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Best Clear Epoxy Coating For Covering Concrete Stain

Staining of concrete floors has become very popular because they look beautiful when done correctly. The problem has been that they are not very durable. Nor are most of the clear coats widely available. Most stained floors even the ones with a clear coat over them tend to lose their beauty rather quickly. ArmorGarage military clear coat solves that problem!

Our clear Top[coat has an 8mg Abrasion loss rating! Most other clear coats are up in the 30mg or higher range. Anything over 20 offers very little in the way of protection. The reason being is most are either water based or low quality products or both. The picture above was sent to us by a customer who applied several of these type coatings with all of them failing in a short period of time. He is now a happy camper!

Our topcoat can go over a previous coatings or onto your concrete stain directly.

You must sand the floor to get it clean and roughed up, any loose clear coat must be removed completely. Then simply get roll on one single coat like regular paint. This will provide the highest level of protection over your stain floors. Will also provide a super high gloss finish to enhance the beauty of the stain color below.

PLEASE NOTE that due to recent changes in VOC laws by the EPA certain states require the 'Low VOC' version. Note that the Low VOC version of the base coat is a 4:1 mix ratio, the topcoat is still a 2:1 mix ratio. Current states that these laws apply to are CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, MD, MA, ME, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, KY and all of Canada. Orders shipping to these states require that the Low VOC Option be selected for the size kit you need in the Size Drop Down Box, orders to these states that have not selected the Low VOC option will be manually adjusted with the correct price when your order is processed.

Standard size kit will cover 550 sf. Large size kit will cover 1100 sf.
Either acid etch or lightly sand with 100 grit paper to clean surface of any dirt or wax build ups. Mix approximately half of the Part A & Part B at a time in a 2:1 ratio. Be sure to use measuring cups to accurately pour out each component. Mix on low speed with a Jiffy mixer in your drill. Pour mixed product into a roller pan and with a 1/4" lint free roller apply in a single even coat. If using the nonslip additive add the half the nonslip into the mix and mix well, keep stirring the contents to prevent the nonslip from settling to the bottom. Do not pour directly onto the floor, make sure to use a roller pan. Working time for each batch is approximately 40 minutes.
If you choose not to use the nonslip please use extreme caution when the floor is wet, the surface is very slippery when wet, similar to marble or granite floors. If using the nonslip purchase 1 unit per standard size kit and 2 units for every large kit.

Be sure to order the Low VOC Version if you live in a Low Voc state. Note that even though it is Low VOC it still will have a strong odor. This is not your typical residential grade water based product you find at your local Home Improvement store, you will be applying high tech military grade product which will have a strong odor that will last up to 8-10 hrs. Proper ventilation is recommended and use of a paint respirator is recommended.

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