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Metal, Asphalt, And Rubber Roof Coatings

Installing a new roof on a commercial building can be a long, expensive and disruptive endeavor versus applying a quality liquid roof coating.

Armor Roof Shield is a high performance epoxy rubber roof coating for Flat or Pitched roofs that outperforms traditional roofing materials such as EPDM rubber and asphalt materials. It also out performs all coatings such as Liquid EPDM, water or silicone based Elastomerics. See the Must Read Tabs on the product pages for specifications and other important information.


Finding and repairing roof leaks more often than not is an expensive and futile effort that ends up costing far more than had you encapsulated your entire roof with an ArmorGarage industrial grade epoxy rubber roof coating from the beginning. Once fully coated it's impossible for water to penetrate ArmorGarge Roof Coatings. There's a reason why Beale Airforce Base switched from a popular silicon coating to our Metal Roof Coating, it's performance.

Armor Roof Shield was designed to provide commercial property owners and facility managers with an affordable and guaranteed long-term solution to their roof problems. Trying to stop roof leaks by patching or applying cheaper low quality products often leads to applying one product after another with the same results. The leaks stop, but then they always come back. So you have to do the job over and over again.

Before you know it you've spent a fortune on these seemingly inexpensive products and have a disaster on your hands because your roof is still leaking with multiple and sometimes incompatible non-performing products stuck to your roof. Worse yet if you used 100% silicone you're stuck with that inferior product because nothing else will stick to it! The key to saving money in the long run over an entire roof replacement is to apply the right coating in the first place. If you plan on coating your roof with a product from your local Home Improvement store or some other bargain priced product you're making a big mistake.

Enhance Roof Integrity With Long-lasting Rubber Roof Coatings

Many rubber roof coatings can stop a leak. There are even spray cans that stop roof leaks now! But it's not a question of if the coating can stop a roof leak; it's how long it's able to stop the leaks for. That's the important factor. Armor Roof will stop your leaks with one application and keep you dry for a minimum of 15 years guaranteed! With an average life of 20 years Armor Roof Shield offers you one of the lowest cost of ownership which is the product cost divided by the years of useful service. Which would you rather have, a higher first cost or a lower but repeating cost that ends up more expensive in money, time, headaches and lost productivity?

Our customers used to wish we could put our epoxy coatings on their roofs. We introduced our rubberized roof coating in 1988 because our customers couldn't find a product that was easy to apply with guaranteed long term durability and was cheaper than the cost of a new roof.

Armor Roof Shield was made utilizing our extensive Epoxy Technology combined with a copolymer butyl rubber base. All rubber is not the same; butyl rubber is the highest grade of rubber that you can use and is far superior to others such as EPDM. This results in performance characteristics that other coatings just can't achieve.

A coating's performance specifications are what determine how well it actually works on your roof. Water-based elastomerics, silocone and aluminum fibered roof coatings have rather poor performance specs and correspondingly poor performance in the field, regardless of their stated guarantees. Roof Coating Over Water Based Coating

Armor Roof Shield has zero water content and has had a failure-free track record since its introduction. In the image above which roof coating do you think is the better quality and will last the longest? That's the main difference between us and our competition's products. We have a great product with a great guarantee that you will never need, versus products with guarantees that will not help you much when your roof starts leaking again on you and your assets. One good leak and there goes any money you saved on that bargain coating you bought.

Armor Roof Shield is guaranteed to solve your leaking roof problems fast whether your roof is flat or pitched, asphalt based or metal. It's a very easy product to apply: there are no primers, no chemicals to mix, and no fabrics to install. No prior experience or roofing expertise is needed, even first time roofers get professional results!

Know the difference between a professional grade product and lower grade retail type products before you buy any rubber roof coating! Architects, engineers, and professionals specify and buy our rubber roof coating products because of our expert advice and their superior long term performance.

Be extra careful when comparing specs for EPDM type coatings that often state the specs for the actual EPDM rubber material which are not the same as liquid EPDM! In any case Armor Roof Shield outperforms both aftermarket EPDM type coatings and actual EPDM material. Also be wary of marketing hype such as 50 year warranties, most require renewals every 10 years, good luck with that. One such product was used at Beale Air Force base until they learned the hard way that those coatings don't last and now use Armor Roof Shield exclusively.

Our epoxy rubber roof coating is manufactured by us in the USA, and is stocked for worldwide shipping. At ArmorGarage, we offer free shipping for U.S. orders. Additional shipping costs and fees for Canadian, overseas orders and orders going to HI or AK.

ArmorGarage rubber roof coatings are used by all branches of the US Military including the Coast Guard, Fortune 500 companies and large and small commercial property owners. Our rubber roof coating provides you with peace of mind by guaranteeing to stop your leaks and protect your roof longer than any other roof coating.

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For technical assistance and for rubber roof coating quantities larger than 20,000 sq. ft. call 866-532-3979 or email for volume discount.

Our Armor Roof Shield is a single component coating with no priming or chemicals to mix and most importantly it is NOT a water-based product!

Simple & Fast application: clean roof-let dry and then roll or spray on two coats. No experience needed!

Guaranteed for 12 years! Routinely lasts 15 to 20 years and can be recoated for an additional 12 yrs of guaranteed service. Be wary of exaggerated warranty claims of coatings that last forever, there is no such thing. Read the fine print of those warranties. You'll be surprised to find there is no warranty against simple foot traffic or unless an authorized installer installs the product at a very substantial higher cost.

The following is what a recent customer had to say about his purchase of Armor roof Coat: "Fantastic roof coating... In seeking to restore my flat roof I opted to start out coating my rubber glue down roof with a white elastomeric product from Lowes (Gardner). While the price was right I could not help but see that it was not what I wanted to prevent having to resurface the entire roof in several years from now which would be a minimum of 2 to 4 thousand dollars. Armorgarage had exactly what I was looking for. The white roof coating has a tensile strength designed to be walked on unlike every other coating I researched. Amazing product which will prevent me from having to worry about a roof replacement for another 15 years. At that point I can just re-coat it again "IF" I am still here. Most warranties are BS... You draw the conclusion based on the claims that the product must be good... aka warrantied for 7 years, 10 years, or even 50 years. Don't be fooled by the others... Armor Roof Coat is the real deal. Expensive "BUT" you get what you expect. Blinding bright white, extremely slippery so dirt doesn't stick to it, keeping it bright white and so durable it can withstand you walking across the roof to check on it when necessary. This "IS" the roof coating you have been looking for... All my best to you and TY for saving my roof... Tom...

Permanently bonds to and forms a new monolithic 100% waterproof protective rubberized epoxy surface on any commercial roof. Designed for metal, torch down, EPDM, TPO, OSB, Hypalon, concrete, foam, modified and built up roofs. Works on flat roofs or pitched roofs!

Outperforms water-based, standard acrylic, aluminum fibered, and silicone only coatings. See the
Roof Comparison Chart
for a detailed comparison between Armor Roof Shield and other popular roof coatings.

Energy Star-rated Bright White coating can reduce energy costs by up to 10-40% depending on roof and building construction. Is UL Class A fire-rated.

With our epoxy fortified rubber roof coating, you have the option to spray or roll on. Anti-microbial. For ponding water areas, see our new ponding roof coat at top of page.

Available in 16 Colors! Coverage is 500SF/5 gal pail. Two coats are recommended.

500% Elongation rating. Remains flexible down to -40 degrees! Will not get brittle or crack! Will not become porous due to high UV or ozone exposure as most other roof coatings do.

Passes ASTM 9000 hr Accelerated Severe Weather Test with no degradation!

Shore D Harness rating of 50. Hail and foot traffic resistant. See what other coatings such as those that are silicone only are rated for. They exclude foot traffic they are so soft. Heavy rains and UV rays over time are a very destructive forces that will literally just wear your roof coating away. You must have a high tensile strength, Armor Roof Shield has a 1000 psi tensile strength rating, you also must have a high Hardness rating. This is what will keep your roof coating on your roof for 15-20 years as opposed to regular roof coatings.

FAQs for Rubber Roof Coating

What are the benefits of installing a rubber roof coating?

They are flexible, durable, are very good at stopping leaks and easy to apply.

How long does a rubber roof coating usually last?

We guarantee our roof coatings for 15 years and with routine maintenance will last 20+ years before a recoat is needed.

Why should I purchase a rubber roof coating from Armor Garage?

We use only the highest quality Butyl Rubber and epoxy copolymers in the manufacturing of our roof coatings. That’s why they last the longest.

What can a coating protect my roof from?

A high quality roof coating will protect your roof from severe weather and stroms even a hail storm. See the testimonial from a customer who used our Metal Roof coating on the roof of his historic old house.

Does rubber roof coating affect my home’s energy efficiency?

Yes, ArmorGarage roof coatings have a high rate of solar reflectance which means it will reduce the temperature rise inside due to solar roof heat gain.

Our roof coat is applicable down to 40 degrees and cures to an Energy Star-rated heat reflective surface that reflects 90% of solar radiated heat!

Save time on your project with our coating that cures in 24-48 hours! Applicable down to 40 degrees! Can you really risk waiting up to seven days of no rain for competitive products to fully cure or having them stop curing if the temperature drops below 55 degrees? Many times the curing process never restarts, resulting in a partially cured coating that will be marginally water tight at best.

Other roof coatings need up to four coats for proper coverage and are prone to early failures. They also need to be continuously recoated with multiple coats whereas our Armor Roof Shield needs only a single coat usually after 15-20 years to restore proper roof protection.

DELIVERY: Depending on order size, orders ship in 1-2 business days for white or gray, 5-7 days for all other colors. Please allow standard ground time from our East Coast manufacturing facility. Due to California VOC restrictions, roof coating orders for this state will have 10% surcharge added and is only available in white or beige.

We get asked a lot about our warranty. We guarantee the coating for 12 years and it will last you 15-20 with routine maintenance. Our coating does not fail but it will eventually start to wear out at which time you roll on another coat.