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Industrial Grade Moisture Sealing Epoxy Coating

Super heavy duty 2 part epoxy moisture sealing-resistant coating. Unlike penetrating sealers that simply penetrate into concrete to fill in tiny voids in order to prevent moisture from rising to the surface. ArmorGarage moisture epoxy bonds with the top layer of your concrete and forms a physical barrier layer on the surface. This is a much more effective way of blocking moisture. It's unfortunately a more costly way also. But it's the only way to assure the highest level of moisture blockage. If you're applying an epoxy coating or other high end flooring onto your concrete slab you don't want to chance it being destroyed by moisture coming up from below the slab. Using a Penetrator type moisture sealer to your concrete is the equivalent of using a water based sealer on your wood deck. We all know how that goes, it has to be resealed every year because it wears right off and your wood still deteriorates anyway.
Please note that floors with constant moisture on top of them will also suffer premature failures. Standard epoxy coatings are not designed to be submerged in water on a daily basis. So if your floor is going to be in a wet operating environment this is the product needed to ensure it doesn't fail shortly after installation.

If you have a floor that has a high water table or your floor does not have a moisture barrier, lots of floors from the 70s or older don't have moisture barriers. If you have one of these types of floors more than likely you will have moisture coming up through your slab Easy way to test is to cut open some plastic garbage bags and duct tape them to the floor making sure that the tape is sealed 100% around the plastic. Let it sit for 2 days and see if any moisture has accumulated underneath. If there is moisture you need to use this product.

This will ensure that the moisture will not push the epoxy off the floor and trust us it will eventually ruin your standard epoxy no matter how good it is. It will also protect hardwood floors and tile floors from moisture damage.

Available in 1 gal and 4 gal sizes.

If the floor surface will be wet we recommend you use the our heavy duty nonslip additive. All epoxy floor coatings are slippery when wet. Our Nonslip additive is micro tubular aluminum so it acts like rebar in the coating for added durability and extra traction.

If your floor only has moisture coming onto it from above see our fantastic Concrete Seal & Shield System for a unique permanent clear coat system that actually lasts! Simple one day application and this coating is basically indestructible!

Coverage will vary according to the porosity of the concrete. 1 gallon will yield about 200 square feet of coverage and 800 sf of coverage per 4 gallon set.
For residential use we recommend a diamond grind for floor preparation. For commercial or industrial usage we recommend shot blasting.

Once floor is prepped and clean it's very easy to apply. Mix three part Part A to one Part B for 2-3 minutes with a Jiffy mixer in your drill on medium speed. Do not mix on high speed, this will cause air bubbles. Then simply roll on with an epoxy rated lint free 3/8" nap roller. Do not mix all the product at once! This is not like other off the shelf sealers, the more you mix the more catalytic reaction you will get and mixing too much will cause the product to turn to concrete in 5 minutes. Working with a gallon at a time Pot Life is aprox. 30 minutes. Larger quantities can be mixed but once mixed it must be split up into smaller 1 gallon pails, this reduces the catalytic reaction.

Apply at 200 sf/gal. Thicker applications of 150 sf/gal are recommended for rougher/more porous floors. Do not use if moisture rating is above 20lbs.

Allow 8-12 hours to cure before applying second coating. Do not let more than 20 hours pass before applying a second coat of this product. Floor must be 60 degrees or warmer during the entire curing process.