Epoxy Bonding Primer

Our proprietary industrial grade bonding primer lets you epoxy over any previous type of epoxy coating or paint. Also works on metal surfaces such as steel, iron or, aluminum. Great for priming over metal roofs that have paint finish on them and need to be coated with a roof coating.

This product can save you tons of time and money by not having to grind off a previous floor coating. As long as the existing floor coating is still bonded to the floor well and not peeling up over the majority of the floor you can use this primer over it. More than likely if you applied a water based or low solids epoxy coating to your floor it is now peeling up and you have bare spots. Our Bonding Primer can go over the bare concrete spots as well as the coating unlike Home Improvement acrylic primers that are not suitable for bare concrete or heavy duty two part epoxies.

If your floor looks like this it means it is a pea gravel floor, those black spots are all pea gravel/river stones which are very smooth and nonporous which means the epoxy won't adhere to them properly without using this primer. These floors are not very common and usually the result of the contractor trying to save money on the job by dumping a lot of these stones into the mix to give it more volume and thereby using less concrete. It also primes all types of wood. Wood must have any Mil finish removed, use 100 grit sandpaper to remove and rough up surface. This is great for priming wood stairs, landings or cove bases. If you need to coat over VCT, Porcelain or Ceramic tiles see our Coat-All System.

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Apply at the rate of 400 square feet per gallon. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. If applying over VCT tiles two coats are required.
Application of the primer is just like applying regular paint. Unlike acrylic primers this primer works over any coating and any bare concrete spots. Click on the blue link for step by step instructions on how to paint over an existing coating. The instructions are for going over an existing floor epoxy but it's the same concept no matter what you want to paint over. You want a clean surface and in the case of going over a previous floor coating you want to quickly rough it up with some light sanding. This will ensure a permanent bond between the two dissimilar coatings.

How To Paint Over An Existing Coating

Allow 24 hrs of curing prior to applying our epoxy coatings over it.

Many times a floor will have an epoxy coating on it that is still bonded to the floor really good but is just worn out or peeled off in a few spots. This primer will save you the trouble of having to grind off that existing floor coating. The reason you have to grind off any previous type of epoxy coating or paint on your floor is because most epoxies are not compatible with each other. You don't want to take the chance of applying a coating over another coating to find out that they won't stick together after you're done. Huge waste of time and money!

If your existing floor coating was a high quality epoxy and is still stuck to the floor and just worn out or peeled in a few spots you can go right over it. See the Application Instruction Tab for detailed instructions on how to do that.

Please note that if your floor coating is peeling up in a majority of places it is best to grind it all off. It means your floor preparation wasn't satisfactory or the coating you applied was low quality or both. This primer is not intended to fix issues related to low quality epoxy paint that was applied over a poorly prepared surface.

Also works when you need to apply the epoxy coating over metal, metal roofs or wood surfaces.