of epoxies takes protection to a much higher level not attainable with standard floor epoxies.

We have an epoxy coating for every part of your Industrial or food processing plant. Whether you want to dress up and protect you mechanical equipment rooms, your facility equipment or structural steel supports and tanks we have the coating that's easy to apply with in-house staff and will last the longest providing you with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry!

See our ArmorTrak Rubber Epoxy coating for any surface that needs slip resistance and durability. This is an extremely versatile coating that can be used on any surface and for just about any application.

We even have concrete paint made for basement floors! This are notoriously difficult to clean and paint properly. We even have a version for basement floors that have moisture issues.

If you don't see a coating for you specific application give us a call and we can put something together for you or recommend another product that will do the job for you.