Thickest & Longest Lasting High Gloss Epoxy Flooring For Your Garage or Business!
Available In 24 Standard Color & Pattern Combinations or Customize As You Wish!

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Beautiful Garage Flooring Epoxy That's DIY Easy!

Armor Chip and Armor Granite garage flooring epoxy kits are an easy, affordable way to get a professional looking epoxy floor finish.

Plain and simple our epoxy systems are the best in quality, durability, final finish and the easiest to apply with the lowest DIY problem rate!

They're also all-inclusive and include our proprietary military grade 100% solids epoxy, urethane based epoxy clear high gloss topcoat, 8-20 lbs of multi color chips, spike soles, calibrated application squeegee, rollers, mixers, non-slip additive that gets mixed into the topcoat, easy to follow detailed instructions, unlimited phone and email support plus FREE SHIPPING!

Not a water-based or lower solids thin build type epoxy, these should only be considered as primers and never as your primary floor coating! Armor Chip & Armor Granite are professional garage epoxy floor systems packaged with clear instructions that anyone can apply with beautiful long lasting results. Impervious to vehicle fluids, road salts, hot tires, mold, mildew and yellowing. All our epoxy floor coatings are engineered to outlast and out shine the competition! With our Military Grade Topcoat option Armor Chip & Armor Granite have an industry low 4 mg abrasion loss rating(Durability Rating Where The Lower The Number The Better). Meaning your floor can withstand any size vehicle or tire and you can use floor jacks, jack stands and rolling 1000lb tool chests with no effect on the finish! See what the competition's durability ratings are if they even have one and you'll discover there much much higher. Which of course means your coating will wear off much much sooner then you ever thought.

Armor Chip garage floor epoxy is 20 Mils thick, comes with 8lbs of color chips(the most of any epoxy kit) and two coats of clear urethane epoxy topcoats. Armor Granite garage floor epoxy is 25 mils thick, comes with 20 lbs of chips, spiked soles and four coats of clear urethane fortified epoxy topcoat. Cannot be compared to Home Improvement Store, Paint Store type epoxies, cycloaliphatic, non 100% solids epoxies or water based epoxies that fail prematurely as you will see in the story below. These types of epoxies are more suitable as primers and should never be used as your epoxy flooring. With over 600,000 successful installations you will be epoxy coating your floor with confidence knowing that you are applying the very best product and not some product that is just good enough!

Our Topcoats are the best in the industry no other brand comes close to our abrasion, scratch and impact resistance.
The key to longevity for epoxy garage floor paint is the Topcoat that goes over the epoxy coating. We explain why and how it impacts the longevity of your floor on the Armor Chip and Armor Granite product pages. Also see our ADD ON HALF KITS - Armor Chip Half Kit & Armor Granite Half Kit for slightly larger floors than our standard kit coverage. Getting an epoxy floor coating like those in our customer photos is one part of the job. Having it last and look good for 15-20 years is the other part. See the image of John and Eric's floor below for proof!

"Hey Jim, Eric Pfieffer here from Miami. Thought you would find this picture interesting! You sold me the Armor Chip garage flooring kit (floor on the right) with the standard topcoat and my friend John did his floor with an epoxy kit from the local big box store to save some money (floor on the left). Both floors looked similar but that didn't last more than a year and the difference now is amazing! My floor still looks good and still cleans up real easy but it's getting to the point where it could use a freshening. I'm going to use the Military Topcoat to give it that new look again after I give it a light sanding to rough it up. John was told he needs to do a complete diamond grind on his spot! I'm figuring the military topcoat will give me a finish I'll never have to redo judging by how long the standard topcoat lasted which is now
going on over 10 years. Speak to you soon (so will John!) and thanks for a fantastic product!"
ArmorGarage Garage Flooring Epoxy vs Standard Epoxy

We're not sure what better proof you can ask for than the picture and testimonial above that ArmorGarage epoxy floors are better. Our epoxy and chips remain unscathed while our standard clear topcoat shows some cosmetic signs of wear from twisting tires in a tight space after 10 years. All Eric needs to do to bring his floor back to new is a light sanding and roll on a coat of the military grade clear topcoat for another 15-20 yrs of service. John has to do a complete diamond grind plus difficult oil stain removals after having to live with an ugly and a completely failed floor after barely a year.

We get the calls from customers like John everyday and unlike redoing a room with a gallon of relatively inexpensive semi gloss, redoing your floor is not as easy especially the part where you have to take everything out of your garage. In fact once you put down a coating that fails it's pretty much a nightmare depending on how bad a product you've used. We're here to help you avoid that problem with our products and the knowledge we've gained through years of experience. We strongly recommend you read this page and the actual product pages with all the information on each of the Tabs. So even if you decide not to buy our product you'll be MUCH better informed to make a product purchase decision that better meets your budget, application needs and you'll know how to install it properly. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, give us a call and we'll be happy to clear things up.

Low advertised prices for systems that don't include the critical topcoat are usually thin water based or low-grade low solids based epoxies that do not yield their advertised coverage, even when half as thick as Armor Chip. Are you really saving money if the bargain epoxy you bought doesn't fully hide the concrete and requires you to buy more material and do additional coats? Are you really saving any money if your epoxy gets reactivated by your hot tires and then sticks to your tires as they cool off so that the next time you pull out of your garage, part of your new epoxy floor coating goes along for the ride? Now you will be spending double and triple the time and money to do it right. To see what happens to these epoxy coatings with topcoats that have 24mg abrasion ratings and higher. Click on the Must Read Tab & Feature Tab above when you finish reading this page for critical information on topcoats and epoxies.

Some kits come with as little as 10 ozs of chips that give your floor the freckle effect rather than a finish that looks like it was professionally done! Even the worst looking floors come out looking like a showroom finish with ArmorGarage Epoxy floor kits as you can see in the images below. This floor was done by Alan in Denver. His floor was a mess when he started with road salt damage and oil stains but even though he never did anything like this before, his floor turned out beautifully. He left the control joints unfilled as we always recommend, they add a sort of dimension to the floor and makes it look like large slabs of granite. He used medium gray with military topcoat with black, white and primary blue flake. Before ArmorGarge Military Gray Epoxy Floor After ArmorGarage Epoxyy Floor Kit

Armor Chip & Armor Granite garage floor epoxy are not available in home improvement stores or other retail outlets, they are military grade epoxy floor systems packaged for easy self-installation in just a few hours. Our garage epoxy flooring kits contain everything you need to do the complete job! Choose from 19 decorator and wife approved epoxy and chip color combinations or make your own custom epoxy and chip color combination! Each Armor Chip kit will cover up to 575 sf and Armor Granite kit with its thicker epoxy will cover up to 525 sf. Add On Half Kits are available to accommodate any size floor. Check this page if you're interested in learning How to do your own custom garage floor epoxy design.


Before you buy any garage epoxy floor coating be sure to read the How To Epoxy Paint Your Floor page on what and what not to do so you end up with a beautiful floor that lasts! Also read the Why ArmorGarage Garage Epoxy Floors Are Really The Best page. You absolutely need to know what you are buying and what is needed for a proper installation. We've used and installed every type of epoxy floor coating there is and we know what works and what doesn't. We'll show you the right way to prep and install your garage floor coating. So that it has that luxurious high gloss finish, is an easy to clean surface, chemical resistant and lasts for many many years. Best part is we make it so no prior experience is needed to get a professional looking floor.

We recommend using a primer even though it's not required it's a very good idea to prime your floor as you would if you were painting your house, car or other porous surfaces. This ensures the highest level of adhesion, increases coverage of the epoxy by up to 25% and increases the thickness of your floor to a whopping 25-30Mils thick. ArmorGarage epoxy floors can last 15 to 20 years. As opposed to floors done by people (or contractors) who buy a product without really knowing what they're buying. This results more often than not in a failed and unsightly mess within the first year. Remember the best prepped floor is of no value if an inferior epoxy paint coating is applied to it and the best epoxy paint coating is of no value if applied to a poorly prepped floor!

Standard Colors Ship In One To Two Business Days!

For Additional Help And Service. Call Or Email Us At:
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ArmorGarage Flooring Epoxy Features Make It The Hands Down Best Choice For Your Floor

Not Water Based, High Solids or A Hybrid Cycloaliphatic. These Types Of Garage Floor Epoxies Are Not Equal To Our 100% Aliphatic Epoxies And should only Be Considered As Primers.

Only Kits With Calibrated Squeegee That Ensures You Apply The Epoxy At The Proper Thickness Automatically! Flat Squeegees That Come With Other Kits Will Not Spread The Epoxy Properly.

Our Ultra High Wear Polyurethane Topcoat Is Standard And Has A Superior Durability Rating Of 20mg and Our Military Topcoat Provides You With A 4mg Abrasion Loss Rating(durability Rating) For The Best Resistance Against Wear That Can't Be Equaled! Our Competition Doesn't Even Come Close To This Level Of Durability! It's Why Our Garage Epoxy Floors Last And Look New The Longest! Beware Of Clear Epoxies Used As Topcoats, Epoxies Are Not Topcoats.

You Get Everything You Need In Our Complete DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Kits.

  • ArmorGarage Military Grade High Build Epoxy
  • Two coats of ArmorGarage Standard Heavy Duty 20mg loss rated Topcoat, Military Grade Version Also Available.
  • 8lbs color flakes, the most in any epoxy kit. Standard wife approved epoxy & chip color combinations to choose from or select your own custom chip colors of your choice from our chip color chart at no additional charge.
  • Epoxy rated lint free rollers
  • Jiffy mixer
  • High performance nonslip additive
  • The must have calibrated notched squeegee
  • Mixing bucket
  • Gloves, cut in brush and Illustrated instructions
  • Etching solution.

    Thickest And Most Durable DIY Epoxy Floors.

    More DIY Epoxy Floor Kits Sold And In Service Longer Than Any Other Brand!

    5 Year Across The Board Guarantee Plus We are The Only Company That Offers A Guarantee Against Wear. So Don't Be Fooled By Marketing Hype And Exaggerated Guarantees, Read The Specs And See What The Abrasion Loss Rating Is. Remember The lower The Mg Number The Better And What Good Is An Epoxy Guaranteed Stuck To Your Floor For Life That Wears Out In A Short Period Of Time.

    We Provide The Best Product Information & How To Advice. So You Know What You're Buying And Know How To Apply It For Professional Results Even For First Timers! Our Garage Epoxy Floors Routinely Last 10-20 Years!

  • FAQ's

    How do snow and water drainage from cars affect garage flooring?

    These have zero effect on ArmorGarage garage flooring products.

    Does trapped water create mold and mildew under my garage flooring?

    ArmorGarage garage floor tiles and rollout mats are Mold & Mildew proof.

    What are the different types of garage flooring?

    The only true garage flooring are Epoxy Coatings, Interlocking Garage Floor Tile and Rollout Polyvinyl Mats

    How easy is garage flooring to Install?

    Garage Tiles and Rollout Mts can be install in an average 2 car garage in a few hours.

    Important things to know about Garage Flooring Epoxy

    The most important things you need to know are that you have to have an epoxy finish that has a polyurethane topcoat with a minimum of a 20mg abrasion loss rating. 20mg is for your average garage owner that pulls their cars in and out and has the standard items you find in most garages.

    For garages that have vehicles with nonstandard tires such as off road tires, racing tires, golf carts, tractors or trailers then you need a topcoat with 10mg or lower abrasion rating. Same goes for garages that are used as workshops with lots of rolling items such as jacks, tool chests or machinery.

    We offer a military grade topcoat with a 4mg loss rating. this offers you a super hard finish that can handle anything you put in your garage or anything you do on your garage floor. Coatings with ratings higher than 20mgs offer very little wear protection. So called lifetime guaranteed epoxies offer no coverage against wear. Some companies try to pass off a clear version of their epoxy as a topcoat. This is just a gimmick and the clear epoxy offers no additional protection whatsoever. They also will yellow from a minimal amount of UV exposure.

    Water based epoxies are very inexpensive with a correspondingly poor level of performance. Cyclioaliphatic epoxies are one step above water based. You need a true Aliphatic epoxy system to ensure your floor looks new for as long as possible. Cyclioaliphatic and water based epoxies will wear out causing them to dull and get stained much quicker than you think. No matter how long a guarantee they claim, it will not last as long as they say and will not cover your floor's poor appearance from simply wearing out due to poor abrasion resistance. Which defeats the purpose of applying an epoxy coating to begin with!

    Every time you drive your car on it, every time you walk on it, every time you roll something on it abrasion occurs. This abrasion can wear through low quality epoxies and topcoats very very quickly! So even though your epoxy is still stuck to your floor, you're stuck with a poor looking floor that is not covered under any guarantee!

    Second most important thing is preparation. If you are not diamond grinding you must use at least one full gallon of high grade etch for each 550 sf of floor. Using less will not provide the proper profile. In fact if your floor is very dirty or is new or was power troweled you need to do two etchings. A power washing is also recommended.

    We get asked about doing full coverage of color flakes. This is not a good idea if you're not a professional. It is very difficult to get that amount of flakes to lay evenly and uniformly. More often then not the floor will look lumpy and unbalanced color wise. Plus the more flake you put in the floor the more stress you put on the epoxy. You need to have an extra thick epoxy to handle over 100lbs of chips otherwise you will have delamination issues in the future. We know, we've seen it happen many times from customers who were not aware how difficult it was to do and did not use the right epoxy. If you like the heavy flake look use our Armor Granite kit it gives you close to 90% coverage and is still very easy to get to look perfect.