Ultra Military Epoxy System
The Best Industrial Grade Epoxy Flooring For Concrete

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Need Military Grade Industrial Epoxy Flooring?

The Ultra Military Epoxy Floor Coating System surpasses the competition with its robust three-layer, 25 Mils thick design. This military-grade system delivers a high-gloss, hard finish in a user-friendly package, unlike conventional floor epoxies that are prone to early wear, yellowing, and failure.

Standard floor coatings, typically 2-10 Mils thick, cannot withstand the heavy traffic from aircraft, vehicles, and heavy foot traffic that our system endures daily. This durability is why customers ranging from homeowners to all branches of the US Military choose our product. They demand a floor coating that can withstand significant wear and tear, resist chemicals, and maintain cleanliness with ease.

The Ultra Military System Industrial Epoxy Flooring is the thickest available, offering unmatched adhesion and resistance to abrasion. When selecting an epoxy floor coating, consider its ability to adhere to the floor and resist abrasion these are crucial for durability. Our product has the industry's highest abrasion rating; other coatings simply cannot compare. Engineered to resist wearing, dulling, yellowing, and peeling, our epoxy remains effective long after others fail.

Discover more about what makes an epoxy flooring genuinely industrial-grade by clicking the "MUST READ" tab. Options include Fast Dry, Odorless, and Non-Drip Wall Epoxy.

Experience the resilience of our military-grade system through the eyes of Donna L., who applied our medium gray epoxy with the optional black, white, and primary blue flakes across 1200 sf of a shop floor used for engine changes and torch cutting. View the stunning results and read her full review here:DONNA L REVIEW


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For Areas 2000 Sq Ft And Larger see our Epoxy Floor System On A Pallet For Quantity Discount.

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Industrial Epoxy Flooring For Auto Repair Shops

Lt Gray Ultra system is perfect for auto repair shops both for durability and a professional appearance.

13,000 Sq Ft Gray Ultra Epoxy Flooring For High Volume

First customer on new 13,000 Sq FT gray ultra floor for high volume 3000 customer/day and high forklift traffic store

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Ultra's extremely high resistance to abrasion allows operator to make frequent stationary pivot turns in narrow isles without affecting the high gloss finish. Epoxy floor coatings with abrasion ratings higher than 15 are not suitable for this type application.

Ultra Hide Bright White Floor

This is our Ultra Hide Bright White Floor. Non Yellowing super scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Light Gray Ultra Base And Black, White

Dog Kennel with light gray ultra base and black, white, and amethyst chips at 25lbs per 500 square feet. Super scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Gray Ultra Epoxy Floor for Custom Car Shop

Lt Gray Ultra Floor Classic Car Custom Shop.

As you can see ArmorGarage Ultra Industrial Epoxy Flooring is very versatile, it's high adhesion and abrasion ratings lets you do any job from a garage to a military application with ease.
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Why is our industrial floor epoxy coating the best?

  • First you should know that 99% of epoxies that call themselves heavy duty commercial or industrial epoxy floor coatings are not in any way shape or form a heavy duty commercial or industrial epoxy coating! They are typically thin water based epoxies or epoxies made with low grade materials that don't last. Most have either no topcoat or an imitation topcoat. Applying these coatings to your floor is a waste of time and money if you're looking for it last more than a few years.
  • Our military/industrial epoxy is the thickest DIY coating available at 23 mils thick. Over 10 times thicker than off the shelf epoxies.
  • It's not water based or a cyclioaliphatic hybrid epoxy.
  • Consists of three distinct layers of high performance epoxy coatings. Two part primer with superior adhesion to concrete floors(just a quick note here-our primer has better specifications than almost all other so called heavy duty epoxy coatings!), extra thick military grade epoxy second coat provides a super thick foundation to guard against impacts and heavy loads, then our best in industry military grade clear polyurethane topcoat protects your floor against the most demanding traffic, chemicals, dirt and grime to keep your floor clean and looking new longer than any other brand. Color flakes can be added to the epoxy layer for a granite type look.

Cannot be matched by any other DIY epoxy floor system. This is a professional industrial floor epoxy system designed to be installed by first timers with professional results.

Our Military Grade Polyurethane Epoxy Clear Topcoat has an industry best 4 mg abrasion loss rating(the lower the rating the better). See the Epoxy Comparison Chart for further discussion on abrasion ratings and topcoats. It will explain in detail that without a true urethane topcoat that it's impossible to get a long lasting epoxy floor finish. It explain how topcoats determine what the longevity of your floor will be and how long it stays looking new. It's critical that you understand why a topcoat is an absolute must and what the difference between a true military grade topcoat is and just a clear version of a company's epoxy paint before you buy any industrial epoxy floor coating!

Also included in your kit is the following:

  • Floor etching solution
  • Neutralizing powder
  • Epoxy Rollers
  • Calibrated squeegee for spreading out the thick epoxy evenly
  • Mixer and mixing bucket
  • Nonslip additive
  • Complete and easy to follow instructions

Industrial Epoxy floor coating differences

How do you know the difference between an epoxy floor coating that calls itself industrial and heavy duty to one that actually is. If you make your purchase based simply on what sounds or looks good you're making a huge mistake!

There's four critical factors to tell the difference. First no industrial or military grade epoxy would be water based. Second it would not be under 20 mils thick. Third it would have to have an abrasion loss rating of 8mgs or lower(NOT HIGHER). Most epoxies don't even have abrasion loss ratings they're so bad. Fourth it should also have a Shore D Hardness rating of 70 and above. This is the same hardness range of hard hats! If you can't get those four critical factors, don't buy that coating unless you really don't want or need an military grade epoxy finish on your floor!

So lots of epoxies are marketed as industrial grade but are really no such thing. They're not thick enough to begin with so just a small amount of wear and the coating is gone. They are too soft so that even ordinary abrasion from tires or small wheel traffic such as floor jacks, dollies and hand trucks will wear through them easily. Never mind what forklifts and pallet jacks would do to them!

So avoid water based products no matter what the marketing states, avoid coatings under 14 Mils thick, Avoid coatings that have Abrasion Loss ratings above 8mgs and Hardness ratings under 70 if you want a true industrial grade epoxy coating.

We strongly recommend you read the links at the bottom of the page, The Epoxy Comparison Chart, Why ArmorGarage Epoxies Are Really The Best. Once you've read those pages it means you have a basic understanding of epoxy coatings and can make a purchase decision based on facts and not what's marketed the best. We also strongly recommend you call us if you have any concerns, doubts or questions after reading all the information here. Unless you're in the epoxy coating business it can be quite confusing sometimes as to which epoxy flooring would be best for your application.

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