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ArmorGarage Pool Paint is an industrial grade 2-part epoxy high build coating formulated to give maximum protection to your swimming pool. High solids formulation goes on thicker to hide minor divots and imperfections, smooths out pool surfaces for a better appearance.

Restoring the the beauty of your pool back to new looking is very simple and straight forward but labor intensive so you want to do it as few times as possible. ArmorGarage offers a variety of solutions to help your pool stand the test of time. Clients across the country have come to trust our pool paints and epoxy pool deck coating systems for their ability to not only transform outdoor spaces into a beautiful, high-functioning oasis but also for their superior longevity. As with all ArmorGarage products superior durability is the main design focus.

ArmorGarage two part epoxy pool paint is a Satin Finish and Self-Priming coating which makes it an economical alternative to replastering.

Can be applied over most types of epoxy pool coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete, plaster, gunite and fiberglass. Can be used in jacuzzi’s and hot tubs.

Dries quickly and resists fading, blistering, chemicals and abrasion.

Do not use over chlorinated rubber coatings. To test if your previous coating is a chlorinated rubber soak a rag with acetone and rub a spot for 30-40 seconds. If the spot becomes soft and sticky it's a chlorinated rubber which means you must recoat with another chlorinated rubber paint or upgrade to ArmorGarage 1 part epoxy pool paint that contains zero solvents.

Mix ratio is 1:1. Designed for maximum protection against UV rays, automatic pool cleaning machines and chlorine.

Life span of our two part epoxy pool paint can be 8-10 years! Each set includes one gallon of part A and one gallon of part B to make a 2 gal mix. Coverage is 75-125 square feet/gallon (150-250 sq ft/kit) on bare surfaces, 125-200 sq ft/gal. (250-400 sf/kit) when coating over a previous paint. Two coats are required.

To figure square footage of your pool use this formula: (L x W) + (L x Avg Depth x 2) + (W x Shallow Depth) + (W x Deep Depth).
EXAMPLE 25 x 40 pool with 4' to 10 depth: 25 x40 + (40 x 7 x2) + (25 x 4) + (25 x 10)= 1910 sf.

Please note lead times during Spring/Summer sq ft/kit) on initial coat maybe 3-5 days plus transit time from East Coast.

ArmorGarage two part epoxy pool paint carries a 2 year warranty!