Industrial Epoxy Flooring
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This epoxy floor system is a whopping 30 mils thick and designed for high forklift traffic, large vehicles, hangars, factory production floors, cafeterias, heavy foot traffic such as corridors and steel wheel traffic. This extra heavy duty industrial epoxy system is perfect for repair shops and body shops where heavy equipment and tools are used and dropped on a continuous basis. Can handle daily caustic wash downs and high repetitive traffic such as in most production facilities. This is a turnkey package that can be applied by inhouse staff with no prior experience required. Includes the high performance primer( if you stopped at this layer you would still have a tougher floor most other epoxy systems you can buy), our Heavy Tonnage super duty floor epoxy, mixing wands, rollers, mixing buckets and 18" calibrated application squeegee.

If the epoxy coatings you've used in the past failed prematurely or if you want to avoid this from happening on your first try then this is your answer. With an abrasion loss rating of just 3 mgs(the lower the number the better) there's simply nothing that can resist wear and impacts better. We see some epoxies touted as Industrial Grade with abrasion loss ratings of 25mgs and higher. Once you get over 25mgs you're no better off than using Semi Gloss wall paint from your local Home Improvement Store.

Typically this floor epoxy will handle loads up to a 100 tons. When fully cured it is super hard with a hardness rating of Shore-D 90. To put that in perspective, hard hats are typically rated at between 75-85. It also has a compressive strength of 13,600psi, many times stronger than the concrete it's going on and has excellent high impact resistance. We've actually drove forklifts with the blades down over this floor with no adverse effects. This is why we call it the toughest epoxy on earth and makes this epoxy flooring perfect for auto body shops, kennels, aircraft facilities, paper mills, processing plants, manufacturing plants, heavy maintenance shops and many other applications

The Heavy Tonnage Industrial epoxy flooring system is a complete system sold by the square foot. Minimum order is 500 Sf. To order, enter the square footage of your floor rounding up to the nearest 100 sq ft increment. For example if you have 640 sq ft you would enter 700 sq ft. We will then calculate all the materials and application tools such as rollers, squeegees, mixers and spiked soles needed to do the job properly. This is a two coat epoxy flooring system consisting of Primer, High Build Heavy Tonnage Epoxy. This is as heavy duty as it gets and can be applied by in house staff. No special skills required and we provide complete instructions and unlimited tech support.

Can This Be Installed By First Time Users?
Yes no experience needed to achieve professional results. This is a system designed for first time users and comes complete with everything you need to do the job properly the first time.

What Makes This Epoxy So Tough?
The easiest way to explain it is to think of it as the equivalent of hardened concrete for bunkers versus standard concrete. We chemically harden this epoxy so that it can withstand scratching, abrasion and high impacts better than any other epoxy flooring product.

How Long Does It Take To Install?
It's relatively quick to install. Simply apply the primer and allow to dry 5-7 hours and then apply the Heavy Tonnage Epoxy. The epoxy will dry overnight where you can apply light traffic to it and heavy traffic after 24 hours. For faster applications where downtime is critical select the instant no-prep primer. This product saves a ton of time by allowing you to apply the primer over a minimally prepared floor and then apply the epoxy 20 minutes later!

What Applications Is It Used For?
As you can see from our customer photos it can go from dog kennels to resist scratching claws to nuclear power plants where the roll 200,000 lb turbines around like it's nothing. So this is extremely versatile and can be used just about anywhere. It's also very chemical resistant and can resist caustic washdowns. If you're not sure about you're application give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our experts will guide you accordingly.