Rubber Garage Floor Mats

Armor Rubber Garage Flooring Mats:
Roll Out A New Floor In Your Garage Or Business In Less Than An Hour!
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Garage Floor Mats

Need A Great Looking New Durable Garage Floor Mats?

Our rubber garage floor mats are the fastest way to get a great looking new floor for your garage or business! They can be installed in less than an hour over any floor surface with vehicle or foot traffic. Simply unpack and roll out a beautiful brand new floor! No floor prep, double sided tapes or adhesives needed. Our rubber roll out garage floor mats are made to stand the test of time and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty! See details in the Must Read Tab above. They're not slippery, won't curl, bunch up, shift out of place or shred apart like other garage mats that are similar in look but not made with 100% polyvinyl or are cheap imitation imports. Armor Garage Floor Mats are 100% American made, and 100% pure American polyvinyl rubber which is the highest quality material you can use for durability! Ask where your mats are made before you buy. Imported mats are made with low quality control and if you put two mats side by side they won't line up or match up. Our standard grade mats are .075" thick and rated up to commercial duty usage.

Three Layer Floor Mat There's a big difference between vinyl and polyvinyl. Vinyl is a household material that is thin and flimsy. Polyvinyl is a commercial rubberized version of vinyl that has far greater durability. Vinyl mats curl, bunch up under turning tires, and are extremely slippery and are often discarded within the first year. Don't settle for a lower quality product with less of a guarantee! Our garage flooring mats are completely impervious to road salts, battery acids, brake fluid, oils, grease, pet urine any just about anything else you can spill on them!

Armor Garage Floor Mats are available in just about any size in "Ribbed," "Coin," "Mini Coin" "Diamond," or "Flat" patterns.
Call us for your Custom Graphic Image Mat needs. We can print your hi-resolution images on our mats(See ATT Wireless Mat).

Our garage floor mats are so strong they can be used for just about any floor application such as garage flooring, heavy foot traffic areas, commercial or residential workshop floors, waiting rooms, production floors, kennels, and much more! Garage floor Mats are not just for parking your car on!

Sandstone Garage Coin Mat

Stock sizes of our garage floor mats ship in 2 to 3 business days. Custom sizes are available in standard widths of 7.5', 8.5' & 10' and any length up to 70' (please allow 5 to 7 business days for shipment of custom size mats). PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL 10' WIDE MATS ARE CONSIDERED OVER SIZE AND MUST SHIP BY TRUCK AND YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO RECEIVE AND SIGN FOR.

For your convenience, our most commonly ordered custom sizes (the sizes noted with an *) are listed with our stock sizes (sizes w/o an *). You can mix stock sizes with custom sizes to meet your dimension requirements.

Custom sizes are not cancelable or returnable so please verify your dimensions. If you need to order multiple garage mats of different sizes, simply enter the quantity of the first mat size, click "Add To Cart," then click "Keep Shopping" to add additional mats to your shopping cart.

Email or call us for quantity discounts or if you do not see the garage floor mats size you require.

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Garage Floor Mats

Easy and fast to install. They literally roll-out and cover your floor with no prep work or skill required!

100% pure polyvinyl. Beware of cheap imitations that only use polyvinyl in the top part of the mat and use cheap filler materials for the other layers. This results in a much inferior product. Mats from China are famous for this.

Are not slippery like other vinyl mats are!

Trims easily with large scissors or utility knife for custom wall to wall installation.

Stays down flat on the floor, won't curl or bunch up under twisting/turning car or truck tires.

Won't chip, crack or fray apart like other brands do!

Resistant to chemicals, auto fluids, pet fluids, road salts, vehicle & foot traffic, even clawed foot traffic! Rated for outdoor use on decks & patios!

FAQ's for Garage Floor Mats

Why should I purchase garage floor mats from Armor Garage?

ArmorGarage mats are solid polyvinyl rubber made in one thick layer and not mulitlayered with cheap filler materials.

How is garage flooring durable in extreme heat or cold?

Temperature has no effect on the durability of our garage mats.

How much do custom-fit garage floor mats cost?

Can average between $.75 - $1.50/sf depending on type and size of the mats.

Why is it important to use garage floor mats?

Garage floor mats protect your concrete form corrosive vehicle fluids and road salts.

How are garage floor mats cleaned?

After installation you should apply a good vinyl floor wax and then it as simple as hosing the floor clean.

How quickly do the garage floor mats ship out?

Standard sizes ship out in 2-3 business days and custom sizes ship out in 5-6 business days.

What is the manufacturing warranty / extended warranty for garage floor mats?

ArmorGarage mats carry a lifetime warranty

Cleaning of the mats is as simple as washing down with garden hose. For stubborn areas use cleaner such as Simple Green ans soft brush. Harsh chemicals and hard scrub brushes are not needed and should be avoided.

To prevent tires staining use a good nonslip commercial vinyl floor wax or a combination cleaner and wax such as Hillway Direct Plus This is a great product that is easy to apply and will last several years and then can easily be recoated. So it's very low maintenance and good protection for your new floor.

Mats 10' wide have an overlap flap on one side so that you can lay one mat over another for a flush finish if using multiple mats. For mats under 10' wide you can use any good quality double sided carpet tape. For a liquid tight seam between two mats use 3M Scotch Weld. This will work for mats that you butt together or on the 10' mats with the overlap flap.

Red, Green and Blue colors have been discontinued due to lack of demand for these colors. All mats are now available in only Gray, Black or Sandstone.

ArmorGarage LLC Limited Lifetime Warranty, warrants to the original purchaser(warranty is not transferable) that our proprietary polyvinyl mats manufactured by ArmorGarage LLC will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. ArmorGarage LLC, Limited Lifetime Warranty shall not include coverage from abuse, misuse, improperly installed product, product that is installed in any application not originally designed for, stains of any kind from any source, scratches, scuffs, nicks, burns or any other cosmetic damage, fading, warping or bubbling caused by prolonged and excessive exposure to direct sunlight or improper heat source, mold or mildew if installed on any surface other than concrete, normal product wear past 15 years.

ArmorGarage LLC, shall be the sole determiner of whether a defect exists or not. ArmorGarage will at it's sole discretion replace(shipping not included) or refund the purchase price less original cost of shipping. ArmorGarage LLC shall not be liable for any consequential damages of any kind arising from any product defect. Purchaser's sole remedy shall be replacement or refund.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Anitmony Oxide which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For mor information go to