Armor Acid Shield Epoxy Floor Systems:
Are The Best Chemical & Acid Resistant Protection For Concrete Floors

ArmorGarage has a full line of acid resistant Novolac Epoxy floor coatings and concrete repair compounds that provide the highest level of protection against hundreds of different chemicals and acids.

Novolac epoxies are a class of epoxy coatings that are specially made to resist caustic acid and chemical spills. Novolacs cannot be compared to any standard type solids epoxy and certainly not any kind of water based epoxy coating. Standard solids based epoxies offer a moderate level of protection against some acids and chemicals and water based epoxies offer just about no protection. So if you need true protection against caustic chemicals and acid spills you want to use the highest quality Novolac epoxy floor coating.

We've done extensive research and field testing to ensure that when you choose an ArmorGarage Acid Shield epoxy coating you will be getting the highest corrosion protection possible. ArmorGarage Acid Shield epoxies are 100% Novolac epoxy and are not a blend. Using water based or standard type floor epoxies will result in a premature floor failure and costly down time.

Notice in the picture below the difference between the left side coated with standard floor epoxy and the right half coated with Armor Acid Shield. The lefthand side has turned yellowish and the aggregate is becoming visible/damaged from acid spills and caustic chemical wash downs. The owners of this facility after seeing what happened to their slab in the first section on the left decided to use AG Acid Shield on the new section which is unscathed and still in pristine condition. If left uncorrected, the lefthand slab will need to be chopped out and replaced. To avoid total slab failure, it should be diamond ground and neutralized, then recoated with the appropriately rated coating. This is a far more expensive, disruptive and time-consuming scenario than if it had been properly coated from the beginning

As with all our products they're designed and packaged as a complete system for easy DIY installation with no prior experience is needed.

To help you in the proper selection we have put together a full Chemical & Acid Resistance Epoxy Guide with over 300 listed chemicals, acids and other hazardous materials. You can access the Guide by clicking on the "Must Read" tab above. Purchasing an acid & chemical resistant epoxy floor coating without knowing the duration of exposure to a chemical or acid that your coating can withstand is a guaranteed waste of your time and money.

The guide will provide you with the amount of resistance each of our products have to each different chemical and acid, whether it's short term exposure, long term immersion or not suitable. Please check this guide and familiarize yourself with it and other critical factors such as Solids Percentage, Shore D Hardness and Abrasion Loss Ratings before purchasing any acid resistant epoxy floor system, including ours! Our website is geared to offer you the most information and expertise of any other website in the industry so that you know exactly what you are buying and why. This is even more important when doing floors exposed to acids and or chemicals. Purchasing a product based simply on name or price and not knowing what the specifications of the product are and what they mean will result in ending up with an inferior epoxy coating unequal to the task at hand.

Typical Uses: Unlike many other manufacturers that offer only a single coat product our Acid Resistant Epoxy System is a two layer system for the highest protection in acid containment areas, acid spill areas, acid & chemical drum storage areas, hazardous production areas, acid troughs, battery recharging rooms and caustic wash down areas such as brewery floors. Our coatings are also designed for long term durability and can withstand high levels of both wheeled or foot traffic. If you do not see your application/chemical referenced in our guide please call us and we'll have one of our chemists review the suitability of our products for your floor.


Extra Heavy Duty AG Acid Shield is our most popular system because it's resistant to hundreds of different acids, chemicals, it's waterproof, food safe and can handle thousands of hot caustic wash downs without losing it's finish. Available in 3 colors. 96% solids, 25 Mils thick, Shore D Hardness rating of 88 which is an extremely hard finish, for reference a Construction Hard Hat has a Shore D rating of 75-80, this combined with a 20mg abrasion loss rating makes this coating system extremely durable and long lasting. It has a Compressive Strength of 9,900 PSI(twice as strong as most concrete)making it very abrasion and impact resistant! Suitable for breweries, electronic production facilities, food plants, agriculture and fertilizer plants and other commercial or industrial areas. Rated for heavy forklift traffic, heavy foot or cart traffic, dropped parts and tools. Sold as a complete acid resistant system of acid resistant novolak epoxy primer and acid resistant novolak epoxy topcoat.

Standard Acid Shield Epoxy Flooring System is designed for long term durability in battery charging areas for electric golf carts and forklifts with a Shore D Hardness rating of 90! Also great for storage areas and maintenance areas where the risk of floor corrosion from battery acids and other fluids is present.

AG Mortar Shield is a unique Novolac epoxy mortar for major repairs to floors that have suffered acid corrosion damage and or other types of damage.

For full data spec sheets and application instructions click on the product images at top of page.
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Please refer to the Epoxy Acid Resistance Guide to ensure our coatings meet the protection level you require!

Abrasion Loss Rating is based on the industry standard Taber C-17 test. The test consists of an abrasion wheel of a certain weight spinning at a specific RPM for a specific amount of time. The abrasion wheel removes material by simulating everyday abrasion. That amount of material is then weighed and reported in mgs. The lower amount of mgs removed equals the more resistant an epoxy coating is to abrasion. As a guide 20mg-25 mgs is residential grade, 10-15 mgs is commercial grade. 5-10 mgs is industrial grade and anything under 5 mgs is military grade.

The mg ratings are also exponential, a 10 mg rated coating is probably 3-4 times more durable than a 20 mg coating. So each mg in the loss rating has a huge impact on the durability of your floor.

Hardness is measured by the Shore D method and is similar to abrasion but is really a measure on how easy a coating is scratched or scuffed. Hard Hats measure around 75, so any rating near that is excellent and anything above that is suburb.

Ideally you always want a coating that is both hard and abrasion resistant.