Introducing ArmorGarage Rust Converting Primer. Your Ultimate Solution for Rust Management. Tired of the never-ending struggle against rust? Say farewell to your rust-related worries and embrace long-lasting peace of mind with Armor Rust Primer. Our top-tier rust-converting primer is meticulously crafted to halt and metamorphose existing rust into a primer that can be coated over with any ArmorGarage Roof or Epoxy Coatings. It provides a comprehensive and enduring solution to all your rust-related issues. This product specifically uses tannic acid as opposed to phosphoric acid which is less stable. This allows rust to convert into a usable primer that does not fail! Great for use on rusted metal roofs and equipement. Take away the prep work and simply apply, wait for it to dry, and that’s it.

This product is most commonly used in industrial & commercial facilities for roof prep and for equipment maintenance, as opposed to shutting down the plant to blast and prep metal. This product will save you time, money, and labor! Great for coating rusted doors, outdoor metal piping and tanks, this product is the perfect fit. There are endless use cases for Armor Rust.

Key Benefits:

  • Halts Rust Progression: Our meticulously formulated product puts an end to the advancement of existing rust, guaranteeing the longevity and resilience of your surfaces.
  • Exceptional Efficiency: Experience remarkable efficiency with just one 32 oz bottle of Armor Rust which provides astounding coverage for up to 220 square feet, giving you exceptional value for your investment.
  • Smooth Application: Thanks to its paint-like consistency Armor Rust adheres seamlessly to surfaces, converting active rust into a protective barrier that defends against future corrosion. Can be used with standard paint brush or lint free roller.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Can be used indoors and on outdoors surfaces and substrates. Size: Quart. Covergae: Up to 220 SF per Quart (32 oz)

    Color: Milky White In container – will turn black when rust is present.