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Ultra Fast Drying Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

When downtime is critical and must be kept to the barest minimum you need our newest extra heavy duty epoxy formulation. It's the latest in industrial floor epoxy technology that is incredibly versatile. This two part epoxy paint allows you to coat any concrete surface indoors or outdoors down to temperatures as low as -20 degree with incredible adhesion, unmatched abrasion resistance and dries to the touch in 1-2 hours! Now your floors can be back in service with light traffic in 3-4 Hrs and heavy traffic in 12 hours. Typical epoxy coatings need Temperatures above 55 degrees and 4-5 days for full cure. Most epoxy coatings cannot be applied in outdoor applications and those that do are not very durable.

ArmorGarage has overcome all the drawbacks of a fast drying, low temp/outdoor rated epoxies. Ultra Fast Spartacote Epoxy Flooring has an amazing 725 psi adhesion test rating, this is far beyond any other epoxy coating, it has an abrasion loss rating of an amazingly low 3mgs which means it is exponentially more scratch and abrasion resistant than the best the competition has to offer. No other epoxy coating comes even close.

It is also UV proof so it won't yellow even under continuous exposure to sunlight, it is resistant to just about any and all chemicals, acids and even Skydrol which is the nastiest stuff you can imagine.

Works on concrete, wood or stone. Works indoors and outdoors. Low odor(No Odor version available), about the same as conventional interior paints. Great for Hazard Areas, Line Stripping, Shop Floors, Hangars, Warehouse Floors, Production Floors.

Ultra Fast Spartacote Floor Coating is available in various colors. Please allow an extra week lead time for nonstock colors.

Sold by the square foot, 300 sf minimum and must be ordered in 300 sf increments. As always we recommend you allow yourself at least a 15-20% safety factor when calculating the square footage for floors 1500 sf and under and 10% safety factor for larger floors. Price includes Epoxy for two coats. For floors 2000 SF and larger, Resin Broom, Rollers and Spike Soles are included for proper application. For slip resistant finish order the heavy duty nonslip additive(sold separately).

Mix ratio is 1:1, Pot Life is about 25 minutes, dries to touch in 1-2 hours, cures in about 3-4 Hrs for light traffic and full cure in 12 hrs for heavy vehicle traffic. See Tabs above for Color Chart and application instructions.




Please see the Application Instructions for the proper spread rate coverage for this product. Due to can size limitations the minimum order for this product is 300 sf. Always allow a minimum of 10% extra as a safety cushion for variances in different concrete floors.


Concrete slab must be clean of all dust, dirt, oil stains or any other contaminants. We recommend a diamond grinder for best results. Be sure to use a grinder with an appropriate non clogging vacuum attachment to minimize the dust. After grinding, vacuum the floor to remove leftover dust. Then using a strong leaf blower, blow any remaining dust off the floor and out of the premises.

If coating over steel clean and rough up with carbon sandpaper. All rust must be removed and steel must be primed with our Bonding Primer and allowed to dry for 24 hrs before applying epoxy.

Oil stains can be removed by mechanical grinding methods or scrubbed out with Liquid Tide and Muriatic Acid, be sure to neutralize these spots after washing with TSP. Test oil spots by sprinkling water on them, water should not bead up or turn rainbow bluish tint.

Repair any cracks or divots prior to coating. Coatings will not repair floor damage.

Once floor is ready for coating stir each can with separate stir sticks to unify any separated materials. If using the pigmented version, mix a pre-measured pigment can into the short filled Part A can. Mix on low speed with mixer or by hand with stick until the pigment has been fully mixed in. Pour out the Part A into a clear measuring container, do the same with the Part B in a separate container. Please note that this product has a short working time of about 20-30 minutes. For this reason we don’t recommend mixing the entire full gallons of A and B, but to mix smaller batches until you get comfortable with the product. You can mix as much or as little at a time as you want, just hold the 1:1 mix ratio, and mix the A and B together completely. You can use any measuring devices to measure, as long as they are equal parts. Pre hardening of product is not covered under the warranty. Pour the measured Part A into a mixing pail of suitable size, Pour the measured Part B into the Part A and mix with another suitably sized stir stick or drill mixer until the two components have completely mixed together and the color is uniform. Make sure to mix all material from the sides and bottom of your container so you don’t end up with any unmixed material. Do not over stir or create a vortex that will induce air into the mixture. Do not use the same stir stick in different cans, use the same stick to stir the Part A, same stick to stir Part B and the same stick to mix the combined components. You will need at least 3 heavy duty stir sticks. Using the stir stick from one can and then using it in another can of a different component will cause cross contamination.

Pour mixed coating onto the floor in a left to right bead and spread out using the resin broom if floor is larger than 1800 sf for best results. Spread the epoxy at approximately 300 sf/mixed gallon then backroll the coating perpendicular to the broom application with the supplied lint free rollers. If floor is under 1800 sf you may apply with just a roller. Use of the supplied spiked shoes is strongly recommended when using the resin broom so that you can walk on the wet coating. Keep your time in the epoxy to a minimum to avoid leaving spike marks. Working time is about 20 minutes. Warmer temperatures will shorten working time. Do not mix in sunlight and do not store product in sun or hot areas. Do not mix more than 1 gallon at a time per person rolling.

Mix up the next batch at the 1:1 ratio and apply in the same manner, be sure to back roll each section. Roll into the previous section during the backrolling to blend each section in. Extension poles on your roller stick make it easier to backroll the epoxy without stepping in it and to do larger sections. It’s recommended not to walk in the epoxy while backrolling.

Let first coat dry to the touch, about 1-2 hours. First coat may dry with some streaks in it. Apply the second coat in the same exact way as the first coat. Avoid puddling and over rolling for best results. Spread rate for both coats is approximately 300 sf/gal. You will get better coverage on the 2nd coat since the floor is sealed and all streakiness will be eliminated.

For a skid-resistant surface we recommend using a non skid additive that can be mixed into the final coat, as opposed to broadcasting. Recommended non skid additive is Ultrafast SB additive. Make sure to mix this in thoroughly before applying, and re-mix when pouring more out onto floor or pan to keep non skid suspended. Coating is slippery when wet so nonslip is recommended wherever the floor may get wet or oily.

We suggest you start with a small batch at first, about ½ gallon mixed (one quart each of A and B is best and apply that in a corner area. This will get you used to mixing and working with the coating. The rest of the floor application should be straightforward.


  • Low VOC < 50, SCAQMD Approved, Low Odor. Also available in NO ODOR version.
  • Applied in two coats. Each coat dries in 1-2 Hrs and rapid return to light duty traffic in 8 hrs and full forklift duty service in 24 hours
  • Outstanding Color and Gloss Retention
  • High Abrasion, Impact & Chemical Resistance
  • Available in: – Clear 2 Gallon Kit, – Clear 10 Gallon Kit, – Color Packs available(see color chart for available colors)


• Restaurants • Stadiums • Hospital and Care Facilities • Garage Floors, Driveways, • Manufacturing Plants • Kennels • Universities • Veterinarian hospitals

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