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Industrial Epoxy Paint For All Vertical Wall Applications

Ultra Wall Industrial Epoxy Paint is specifically designed for application to all wall surfaces that need an industrial strength finish. Guaranteed not to drip, run, or sag making in perfect for walls in high stress areas such as wash down rooms, kitchens, locker rooms, food production areas, clean rooms, institutional facilities, kennels and many other applications.

Can be applied to concrete, brick, cider block, or sheet rock walls. If applying over previous wall enamel paint simply sand to rough up surface, apply our Bonding Primer and allow 24 hrs to cure and then one coat of Ultra Wall Industrial Epoxy Paint. Ultra Wall is a thick epoxy and will usually cover surfaces in one coat. Allow for less coverage when coating cinder or cement blocks or when using light colors such as Beige.

Comes in 1 gallon or 5 gallon sets. Coverage is 80-160SF/Gal @ 10-20 Mils thick. As a reference standard oil based enamels are only 2 Mils thick and are much softer so they scratch and wear off much easier.

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