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Best Clear Concrete Floor Paint Sealer & Densifier

Super heavy duty 1 component, water based concrete paint sealer reacts with concrete to harden and fortify the substrate. Penetrates deep into surface making more abrasion resistant and to protect from wear and moisture, but still allowing the surface to breath. Helps to prevent freeze/thaw damage and efflorescence which is very common place in northern climate garage floors. Protects and prevents road salt pitting and deterioration.

Can be used as a paint sealer for garage, commercial or industrial floors. Ideal for concrete floors that have moisture issues, but need treatment and canít accept a traditional coating. Traditional epoxy floor coatings will not adhere to moisture laden floors. Being water based allows the floor sealer to solve that problem by being able to bond to moisture inside the concrete. Multiple coats may be applied for greater wear resistance. Helps to close pores in concrete and can also be used as a densifier to strengthen concrete or if you plan to do concrete polishing.

Topcoat not required. Clear, slightly opaque color. May darken concrete a bit when cured. Can be sprayed with a hand pump-type sprayer, or applied with a Shur-Line Pad.

Ideal as an economical floor sealing solution that are in poor condition and don't warrant an expensive epoxy coating. Good for floors that see welding slag since the sealer penetrates and densifies the concrete therefore canít be damaged.

Coverage 100-400 square feet/gal depending on concrete hardness and porosity. Second coats will yield greater coverage. ZERO VOCís, ideal for where fumes or odors are an issue.

Available in 1 gal and 5 gal sizes.

Coverage will vary according to the porosity of the concrete. 1 gallon will yield 100-400 square feet of coverage.
Either acid etch or lightly sand with 100 grit paper to clean surface of all dirt and contaminants. Power washing is strongly recommended first then acid etch, sand or grind.

Very easy to apply, simply roll on with a Shur -Line Pad or apply with hand pump sprayer.

We recommend at least two coats. Allow first coat to dry to the touch and then apply second coat. Ready for foot traffic and other light traffic when dry to the touch. Allow 48 hrs for vehicular traffic.

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