Large Format Military Industrial Epoxy Floor System Per SF
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Large Format Military Industrial Epoxy Floor System Per SF

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Large Turnkey Industrial Epoxy Flooring System

ArmorGarage now offers it's three layer military ultra epoxy in a turnkey large format system for floors 2000 sf and up. This system is identical to our standard size package for smaller floors- Ultra Military System. This large format system comes complete with everything you need packaged on a pallet(s) to do even the largest floors.

Our Military Pallet System makes it simple to do even the most demanding floors. No forms to fill out, no purchasing of individual products or accessories, no worries of will I have enough tools and products to finish the job. It's now as simple as calculating the square footage of your floor and we take care of the rest. We calculate everything you need and then some, no skimping or cutting corners, we then pack it onto pallets and ship it direct to your location. We even offer 24/7 tech support to ensure your project comes out perfect.


Our turnkey Military Pallet System at 25-30 mils thick is designed for superior long term durability on a wide variety of floors and includes the following in sufficient quantities to do the square footage of your floor shipped direct to your location complete on pallet(s)

  • High performance epoxy primer in both standard version or Low VOC version. If you stopped right at our primer level you would still have a better floor than you have using 90% of the competition's epoxy.
  • Extra Heavy Duty high build 100% solids military grade epoxy is the second layer for a thick base that can take the heaviest traffic loads.
  • Then we top it all off with our Ultrawear Military grade clear topcoat and micro tubular aluminum nonslip additive for a super durable slip resistant finish with a 4mg abrasion loss rating which is the best in the industry. The lower the abrasion loss rating number the better, competition is all at 25mg and higher! 25mg and higher is not a suitable rating for a military-industrial application!
  • 18" professional rollers and frames
  • Mixers, 18" notched squeegee for spreading the thick epoxy out at the correct thickness, spike soles and mixing buckets.
  • Etching solution and neutralizing powder.
  • No time to grind or etch? Choose our new Instant No Prep Primer option. Allows you to prime and epoxy coat the same day without grinding or etching! Saves significant time and over $1.00/sf for contractor diamond grinding! Plus it's Nano Technology elevates the adhesion level to where it is impossible to separate the primer from the concrete substrate. Can be used over previous epoxy coatings without the need to sand and rough up!!
  • Multi Color Military Grade Epoxy Floor To order simply select your color and enter the square footage of your floor into the Quantity Box. Even though we are conservative in our coverage rates and provide you with plenty of materials we recommend that you add 10% to the actual square footage of your floor as a safety factor. All concrete floors are different and have different absorption rates. FOR BEIGE, WHITE, RED OR BLACK WE RECOMMEND UP TO 15% SAFETY FACTOR DUE TO THESE COLORS GETTING LOWER COVERAGE RATES. Then select whether you want the standard version or if you need the Low VOC version if you are in one of the following Low VOC states: CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, MD, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, KY and all of Canada.
    Please remember the minimum size of this system is 2000 sf. Smaller orders would consist of just a few boxes that would go FedEx ground.

    We provide complete easy to follow instructions with unlimited phone and email support. Our turnkey package is designed for first time users and no prior experience is needed to get professional looking results. We are available 24/7 via email or phone to guide you or your installers from start to finish.

    Contact us at or 866-532-3979 for professional assistance .

    ArmorGarage Ultra Pallet Epoxy System

    Armor Ultra Epoxy Flooring is sold as a complete packaged system for your convenience. Simply enter the square footage of your floor and we will calculate and package everything you need. Minimum order size for this product is 2500 sq ft and in 100 sq ft increments after that, ie: 2600, 2700, 3000.. Please average up to the next 100 foot increment, ie: if your floor is 2545 sq ft, enter 2600 into Qty Box. We are very conservative in our coverage ratios and provide plenty of material unlike our competition, we still recommend that you have a minimum 10% safety factor since every floor has a different porosity and texture and will absorb the product differently. Also note that Beige and high pigment colors such as Yellow, White, Bright Red and Black will yield less coverage and we therefore recommend a 15% safety factor when using these colors otherwise you may get bleed through or a dull finish as opposed to the deep high gloss luster you see in our customer's photos.

    For floors with a very rough finish such as a broom finish or that are pitted we recommend you call us to discuss since you will have to do an extra layer of the extra thick epoxy to fill in the pits and the nooks and crannies of a very rough finished floor to obtain a smooth finish. If a rougher finish is ok then you need not worry about doing the extra epoxy layer..

    When using either the oil primer or the metal & wood primer select the "No Primer" option in the selection box above. It is not necessary to use the standard primer with one of these primers. It will also ensure you'll get the best possible adhesion between the floor and our epoxy.

    Ultra Epoxy Floor

    Ultra Epoxy Floor can be applied onto just about any type floor or wall surface and over existing paint. Ultra Epoxy Floor can be used in conjunction with cove base between the floor and wall. This results in a 100% waterproof and sanitary installation as required in commercial kitchens or other food prep areas. Cove Base is recommended when waterproofing a floor that is above a finished space. A cove base forms a seamless and edgeless transition from the floor and up your wall. When coated with our epoxy it forms a waterproof tub. See:Epoxy Crack and Joint Compound, you can form cove base with this and a cove base trowel. Or you can purchase prefab Cove Base such as Easy Cove from

    Application is good down to 55 degree slab temperature. Temperature of the slab must remain above 55 degrees during the entire curing process.

    Epoxy Floor Application:

    Apply epoxy floor in a temperature range of 55-95 degrees. Clean floor thoroughly. Oil stains must be removed or primed with our proprietary Oil Primer prior to application.

    Then etch with the supplied Acid Safe Etching solution. Etching is simply done by mixing the etch solution with water, pour it evenly over the floor and brush it in with a stiff bristle shop broom. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse. Then sprinkle provided TSP powder evenly over floor, brush in and then rinse thoroughly. Let floor dry 24-48 Hrs at a minimum to be sure concrete has completely dried.

    Mix each can of the Primer individually then mix primer in a 1:1 part A and part B ratio. Then roller on in an even coat and let dry to the touch.

    If using the Instant No Prep Primer simply wipe off anything that can detach from the concrete. Stir primer in can and spray on with supplied pump sprayer. Let sit 15 minutes till tacky and then apply the epoxy layer. Note epoxy must be applied over primer within 90 minutes. For larger areas do the floor in sections leaving a wet primer edge to overlap with next section. If any part of primer sits for more than 90 minutes simply rough up with 100 grit sandpaper and reapply primer. This is tremendous cost and time saving option! Next mix each can of the epoxy individually then combine the two epoxy parts in a 2 parts of A & 1 part of B Ratio (not the typical 1:1 ratio!) Mix the combined A & B parts for 3-4 minutes using the supplied power drill mounted paint mixer at low speed, making sure to move the mixing wand up & down and scrape the sides to ensure a thorough mix. Armor Ultra Epoxy Flooring once mixed has a Pot life of approximately 45 minutes at 70 degrees before it starts to thicken. DON'T mix all the paint at once, this is NOT like store bought epoxy that has several hours of pot life, just maintain the 2:1 ratio for each batch and make sure to not mix more than you can apply in about 30 minutes.

    Recommended application method is simply pouring a "bead" from left to right of the mixed material onto the floor and squeegeeing out with the supplied calibrated notched rubber squeegee, do not use a roller pan. The notched squeegee automatically spreads the epoxy at the proper thickness. Once you have the paint evenly squeegeed out roller over it with our 3/8" nap roller to smooth the squeegee ridges and do some additional spreading. Then mix the next batch, this will reactivate whatever epoxy is on the roller, squeegee and mixer so you don't have to worry about the epoxy hardening in between batches and apply to next section. Continue until floor is done, all the sections of epoxy will blend into a seamless finish. Let dry for 8-10 hrs or overnight but not more than 24 hours. Epoxy should be rock hard and then a second coat can be applied if additional thickness is needed. Be sure to NOT leave rollers or squeegees on floor or leaning on walls or columns as they will be welded the next morning to whatever surface you left them in contact with. Dispose of ALL Rollers & Squeegees right away when done. It's a good idea to have a small can of Xylene(available at Ace, Home Depot or Lowes) for clean ups.

    Next apply topcoat within 24 Hrs after epoxy floor application. You can mix the non skid additive into the Topcoat for a non skid surface and even more durability! Mix at low to medium speed as to not introduce air bubbles into coating. Mix topcoat as often as possible to keep nonslip suspended in coating. Use roller pan and roll on the Topcoat like regular paint and let dry 5-6 Hrs for foot traffic, 24 hrs for light duty traffic such as carts and dollies, 48 hrs for light vehicle traffic and 3 days for heavy traffic such as Forklifts. If you order White, your topcoat will be a two part White topcoat. This is to ensure an operating room bright white finish and to prevent yellowing. You now have the finest and most durable epoxy floor coating possible!

    Average times to apply is 1000 sq ft/hr for two men per coat. The Ultra System can be easily applied by one person up to floors of 5000 SF. For fastest results for floors over 5000 sq ft we recommend 1 person mixing and 2 men rolling. 10,000 sq ft and up should have 2 men mixing and 3-4 men rolling. This will allow you to get each coat done in about 5-6 hours.


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    Q: Why is Red and White so much more expensive than other colors?

    A: To make Red and White requires the use of very high quality pigments in much greater amounts than is required in other colors to get that brilliant red or super bright white with no concrete bleed through. Also in the case of white it requires the topcoat to be a solid white rather than clear to prevent UV yellowing or fading. To do a red or white floor the correct way is definitely more costly.

    Q: What is the difference between this and the Commercial Pallet System?

    A: This system uses the same primer as the commercial system but then we apply the extra thick epoxy layer whereas the commercial system applies a pigmented topcoat over the primer. This system applies a clear topcoat over the high build epoxy except in the case of white where we apply a white topcoat.

    Q: What is the difference between the Pallaet system and the non pallet system?

    A: First the price is discounted. It's packaged in 5 gallon pails instead of one gallon cans, you get 18" rollers and frames instead of just 9" rollers, you get 18" squeegee instead of 12", spike soles are included, more mixers etc. Ships via truck on a pallet instead of FedEx ground.

    Q: What is the best way to order? A: You can order directly online. Once you determined the size of your floor with the appropriate safety factor select the qualifying size discount. For example if your floor is 15,000 sf you would select the 10500-20000 size in the drop down menu and receive a .10cents/sf discount to the price. Then decide if you don't need primer because you are using bonding primer or oil stain primer, then whether you require Low VOC or not. It's that easy and of course you can always just call us and we will handle everything for you over the phone.

    The difference between the Low Odor and the Odorless versions is the primers and topcoats. The epoxy layer in both versions is the same and has no odor since it is pure epoxy. The Low odor is exactly what it says, it will have a lower odor than the standard version but still has a primer and a topcoat odor. Also note that the Low VOC version will still have an odor during the topcoat application and drying time.

    When working in an occupied area or on a large floor where you will be applying large quantities of the product it's recommended to use the Odorless version. We developed this for the US Military for use at their China Lake base where operations are ongoing 24/7 - 365 and always involve the coating of large floor areas. They needed an epoxy floor system that was easy to apply, odorless and could handle high stress applications. The odorless system uses primers and a special topcoat that we developed to be as durable as the standard version but also to be both Low VOC compliant and basically odorless. It has since grown to be one of our most popular systems with our industrial customers. Whereas prior to this you would use Low VOC to reduce the odor during the curing process for the primer and the epoxy but the Low VOC topcoat still had a very strong smell which required coordination between the application of the product and the operation of the facility. The no odor version eliminates any concern about operational disruptions without sacrificing any performance in durability or finished appearance.

    Our unique no odor system provides a substantial upgrade to traditional no odor systems which are water based. Water based systems while Low VOC compliant, odorless and cheaper due to being up to 50% water are also much less durable, do not yield the same high gloss finish and are notoriously prone to premature failures, dulling and yellowing.