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Direct To Metal Epoxy Paint For Application To All Steel & Iron Surfaces

ArmorGarage two part direct to epoxy metal paint is an extra thick mastic for application directly to steel surfaces without the need of a primer. Five times thicker than typical metal paints, water based and one part epoxy coatings. Designed for all industrial applications such as process or HVAC piping, mechanical equipment, catwalks, steel stairways and iron or steel rails, industrial machines, enclosures and many other items. It's an extra thick epoxy mastic that allows for one coat coverage over a wide variety of ferrous metal surfaces. Encapsulates sharp edges and covers most surface irregularities.

Outperforms all acrylic, water based, one part metal epoxies and paints. They're residential grade products that do not last regardless of advertised guarantees. If you're in a facility that routinely wears off the coatings of your equipment, piping and other metal surfaces then this is the answer to your problems. Adheres to minimally prepared rusted steel or previously coated steel surfaces. This is a great solution where extensive prep is not feasible or when plant shutdown time is limited. Standard one part solutions that are prone to peeling and chipping require that previous coatings and all rust be sandblasted or grinded off and then primed. This can be terribly time consuming and costly. You can now simply wire brush loose and flaky rust and paint off and apply our coating, no primer required!

Provides excellent durability and color retention. Other epoxies and paint coatings require extensive prep and pristine surfaces to adhere properly. ArmorGarage Epoxy Mastic for metal eliminates all that while providing a high level finish with superior durability.

High impact and high heat resistant for all indoor applications throughout your industrial facility or food processing plant. USDA & FDA approved.
Chemical and acid resistant, suitable as inner and outer tank coating and coating metal in corrosive environments.

OUTDOOR METAL EPOXY PAINT For outdoor applications the topcoat must be used.

Easy two part epoxy that can be applied by in-house maintenance staffs or painting contractors. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on with no special skills or prep required. This is the perfect long term answer for items that need repetitive painting such as mechanical equipment, process pipping, ductwork, tanks and steel supporting members. At 10 Mils thick it's engineered for extra long life service and to encapsulate sharp edges and surface irregularities. Typical metal coatings applied at over 275 sf/gal are only 2 mils thick. Reduces cost of ownership by eliminating the need for constant recoating.

Available in all standard industrial colors.

Standard version has service application temp of 170 degrees. Our Fast Cure Low Temp version can be applied down to 32 degrees and onto service temperatures as high as 225 degrees. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $300.00

Call for quantity discounts on your large projects
Approximately 220sf/gal. Coverage is dependent on application and surface condition. Do not apply below 45 degrees. For applications below 45 degrees order the Low Temp Version. For high surface temp applications order the Low Temp Version also.
Can be rolled, brushed or sprayed. This product is very thick unlike standard epoxies, we recommend applying as is but can be thinned if needed with a few ounces of MEK to desired viscosity. Do not add more than 5 ozs of MEK per mixed gallon. Mix per label instructions and apply. Steel surfaces should have all loose rust or loose existing coatings removed. Mix in a 4:1 ratio, has pot life of 1-2 hrs depending on temperature and humidity. Cures in 6-8 hrs. Recommended for indoor applications. Outdoor applications must use the topcoat. When using topcoat one base cost is all that is needed.