USDA Approved Epoxy Floor Coating For Use In All Food Processing Plants.
Unique Formulation Allows For Wet Floor Application

Industrial grade two part epoxy coating designed for application to floors that are wet and or operate in wet environments. Meat Packing, Seafood & Poultry Processing floors and similar food production floors are constantly wet and constantly being washed down with hot caustic chemicals. This will destroy any and every standard type of floor epoxies no matter how strong. You must use an epoxy designed for specifically for these types of wet/caustic environments. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. What happens to regular epoxy coatings in these types of applications is that tiny fissures occur in the epoxy surface over time due to the constant hot wash downs, chemicals from cleaning agents, food oils, blood and the floor being wet all the time. Then moisture gets into those fissures and starts to work its way through the epoxy down to the concrete. Once it hits the concrete it starts to create efflorescence(not to mention bacteria) which pushes back up through the epoxy causing it to fail. This leads to unsanitary conditions and more expensive downtime since now the coating must be fully removed. ArmorGarage Wet Packing & Processing Epoxy Floor Coating solves this problem. This epoxy can even be applied to floors that are wet which is a huge problem solver due the difficulty in getting these types of processing floors completely dry for application of a standard coating.

Applied in two layers for a total of 16mils dried thickness of protection. This epoxy is 100% solids based vs most other products that are water based based and mostly 6mils or less. Meets USDA and EPA requirements. No odor,  nontoxic, superior water, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Can be applied to concrete and steel equipment. Also works great in troughs, concrete or steel basins, on ferrous machinery and many other applications. Self priming so no primer is required on steel or concrete.. Can be applied over previous coating that is sanded clean and roughed up. Can be applied in temperatures down to 35 degrees which is much lower than standard flooring epoxies also.

For nonslip finish use our Heavy Duty Nonslip additive which gets mixed right into the epoxy second coat. See are Cove Base kits to apply a seamless transition for floor to wall that the epoxy can be coated right across the floor and up the wall to form a waterproof tub for easy pressure washing.

This coating is easily applied with roller or brush by in house maintenance staffs, no experience needed for professional results.

For Dry Floor Applications see Our Commercial Kitchen, Food & Beverage Epoxy System.

Rolls on at 200sf /gallon. Two coats required. Allow 4-5 hrs between coats. Back to service within 24hrs depending on temperature and humidity.
Mix at a 3:1 ratio and pour in a bead from left to right and apply with phenolic core roller. Pot life is 30 minutes. Do not mix more than can be applied in about 20 minutes. Allow first coat to dry in about 4-5 hours till dry to the touch. First coat must be tack free before applying second coat. Apply second coat in perpendicular direction to first coat if possible. If nonslip is being used mix in one pint per gallon after Part A & Part B has been mixed. Keep mixing while applying to keep nonslip from settling to the bottom. Use a roller pan if using nonslip. Finish may have slightly uneven gloss depending on application. This is simply a cosmetic issue and will not effect performance of the product. Product should be left to dry overnight and can be back in full service the next day.