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Best Ponding Water Flat Roof Coating With Free Shipping Direct To Your Location!

One of the biggest problems with large Flat Roofs is that they tend to Pond water in certain low areas also know as standing water. If this water sits on the roof for more than 48 hours after the rain has stopped it can cause considerable damage to whatever roof surface you have. It will actually destroy just about every roof coating there is, even our standard flat roof coating! It's why we've developed our Ponding Water Roof Coating.

It's easily applied to any area that ponds water on ANY type of Flat Roof such as hot mop, built up, granulated cap sheet, EPDM rubber, sprayed in place foam and other materials! It is impervious to any amount of ponding water. Where as we always recommend that ponding areas be repaired by the addition of roof drains or being repitched, this is not always possible or economically feasible.

As long as your roof is structurally capable of holding the ponding water you can now safely and confidently resurface your roof with a 15 Year Guarantee.

Remains flexible in any weather conditions! Reflects 90% of solar radiation!

Application is simple and no experience is needed. All ponding water areas must be cleaned of all dried residue and the surface must be dry when applying. If a large portion of the roof is ponding you can coat the entire roof with this product. If only certain areas are ponding we recommend that you apply two coats of our standard roof coating up to 12" inside the ponding water area. Then apply a coat of the Pond Coat 24" larger than the perimeter of the ponding area so in essence you will be overlapping the standard coating with Pond Coat and the Pond Coat will extend 24" beyond the furthest point of ponding water. You want the Pond roof coat to be exposed to sitting water. Standard roof coatings cannot survive under water, not even ours. That's why you want to extend the perimeter of the pond roof coat well beyond the perimeter of the ponding water.

Unlike other silicone coatings that can't be walked on due to their inherent softness, our coating is as tough as nails and can be walked on. Withstands roof debris, extreme temperature extremes and passed the ASTM 9000 Hr Accelerated weathering test. If you want a long term solution to your ponding water areas this is the best ponding roof coating product to use. Applying cheaper materials does not save you any money, it always cost you more since you have to redo those areas every couple of years until the damage is so bad that you then have to install a new roof. Then you realize that the money you saved at first was a very costly mistake.

Once you have applied one full roof coat you will have 15 years of guaranteed leak free service from your roof! Proper repairs to all flashings or other defects in roof with ArmorGarage Roof Mastic is required prior to application of coating. Coating must be applied to entire roof for warranty coverage, you may use a combination of the Ponding Water roof coating and our
Tar & Rubber Flat Roof Coating for areas that do not have ponding water to receive the full warranty coverage. With once a year routine inspection/maintenance to remove any accumulated debris and to ensure roof drains are clear your new roof coating should last you 15-20 years. At which time you can simply apply another coat that will reactivate the previous coat and bond together.


Ponding Water Roof Coating Application

Apply at 50 SF per gallon in one single coat. To order divide the ponding water area square footage by 250 and that is the required number of 5 gallon pails.

Can be applied in temperatures down to 35 degrees! A very nice feature of our Ponding Water coating is that it can cure enough in 2-3 hours to be impervious to rain. This is an important factor in the Pacific Northwest where it seems to rain continuously during some parts of the year.

Apply with heavy duty 18" roller, full cure in less than 24 hrs.

This product is sprayable but cannot be used with a sprayer that has been used for water based products, any residual moisture in hoses or gun will cause the coating to solidify. Use a sprayer that has been used for solvent based products or use new hose and gun. In most cases it is faster and easier to roll on with the 18" rollers. We make a special version for spraying, please specify if spraying. Sprayer should be a Graco type sprayer 795 or higher. Minimum size for sprayable version is 55 gallon drum.

Guarantee shall consist of coverage for delamination or erosion of the coating during the warranty period, coating must be applied to entire roof surface, there is no guarantee for partial roof coverage. We have never had an actual product failure but should you feel that the product has failed for any reason we request that the property owner notify ArmorGarage by email or fax with a description and nature of failure. On substantiation of a product defect, ArmorGarage, as its sole liability and the property owner’s exclusive remedy, will provide sufficient replacement product to repair all affected areas. ArmorGarage is not liable for any labor or consequential damage costs such as but not limited to mold or mildew damage, loss of use or any damage to property.

Exclusions to warranty: Damage arising out of failure to apply coating in accordance with our instructions, natural disasters and acts of God or nature, shifting or swelling of the roofing system or structure, exposure to destructive chemicals, over accumulation of organic materials or other roof debris, failure of previously applied coating(s), acts and causes beyond our control, negligence, misuse of the product, and cosmetic changes in coating appearance.

Because there are extenuating factors beyond our control it is the purchaser's responsibility to repair all roof defects properly such as delaminating or damaged seams, flashings, mold, mildew or badly deteriorated roofing material prior to application of our roof coatings, to apply product at recommended thickness to a listed compatible surface during proper weather conditions.