What You Should Know About Roof Coatings And How To Apply Them

Once you made the decision on resurfacing your roof with a coating rather than an outright replacement which can be very costly. The first question everyone has is what is the best coating for my roof and my situation?

There are many different types of coatings in varying qualities. Just like with anything, you can buy a roof coating whose main feature is it's low price or you can buy a quality product that is made to the highest standards using the best material ingredients available. How can you tell the difference and how do you know which will last you up to 20 years versus 2-3 years? We'll answer those questions here and on our other roof coating pages. First know that Armor Roof Coatings are at the top of the performance spectrum as far as longevity and leak stopping ability is concerned.

If you are looking only for a temporary solution because of budget or you'll be out of the building for whatever reason in a short time frame then a low cost home improvement store product is probably best for you.

If on the other hand you are in the building for the long term you need to put something more durable on your roof. So what makes Armor Roof Coatings better than any other coating? First it's not water based! The first thing manufacturers do to lower the price of their coatings is to make them water based. This goes for epoxy floor coatings as well as roof coatings. Up to 50% of the liquids you are buying can be water. Which evaporate out during the drying process. This leaves you with a weak thin film for a roof coating. That's why you see all these aluminum fibered coatings and other off the shelf products wear off rather quickly. They are water based.

So if a coating is not water based what else can it be made of? Well it can be rubber based and again as with anything there are different types of rubber and varying quality of each type of rubber. We used Butyl rubber as opposed to EPDM rubber. Why? Because Butyl rubber out performers EPDM liquids and actual EPDM rubber sheets. Plus we use the highest quality Butyl we can buy. It makes all the difference in product longevity. Next is what percentage of the coating is rubber, the higher the percentage the better. We used the highest percentage possible plus we fortify our coatings with our epoxy polymers. This adds additional hardness to resist wearing.

Another ingredient used is silicone. Silicone is great for ponding water flat roofs. Silicone resists water degradation. But it is very soft and is easily damaged. This can be an issue if the roof is walked on or gets heavy rains or hail. Again that's why we fortify ours with epoxy polymers so that it can take a lot more wear and tear abuse.

If you don't think the hardness of a coating matters see the following testimonial. This was from a customer who had a 100 year old historic house with an original roof. After investigating every roof coating there was he chose Armor Garage Metal Roof Shield. Here's what he had to say: "Jim, I need to know what a 5 gallon bucket of the coating costs plus freight. 4-7-13 was when Fort Scott was hit by a terrible hail storm. Your roof coating did amazingly well considering it was hit with golf ball sized hail and suffered only minor damage. It is estimated that over 80% of all roofs in Fort Scott were lost! My insurance company is reimbursing me for any costs involved with repairing the minor damage that occurred from the storm. Thanks in advance for the information, and thanks for having a great product! It really is everything you say it is and well worth the extra money. Had I gone with a cheaper coating recommended by my roofer I have no doubt I would have lost my irreplaceable historic roof. Take Care!!" Need we say more?

This not only applies to hail, heavy downpours are very abrasive and will simply wear away softer coatings in a lot shorter time than you would imagine. Same for intense sunlight and high humidity levels.

Some competitors offer outlandish warranties, but we can assure you that you will have a hard time collecting on the warranty since even walking on it can void the warranty because the coating is so fragile. Then other warranties are void unless applied by a licensed/authorized dealer. That is not the case with our coatings. We offer 12 years as a warranty and our coating routinely goes 15-20 years. Plus the most important fact is that you will never need to use your warranty with our product. We have as close to a zero failure rate as you can get!

So it should be easy to see why some coatings are less expensive, if what you're buying is half water or made with low quality ingredients or worse such as unknown materials from China. Our roof coatings are made with 100% American made materials only! Buying any roof coating can be full of mysteries. If you read through our product pages we provide you extensive details so that you know what you're buying is without question the best.

In sum what this means and what it does for you is that if you have a building with high value assets inside or a high value tenant, it will provide you with the best new roof surface possible. It will keep your roof from leaking over and over again. You don't want to be redoing the job over and over again which will lead to some point where you will be forced to replace the whole roof at huge expense and down time. Applying layer upon layer of coatings to your roof leads to more problems than it solves! If you have to redo the roof even one time, any monies you saved with a cheaper coating just went out the window or should we say down the drain!

Our coatings will stretch out and back to their original shape more times than other roof coatings(500% elongation factor and 99.999% memory recovery), they have the best vapor transmission ratings, they're more UV resistant, we do ASTM 9000 hr extreme weather tests to prove it(see image below), they handle wear and tear from heavy rains, foot traffic, snow, ice and hail better than any other coating cause we have better Shore D hardness ratings. Armor Roof coatings will stop your leaks the first time and for the life of the coating. That's the key difference, any coating can stop a leak when you first put it on, it's how long it keeps your roof leak free that counts! That's where many roof coatings fall short, they just don't have the ability to perform over the long term.

So you may save money at first with lower quality coatings but an Armor Roof coating will save you much more in the long run in additional material costs, additional labor and all the headaches associated with a constantly leaking roof!

To compare specifications between Armor Roof Shield and the competition see Roof Comparison Chart

Click on the FAQ tab for details about prep and application. If you don't see an answer there to your questions please contact us at info@armorgarage.com or 866-532-3979. We have sales reps that have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of roof coatings over the years and they would be glad to help you with your project.

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Q. What type of surfaces will a Armor Roof Coat adhere to? And do I have to do the two coats right away?

A. Armor Roof Coatings will adhere to most any type surface such as metal, wood and wood composites, masonry, concrete, asphalt roofs, Modified, EPDM, PPO, APP, Hypalon and all built up roofs. We recommend that any wood or wood composite be sanded first to remove any Mil finish. Any large Joints in concrete or wood roofs should be sealed with our roof mastic and reinforcing roof mesh. Simply apply a thin layer of mastic and then embed the mesh and coat over with a second coat. Let it dry over night and then apply coating. For metal roofs we recommend use our Roof Mastic to coat bolt heads and any seams that appear to be worn or separating.

Armor Roof Coat is suitable for any type of roof, flat or pitched and can even be applied onto vertical surfaces such as parapet walls.

If budget constraints only allow you to do one coat, you can do one coat this year to stop your leaks and further deterioration of your roof and then apply the second coat the following year. The second coat will reactivate the first coat and the two coats will bond together.

Q. How is it applied and do I have to hire a professional? Also what is the coverage?

A. It's easily applied with a good quality 18" 3/8 nap roller. No experience is needed and is designed to be applied by first time users. Coverage is 100 sq ft/gal for the standard coating and two coats are required. Do not apply thicker than 100 sq ft/gal. Coverage of 17-25 sq ft/gal for the granulated coating. If using the granulated coating it is applied by trowel.

The simplest way to apply Armor Roof Coatings or any elastomeric roof coating for that matter is the following method. First determine what the spread rate is, for example our spread rate is 100 sf/gal so a 5 gallon pail will do 500 sf. Mark out the corners of a 500 sf square or rectangle if you prefer. Do this for the entire surface of the roof. Place a 5 gallon pail of the coating in each square or rectangle. Then simply empty the pail into it's square or rectangle and spread out evenly. A notched squeegee is very helpful in spreading our coating out since it is thicker than most other coatings. If using a squeegee simply roller over the coating after you've done the initial spreading with the squeegee. This is a fool proof method of applying any type of roof coating. With this method anybody can apply the coating. It works the same whether youy are applying it by roller or spraying it.

Armor Roof can also be sprayed on with the proper spray equipment. Again our coatings are thicker so you need a heavy duty spray rig. A sprayer with 3300 psi and 1 gpm capacity, 3/8" I.D. hoses and tips from .027 to .031 with filters removed can be used for spray our coatings over large areas. We would say that you don't have to spray unless your roof is over 20,000 sf. Or is a metal with deep corrugations. The granulated version is troweled on only. Graco spray pumps work best with our coatings.

Q. What surface preparation is needed? Is a Primer coat required?

A. All surfaces must be clean of any and all rust, dirt, grime, mold, mildew and any other foreign materials, use chlorine or bleach solution to kill and remove mold & mildew. A good washing with water hose and some TSP powder usually gets the job done quickly. Be careful if using a pressure washer since this can cause additional damage to older roofs especially granulated tar paper. You want to make sure you get all the loose granules off but you don't want knock anymore of them off with a high pressure stream. Once cleaned the surface must be dry.

Then repair any damaged areas such as split seams, cracks or holes with our roof mastic product, you can insert roofing mesh into the patching for added strength in needed areas. Bubbles should be cut open and dries out then repaired with paintable roof tape then coated.

In sum you want to make sure all flashings, seams and roof penetrations are properly sealed then when you apply the coating it will be virtually impossible for any water to penetrate your roof. See the pictures on the Application Tab on this page for an example of a Properly Prepared Roof Surface

For Metal Roofs that are rusted all loose rust should be removed and any remaining rust should be coated with a Zinc Primer. If your roof is bare metal and is not rusted then no priming is needed. If your metal roof has a paint coating on it we recommend our Bonding Primer be used to ensure adhesion between the paint surface and our coating. Concrete and Wood Roofs should have all the joints and seams sealed with a combination of our Roof Mastic and Roofing Mesh. This will ensure a crack in the coating doesn't form at the seam over the years.
Armor Roof Coatings do not require a primer coat(see above exception), they are self priming and there are no chemicals to mix! It's a very easy product to apply for professional results.

Q. How long will Your roof coating last?

A. It is guaranteed for 12 years and with basic maintenance such as keeping roof drains clean and removing large debris from storms it routinely lasts 15-20 years! At which time you can in most cases simply apply one coat for 12 more years of guarantee! This is really a superb product.

Q. Why is your coating more expensive than other coatings?

A. Look at our specs compared to any other roof coating. As with most products you buy as the quality of the product goes up so does the cost to make it. Armor Roof Coat is stronger, more flexible, has a harder finish for higher abrasion resistance, provides a higher water and vapor barrier and is Energy Star rated by the EPA. Armor Roof Coat also has a Class A UL fire rating! Roof Coat may cost a few dollars more because it's made with the best material ingredients allowed by the EPA. There are many Roof Coatings but you should know the difference. Most elastomeric coatings are water based. These are the cheapest versions and are usually sold through Home Improvement Centers and such. Armor Roof Coating is a rubber copolymer epoxy based roof coating. This is the highest grade of roof coating made and the most expensive to manufacture. That's why it's the best performing roof coating bar none. We also use more of the key ingredients and not less like other manufacturers do who water down their products in order to offer a low selling price. This results in coatings prone to failure, have extra long cure times, have higher application temperature requirements and or coatings that actually just wash away or fail in a few short years. These coatings are not cheaper when you have to continuously reapply them!

Our roof coating will pay off in reduced energy costs and a lower cost of ownership which is the cost of the material divided by the number of useful years the product lasts. We guarantee Armor Roof Coat for 12 Years while the other products that may save you a few dollars have little or no guarantee and the few that have similar guarantees to ours seldom last to the end of their guarantee period! Bottom line is you don't want a guarantee replacement, you want a roof coating that will last longer than the guarantee. Armor Roof routinely lasts 15 or more Years! So don't be fooled by lower first costs from other products, in the long run they are far more expensive. See the
Roof Coating Comparison Chart
of competing products.

Q. What's the operating temp range and what temp can it be applied to?

A. Armor Roof Coat has a temperature range of -40 to 300 degrees. It will remain pliable at these temperatures and will not run, crack or become brittle. It can be applied in ambient temperatures down to 40 degrees.

Q. What is the cure time and can it be used on roofs with ponding issues?

A. Cure time is 24-48 hours unlike other EPDM products that take up to 7 days to cure. Armor Roof Shield lets you get the job done in a short window of time. Ideally ponding areas should be repaired so that they are properly pitched. If that's not possible we offer a specialized Ponding Water proof version of our roof coating. If the ponding area is a small percentage of your entire roof you can use the Ponding Coat in just that area and the standard version everywhere else.

Q. What is the difference between the standard coating and the coating with granules and when should I use each?

A. The Granulated coating is the same as the standard coating except that it has rubber granules embedded into it for extra wearability. Use the granulated version for roofs with heavy foot traffic, around HVAC equipment or on roof decks that will have tables, chairs and foot traffic. You can do the entire roof area first coat with the standard version and then apply a second coat of the granule version in areas with high wear concerns.

Q. What is your warranty on the product and policy.

A. Armor Roof is guaranteed for 12 years from any material defects when properly applied and applied to a properly prepared surface. We will replace free of charge any amount of material that has been determined to be materially defective in any way. ArmorGarage is solely responsible for the replacement of product and shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages under any circumstances if such should occur. Armor Roof when properly applied to a properly prepared surface yields on average 15-20 years of trouble free service. Then you can recoat the roof for another 12 years of guarantee.

Q. Can Armor Roof Coating be bought in different colors?

A. Yes. White and light gray are the standard colors and 13 additional special colors, please allow 5 extra business days delivery time for special colors. We can do custom colors for orders of 75 gallons or more.

Q. Do you have large quantity discounts and how long does it take to get?

A. We offer discounts on jobs larger than 10,000 sq ft. Standard colors ship out in 2 business days via FedEx Ground. Large orders ship in 3-4 business days via Common Carrier or FedEx Freight.