Commercial Kitchen - Food & Beverage Processing Plant Epoxy
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Commercial Kitchen - Food & Beverage Processing Plant Epoxy

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USDA Approved - Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Kitchens, Food & Beverage Processing Plants

This epoxy system consists of our high performance epoxy primer and super heavy duty epoxy coating with an unmatched Shore D Harness rating of 90. This is an incredibly robust epoxy floor coating, in fact our primer out performs most other epoxies! Installs at an extra thick 25-30mils.

This system has standard dry times of 4-6 hours for the primer and 8-10 hours for the epoxy. For faster cure time Order the Fast Cure primer version which dries in 2-3 hrs. Allows for floor prep, priming and epoxy coating in same day. This is simple to install with no prior experience needed and will meet all your operational needs. It is USDA approved, chemical resistant so can handle caustic wash downs and thermal shock, impact resistant, anti microbial, stain resistant, very scratch resistant and just simply tough as nails so it won't wear out prematurely.

The primer has a fairly strong odor, so if doing a floor in an occupied area we recommend you select the odor free primer option. The epoxy has very little to no odor because it is pure 100% epoxy.

PLEASE NOTE that due to recent changes in VOC laws by the EPA certain states require the 'Low VOC' version. The Low VOC version of the primert is a 4:1 mix ratio, rather than 1:1 mix ratio. Current states that these laws apply to are CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, MD, MA, ME, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, KY and all of Canada. Orders shipping to these states require that the No Odor/Low VOC Option be selected for the size kit you need in the Primer Drop Down Box, orders to these states that have not selected the No Odor/Low VOC option will be manually adjusted with the correct price when your order is processed. The Fast Dry Primer meets the Low VOC requirements and is very low odor also.

Also note that if your floor is heavily oil and grease stained we strongly recommend you use our Oil Stain Primer

Each Commercial Kitchen System comes with high performance epoxy primer(outperforms our competition's top epoxies), high build commercial kitchen epoxy, epoxy rollers, epoxy jiffy mixer and calibrated squeegee for spreading epoxy out properly. If slip resistance is needed we recommend you purchase the heavy duty nonslip additive that you mix into the epoxy. We recommend 2 units per 400sf.

Can be coated over existing coatings which minimizes downtime and prep work, also can be applied over ceramic or porcelain tiles you just need to use our proprietary Bonding Primer in lieu of the standard primer. Our bonding primer will ensure permanent adhesion between dissimilar coatings and smooth tile surfaces to our epoxy. Just add a note in the Custom Order Note Box to provide Bonding Primer and we will make the switch at no additional cost.

We also recommend when doing a commercial kitchen that you install a cove base around the perimeter walls. This way you have a seamless transition form the floor to the wall and you can run the epoxy across the floor and right up the cove base to form a waterproof tub.. You can make the Cove Base yourself with our Cove Base Kit that comes complete with 4" cove tool.

Our commercial kitchen epoxy system is USDA approved and inspectors love it when you install a cove base and run the epoxy in one continuous coat over the floor and up the base forming a seamless waterproof tub.

Notice the epoxy that's applied onto the 6" cove base and up the wall in this kitchen.
Available colors are Light Gray, Medium Gray, White, Off White, Tile Red, Beige. Please note that Beige will yield less coverage. Allow 10-15% additional square footage for Beige. Custom colors available for floors 15,000sf and larger.

Coverage is dependent upon application and the porosity of your concrete. This is why we always recommend a 10% safety factor when ordering. Concrete can be like sheetrock sometimes and just soak in the coating like a sponge. We provide ample product in each of the kits but its still a good idea to have a little buffer.
Floor should be free and clear of all dirt, oil or grease. Acid etch or diamond grinding is recommended. All oil and grease stains must be removed for kitchen floor applications. Clean stains with Liquid Tide or Dawn Dish Detergent with some muriatic acid. Several applications may be needed to remove stubborn stains. Neutralize floor with a TSP wash down. If oil cannot be cleaned from floor, prime floor with our Oil Primer.

Once floor is clean and dry, mix primer(ARM144) in a 1:1 ratio with supplied mixer until the color is uniform, about 2-3 minutes on medium speed. IF YOU ARE IN A LOW VOC STATE YOU WILL RECEIVE THE LOW VOC PRIMER WHICH IS 4:1 MIX RATIO. Do not mix on high speed. Use calibrated mixing containers to get an accurate mix of the Part A & Part B. Then pour mixed primer into roller pan and roll onto floor with 3/8" lint free roller as if you would regular paint. Working time is about 40 minutes. Do not mix more than you can apply in about 20 minutes. Let dry to the touch(4-6 hours) but no longer than 24 hours. Next, mix the epoxy(ARM100HV) in a 2:1 ratio of Part A to Part B. Do not mix all the epoxy at once, this is not like store bought epoxy and the more you mix the faster it cures. Mix one gallon of epoxy for each person rolling. After mixing the epoxy pour from mixing bucket directly onto floor in a left to right bead. Using the supplied notched squeegee spread the epoxy up and down, then using a roller backroll over the squeegee marks spreading and evening out the epoxy. The Nonslip material can be dispersed into the wet epoxy and back rolled or can be mixed right into the epoxy. Let dry overnight before light use and 24-48 hours for heavy traffic use.

If coating over a tiled floor you must clean the tile and grout thoroughly and apply the Bonding primer, let dry then apply the epoxy. If applying over existing coating, ensure coating is still adhered to the floor properly, sand lightly with 100 grit to clean and rough up and then apply Bonding primer. See the Bonding Primer product at bottom of page.

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