This is the ArmorGarage main garage flooring product page, here you can shop for garage floor tiles or garage floor mats and educate yourself about these types of products. It's very important when buying garage flooring to know exactly what you're buying before you buy! It's a large investment that you only want to make once. The Garage Flooring Comparison and Garage Floor Tiles Fact & Fiction pages listed above will help you make a better informed purchase decision whether you buy our product or not. There are vast differences between the various products offered that look similar but are not. Avoiding buyers remorse requires that you know what to lok for and what to avoid.

ArmorGarage Floor Tiles & Mats are virtually indestructible and are made to provide a lifetime of service. They therefore have the lowest cost of ownership. ArmorGarage flooring may cost a few dollars more up front but when other inferior products wear out or fail outright, your ArmorGarage flooring will still be looking new! There's a reason why the US Army and Keiger Creek Power Plant chose ArmorGarage flooring over all the others!

While other sites advocate the use of porcelain tiles, VCT tiles and even carpeting for garage floor duty, ArmorGarage strongly advises against them. Those products were not designed for vehicular traffic and should not be used for such. The dynamic forces of dead weight twisting and turning tires on those types of flooring is way beyond what they were intended for. Not too mention they're super slippery and a nightmare to maintain, think grout failure and oil staining. Our Garage Flooring products consists of our Rubber Roll-Out Garage Mats and Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles that professionals consider true garage flooring for residential or commercial use.

Our roll out mats are rolls of 100% Polyvinyl Rubber which is the highest quality material that can be used. They come with lifetime warranties even against wear which other products do not offer. They are available in 7.5', 8.5' and 10' widths and any length from 14' up to 60'. They are available in three colors, Black, Gray and Sandstone.

Our garage floor tiles are 100% solid PVC and are available in various thicknesses, 3/16", 1/4" and 5/16". They come in coin pattern, diamond pattern, slate finish and flat textured pattern. They're solid tiles as opposed to hollow core tiles made form inferior plastic materials which have many short comings that we discuss in detail on the tile pages.

ArmorGarage floor tiles are the top of the line garage flooring, period. They are indestructible, look great and are super easy to install. They are 100% solid PVC. Hollow core polypropylene garage tiles are no comparison. Hollow Core tiles weigh less than a pound compared to our tiles that weigh over 4lbs each. Hollow core tiles make a hollow click noise when you walk on them or drive over them, they are brittle and prone to cracking and splitting apart. As you read the information we provide you on the product pages, you will see that there are many more short comings to these types of tiles not withstanding the fact that they are very popular. But once you know the facts we think you'll have a different point of view towards those types of products.

Our Garage Flooring products are made in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. We do no use any cheap fillers or Polypropylene in any of our flooring products. Other products may look or sound similar but they're not. ArmorGarage makes garage flooring to keep you satisfied for as long as you own your home or business, not just when you first install it.

We encourage you to read the information pages Garage Floor Tile Facts & Fiction and if your undecided whether to choose mats or tiles, there's good discussion about that on Garage Tiles vs Mats vs Epoxy to further educate yourself. There are small physical differences that make a big difference on the life span of the product you buy from us versus products you buy elsewhere. You may think you bought a quality product at a bargain for a year or two but then you will unfortunately find out that bargain product was not such a bargain. Do you really save any money if you have to buy the product a second time? This is often the case when you buy Polypropylene hollow tiles or mats that have cheap filler products. Also be aware that a lot of online products state USA made when in fact they are not. They are imitation imports made with cheap filler products.

After reading through our information pages and the actual product pages you are still undecided please give us a call and one of our flooring experts will help you make the best decision at 866-532-3979 or email us at

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