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Rubberized Waterproof Epoxy Coating
Best Roof Deck & Pool Deck Coating

ArmorTrak is an industrial rubberized epoxy that's totally flexible, slip-resistant and 100% waterproof rubberized epoxy. We've taken one of our industrial grade epoxies and embedded high density rubber granules to form a unique rubber epoxy floor coating that is super durable. ArmorTrak rubberized epoxy will chemically and permanently bond to most clean and dry surfaces. These include, but are not limited to, concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal, rubber, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles. making it perfect for locker rooms, commercial kitchens, ramps, stairs, pool decks, terraces and many other applications. ArmorTrak rubberized epoxy can be applied with our specialized ArmotTrak roller or by brush for virtually any application where a slip resistant and impact resistant coating is needed. We recommend that ArmorTrak be used where foot traffic, pallet jacks, dollies and carts are the main traffic source. Not recommended for vehicle or forklift traffic. Also use in areas where high chemical resistance is required and caustic wash downs are done.

USES: ArmorTrak rubberized epoxy has many applications for commercial and residential use. Armortrak protects surfaces from foul weather elements and harsh chemicals, great for floors where an anti slip high wear surface is required such as on roof decks, pool decks, balconies, high traffic pedestrian walkways, ramps, pedestrian bridges, wooden steps, catwalks and many marine applications such as docks and boat decks.

This is the perfect solution for leaky ceramic tiles that are over a finished area. Very often the grout and tiles begin to leak and becomes a never ending nightmare trying to find and stop the leaks. This is a great alternative to ripping up the tiles or replacing failed rubber pool decking or a cool deck surface. The ArmorTrack rubberized epoxy offers more flexibility, a much more durable, slip resistant surface and a better appearance. If applying over tiles you must use the Bonding Primer. Just add a note to provide Bonding Primer in the "Custom Order Note Box" and will substitute the smooth ArmorTrak for the Bonding Primer at no additional cost.

ArmorTrak has a continuous duty temperature rating of 250 degrees! It is unaffected by extreme temperatures and will not peel or chip up. It will not yellow or fade either. It has extreme bonding capabilities and cannot be removed from concrete, tiles, rubber or wood by any means other than mechanical grinding. Is extremely wear resistant and can handle almost unlimited amounts of foot traffic. If and when coating eventually shows sign of wear it can easily be coated over itself with just a single coat. Can easily be repaired by simply applying more material over damaged area. ArmorTrak reactivates itself and bonds to the previous coating.

ArmorTrak rubberized epoxy has proven to be a great choice for commercial kitchen floors that are subject to oil & grease spills and impacts from dropped pots, pans and dishes. Covers over Terracotta Tiles(prime first with ArmorTrak Primer), provides a nonslip stain resistant and high impact resistant floor!

ADVANTAGES:Foot traffic in 6 to 12 hours, Economical, Lasts for years; no need to remove old product when recoating- Weight per gallon, 10 lbs, Percent solids by weight 75.8%

One-Part No mixing of components, Totally Flexible, Never chips, flakes or peels, Repairable, Bonds to itself, waterproof. Resistant to acid, chemicals, UV exposure, salt water, Fast Drying, Very short intercoat time-3-4 hours.


Armortrak rubberized epoxy comes in standard and custom colors, including Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Fire Engine Red, Brick Red, Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Forest Green, Avocado Green, Safety Yellow, Orange, White, Tan, Cream and Clear (without pigment or rubber granules).


Minimum order amount is 150 sf. Orders must be in full 100 sf increments. Coverage is calculated at one coat of smooth at 200 sf/gal and one coat of textured at 150 sq ft/gal. Price per square foot includes enough product for two coats. Coverage may vary according to surface conditions, application and color. Please note that Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Beige, Brick Red and Safety Yellow are standard colors. All other colors are made to order and are not returnable.


For all surfaces other than concrete or wood, ArmorTrak Primer must be used first. Wood surfaces should be rough sanded clean, concrete surfaces should be acid etch, see our acid etch kit. In general all surfaces must be clean and dry prior to application of either ArmorTrak Primer or ArmorTrak Coatings.

Once surface is clean and dry, application is simple. If using the primer, stir contents in can till uniform in color. Apply with lint free 3/8 nap roller and let dry overnight. Coverage of primer is 400 sf/gal.

When applying the outdoor textured version you will receive a smooth version which is the first coat. Apply this coat with a lint free 3/8 nap roller and let dry to the touch 2-3 hrs. Apply second coat of the textured version with a loop roller available from Home Depot. Apply second coat perpendicular to first coat if possible. When applying outdoors on wood or concrete decks all seams and joints must be sealed with our Seam Mastic and roof mesh prior to applying the ArmorTrak to ensure a waterproof installation. Once ArmorTrak has fully cured in 24 hrs it is as tough as nails and will provide many years of service.

  • Application temperature range 32 F to 95 F
  • Application thickness, 2 coats dry 35-40 Mils
  • Flexibility: Total flexibility, for crack free finish.
  • Abrasion resistance: Tabor wheel, 1000 gr load, 1000 cycles 30.5mg
  • Adhesion: 575 PSI! Concrete surface fails prior to coating separation. Coating cannot be separated from concrete surface.
  • Fire resistance: Flame spread ASTM E-162: 01, Smoke generation ASTM E662: 06, Salt water resistance 100%
  • Cold-Heat temperature range: -60 F to +254 F.
  • Working time: 3 hours, Walk time 6 to 12 hours
  • Time between coats aprox 1 hour, Full strength 24-48 hrs.
  • VOC 2.08 lbs/gal
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