Commercial Kitchen and Correctional Facility Epoxy Flooring Systems

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial kitchens and correctional facilities have one thing in common they both need flooring that is super tough and easy to clean. They need to be able to take anything and everything chefs and inmates can throw at them without being damaged. They also need to come clean fast and easy. Our floor epoxy is USDA approved for all food service applications.

Very few epoxy floor coatings have all the characteristics needed to survive long term in these environments. They must have high adhesion ratings, high Shore D hardness rating, high impact resistant rating and a very low Taber C-17 Abrasion Loss rating. These are the four most important factors that determine how well an epoxy floor coating will perform under harsh conditions. Water based or standard solvent based epoxies have no chance at surviving long term. We have two systems that have superior performance ratings and are at the top of the epoxy technology spectrum. We have a standard prime and epoxy floor system with traditional dry times for facilities that don't have a critical down time issue. We also have a single coat fast dry epoxy coating for facilities that need to be back up and running within 24 hrs.

Our epoxy floor coating has the hardest chemically cross linked finish with a SHORE-D 90 rating, highest adhesion ratings(Up To 725psi), highest impact ratings(Up To 160 ft/lbs) and can take hot oil splashes of up to 350 degrees. Other epoxy floor coatings will boil right off under a hot oil spill. This means your floor with our chemically hardened finish will handle abuse better than standard epoxies which means your floor will stay looking newer longer and stay easy to clean longer. Although your first install costs may be higher with our coatings, your total cost of ownership is much lower. This floor will last five times as long as any water based epoxy or cyclioaliphatic epoxy will. You'll have less downtime and less expense from not having to redo your floor every couple of years.

Your floor will also be highly chemical and acid resistant. Can withstand power washings and caustic wash downs if and when needed. They're also waterproof, mold and mildew proof and self extinguishing.

Can be applied over existing Quarry Tile or Ceramic Tile Floors. Simply clean tiles and prime with our Proprietary Bonding Primer, let dry and then apply the epoxy. For applications that have limited downtime see our Ultra Fast Industrial Epoxy System.

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