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Large Commercial Epoxy Floor System

50,000,000 sf sold makes this the #1 turnkey epoxy flooring package. It is sold by the square foot and packaged for larger size commercial floors such as factory production floors, maintenance shops, CNC & wood shops, repair shops, race shops, hangars of
2000 SF and larger. For floors smaller than 2000 sf see our standard size commercial epoxy package that comes with same epoxy materials as the pallet system but with accessories geared toward smaller sized floors and ships in boxes via FedEx ground versus on pallets with Common Carrier trucking companies for pallet jobs.

The ArmorGarage pallet system makes it simple to epoxy paint large floors. No forms to fill out, no product matching issues or separate purchases to make, all you have to do is calculate your square footage and we send you everything you need and then some, we don't skimp or cut corners like the competition.

Plus the pallet system SHIPS FREE direct to you complete with all floor prep solution, our two part solids epoxy base coat(color of your choice), our Ultra High Wear Urethane fortified topcoat in same color as base coat with 8mg loss rating(very hard finish, the lower the number the better, competition is all 25mg and higher!), mixers, mixing bucket, 18" lint free epoxy rollers, 18" heavy duty roller frames, spiked soles, micro tubular aluminum nonslip additive(highly superior to standard grip used by other brands), easy to follow directions and unlimited free phone and email tech support. We just don't sell you and leave you on your own, we're here to make sure your job comes out and performs as expected.

Forklift and pallet jack rated, if you just apply half the system and stopped at the base coat layer you would still have a better epoxy floor than 90% of the other coatings available. Our base coat is really a high performance epoxy that we thin a little bit so it soaks into the pores of the concrete to make an unbreakable bond. It's tenacious, it's tough and with our commercial heavy duty topcoat with our high tech anti wear nonslip additive(not just grit like competition) you have a coating that you can trust to handle your traffic loads while maintaining a beautiful high gloss finish. Plus it's an epoxy coating system that is easily applied by anyone who can use a roller. No prior epoxy coating application experience is needed. Our complete system makes it easy for you to achieve professional results with 80% savings over contractor prices. Plus you're getting a far superior product than what a local contractor would apply, most just use off the shelf store bought product because of a popular brand name but the fact is that the simply don't hold up.

Now available in the Plus version which has an extra thick base coat for additional strength and durability. If you're unsure whether you need our Ultra Military System or the Commercial System go with the Plus System.

To order simply select your color (Certain colors such as white and red, are supplied with an additional coat of base coat epoxy and will charge out at additional cost per sq ft), then enter the square footage of your floor in the Qty box, even though we provide you with more than enough material to cover your floor properly we recommend that you add 10% as a safety factor since every floor has a different porosity factor and some floors may absorb product at a higher rate than others.

If you live in one of the following states you need to select the Low VOC Version due to new stricter VOC laws enacted by the EPA, CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, MD, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, KY and all of Canada.


Whether you're doing 500 square feet or 50,000 square feet the prep and application process is the same. For very large floors you most likely should use an industrial diamond grinder with vac attachment. For all other floors acid etching or grinding with the Floor Prep Machine you can rent from Home Depot is fine. See The How To Prep & Paint Your Floor Page You can also check out a short video on prep & application located in the Video Library for all the details you need.


Do I have to etch new concrete?

Yes, in fact you need to etch it twice to make sure you burn out all the curing residues and then neutralize with the provided neutralizing powder. It's very important to follow this procedure to get permanent adhesion. You can diamond grind the floor with the Floor Prep machine also which eliminates the need to acid etch. Just be sure all the dust is off the floor before you begin coating.

Isthe Commercial Floor Epoxy slippery?

All our epoxy floor kits come with nonslip additive that is mixed into the final topcoat to provide a slip resistant finish. In fact we use a high tech additive that is micro tubular aluminum that acts like rebar in the coating giving it added durability and slip resistance.

Can I fill in the expansion-contraction saw cuts that were installed in my slab?

Yes you can but we don't recommend it unless your floor is at least 5 years or older. If you fill them in too soon you run the risk of having a crack show up in your brand new high gloss epoxy floor. We always leave the control joints unfilled once you've epoxied the floor the control joints add dimension to the floor making them look like giant slabs of porcelain or granite if you use color flakes.

How much does commercial floor epoxy cost?

For franchise company and contractor installed floors the average costs are between $6.00-9.00 per square foot. For DIY floors you can get it done for $1.50 - $2.00 per square foot and using a better quality product. It pays to do it yourself and is very easy and straight forward to install.

How long will your epoxy floor coatings last?

although that's like trying to answer how long will a car last type of question. Since it depends on the amount of traffic and type of traffic on the floor much. You can count on your ArmorGarage floor lasting and looking good for 15-20 years as opposed to 2-3 years for a typical off the shelf epoxy coating. ArmorGarage is the only garage epoxy guarantee against any effects of wear for 5 years. This means your floor still looks brand new after 5 years and most likely 10-15 years. While off the shelf epoxies wear out in 2-3 years and will have to be diamond grinded off and completely redone. While our floor somewhere between 15 and years will only require a couple of hours work to lightly scuff up the topcoat and simply rolling on a new topcoat to bring the floor right back to new.

Why are ArmorGarage epoxy floors better?

ArmorGarage floor epoxy is not water based, they are pure military grade epoxies made with 100% made in America materials. They are 10 times thicker and have a much harder finish. Our military grade topcoat has an industry low abrasion loss rating of only 8mgs(the lower the number the better) as opposed to other typical epoxy coating systems that have ratings of 30 mgs and higher. That's a tremendous difference. Our coatings are hot tire proof, mold & mildew proof, road salt proof, waterproof and chemical and acid proof. In short there is no comparison to our epoxy coatings with any other brand.

How long does it take to install your epoxy flooring?

The actual amount of labor hours is about 6-8 hours total. In total time from start to finish is 2 or 3 days due to dry times in between coats and letting the floor dry if you acid etch it. Grinding will save you a day or two in drying time. Once you apply the final topcoat you can put all your stuff back on the floor in about 5-6 hours and full forklift duty service in 2 days.

Does your epoxy have a strong odor?

Our commercial epoxy has an odor that is usally not an issue. If doing a large floor where you will be laying down a lot of material all at once we would recommend a simple paint respirator if you're sensitive to odors. The Low VOC version has a lower odor.

Is the commercial epoxy floor system USDA approved?

Yes, it is approved for use in all food prep and processing areas. When using in food production areas we recommend installing a cove base around the perimeter of the floor to form a seamless transition from floor to wall. This creates a waterproof tub like effect that makes washdowns much easier and sanitary. ArmorGarage II commercial epoxy is waterproof, mold & mildew proof and resistant to many chemicals and acids making it ideal for caustic washdowns.

For floors 2500 SF and up calculate the square footage of your floor and add 10% as a safety factor for standard colors and 15 to 20% when using the following colors such as black, white, beige or red which we call high pigment colors that do not get as much coverage. Please do not order the exact square footage of your floor. Every slab is different and coverage therefore is not an exact science. We are generous in the amounts of epoxy we provide but sometimes concrete can be like Sheetrock and just soak up epoxy like a sponge. If you need to do stripping we can provide you with a small amount for that, just give us a call and let us know how many lineal feet of stripping you need and what color.
Installation is same as the standard size version, see instructions for the Commercial Epoxy System. You will receive industrial sized rollers, mixers, frames and spike soles to accommodate the application of the product on larger floor areas.

For the Fast Dry version you will receive primer with a 4:1 mix ratio and pigment packs. Mix the pigment into the large can until color is uniform, then mix approximately 1 gal of primer for each person rolling. Be sure to use measuring containers to maintain the proper mix ratio when using less than full cans. Do not mix more than you can apply in 15 minutes when using the fast dry version. Allow 3-4 hrs for primer to dry hard to the touch prior to applying topcoat.

Two great pages to read to make sure you get the most longevity out of your new epoxy floor are Why Floor Epoxy Coatings Fail and How To Prep Your Floor Properly

These pages will make sure you avoid the most common mistakes people make when doing their floors with an epoxy coating.

All of the above images were done by the owners themselves or in house staff with no prior experience. We design and package the pallet system so that even first timers can get professional looking results.