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Direct To Metal Epoxy Paint For Application To All Steel & Iron Surfaces

ArmorGarage two part direct to metal epoxy paint for indoor or outdoor steel surfaces, industrial piping and connecting equipment. Out performs standard one part epoxies and paints. Adheres to minimally prepared rusted steel or previously coated steel surfaces. This is a great solution where extensive prep is not feasible or when plant shutdown time is limited. Provides excellent durability and color retention. Other epoxies require extensive and costly prep to adhere properly. This eliminates costly prep and downtime while providing a high level finish with superior durability.

High impact and high heat resistant for indoor or outdoor applications throughout your industrial facility or food processing plant. USDA & FDA approved.

Easy two part epoxy that can be applied by in-house maintenance staffs or painting contractors. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on with no special skills or preparation required. This is the perfect long term answer for items that need repetitive painting such as mechanical equipment, process pipping, oil & gas piping, ductwork, tanks and steel supporting members. Out performs standard metal coatings and rust inhibiting coatings.

Standard version has service application temp of 170 degrees. Our Fast Cure Low Temp version can be applied down to 32 degrees and onto service temperatures as high as 225 degrees. For outdoor applications the topcoat is required.Topcoat cures to a tile like finish and is impervious to foul weather and harsh operational environments. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $300.00

Call for quantity discounts on your large projects
Approximately 220sf/gal. Coverage is dependent on application and surface condition. Two coats may be required depending on surface condition. Do not apply below 45 degrees.
Can be rolled, brushed or sprayed. Mix per label instructions and apply. Steel surfaces should have all loose rust or loose existing coatings removed. Mix in a 4:1 ratio, has pot life of 1-2 hrs depending on temperature and humidity. Cures in 6-8 hrs, second coat may be required. Fast cure dries in 1-2 hours. If using in an outdoor application we recommend 1 coat of the Topcoat be applied. Select Topcoat in the drop down option box.

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