Armor Garage Flooring Tiles Rated Best By US Army
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For indestructible showroom garage flooring that will enhance the look of any residential or commercial floor our solid core garage floor tiles are the best choice. They're guaranteed for life, puncture proof, crush proof, mold & mildew proof and won't shift, crack or split apart. Super easy and fast DIY installation over any type floor! Can be installed up to or under storage cabinets. Modular design comes in several patterns to meet your design requirements.

Our garage floor tiles are Impervious to all vehicle chemicals and fluids. They also provide ease of cleaning by simply rinsing with garden hose or wiping down with a damp rag. Garage floor tiles are the top level of garage flooring.


Why are Armor Garage interlocking tiles regarded as the best by home owners, car collectors, auto repair shops, commercial/industrial facilities and the US Army? The short answer is they're made from solid PVC and are not hollow recycled Polypropylene. Polypropylene is a much lower grade of plastic than PVC usually derived from recycled soda bottles and food containers. When recycled Polypropylene is used with a hollow core design you end up with an inferior tile prone to all sorts of problems and failures even as you try to install them. Hollow core tiles are also stiff with no flexibility. This is a problem because no floor is exactly flat and level so the tiles don't sit 100% squarely on the floor. This causes them to pivot up and down as you drive over them which results in popping noises from the peg & loops "popping" in and out of each other. It also causes stress points at the high spots which eventually become failure points. Many lower priced tiles are lower priced because they use inferior imported materials, ArmorGarage interlocking tiles are made with 100% American PVC which is several orders of magnitude higher in quality.

Any tile can look great when first installed, it's how long they stay that way that counts! Nobody's tiles are as strong or as durable as Armor Tiles! Armor Garage floor tiles are the number one tiles installed in Fire and EMS Departments across the country. Rated best by US Army, see the test report in the images at top of page. You can also ask Carbo Ceramics in Texas about Armor tiles. They manufacture abrasive particles that enhance the cutting performance of oil well drill bits, and those tiny particles tend to spill on the floor as employees walked around the plant the particles would grind through every garage floor tiles they tried except Armor Tiles which are now standard.

Don't try this with peg & loop hollow core polypropylene tiles! Any tile can boast about an impressive roll over capacity. The problem is you're not in a constant state of rolling! For 99% of the time you have a static load on your tiles. This is where hollow tiles will start to pancake under heavy loads and form indented wear paths. There's no comparison in performance between a solid PVC tile with T-joints to recycled peg & loop tiles.

1/4 Inch Thick Heavy Duty Garage Tiles Garage Floor Tiles

Hollow-cored tiles allow dirt, grime, corrosive road salts, and vehicle fluids through the tiles, causing unsightly grout lines to form in their seams. They shift and spread apart from turning wheels and pancake under static heavy loads such as car lifts or trucks. Hit our tile and a hollow core tile with a hammer and see which one holds up better!

Durable Garage Floor Tiles with Superior Hardness - Test Results Revealed!

Our tiles consistently test in the range of 94 on the Shore A hardness scale, hard hats rate about an 85. Armor Tiles will not form indents or wear paths. Our tiles weigh 4 lbs as compared to less than 1 lb for hollow tiles. All Armor Garage floor tiles are Mold & Mildew proof!
We recommend you coat all tiles with Hillway Direct Plus Cleaner and Maintainer

Our large size format tiles provide a much better appearance and are made to the highest quality standards of any tile on the market. That's why they're guaranteed unconditionally for life! If you can find a better garage floor tile at a better price just email us. We'd love to know about it and we'll beat any price by 10%!

See each individual garage floor tile at top of page for different patterns, thicknesses, overall sizes, colors, additional product data and images of our garage floor tiles installed by our customers.


Why should I use garage floor tiles?

Solid core garage tiles are the top of the line for any garage flooring project. They will last two lifetimes, are easy to install, look great, can withstand high impacts, are resistant to all acids, chemicals and road salts, are super easy to clean and maintain.

What do I clean the tiles with?

Cleaning solutions such as Simple Green work best, no need for harsh chemicals. If your tiles are uncoated and they get a stain you can try Magic Eraser to remove the stain.

Please note that newer tires have additives and plasticizers to make them last longer, these new chemicals on some tires tend to cause the rubber to leach out and stain all tiles. We strongly recommend a coat of a good commercial wax or a combination cleaner wax such as mentioned above, the Hillway Direct Plus Cleaner and Maintainer

Can I pressure wash your tiles?

You can do anything you want to them! They're virtually indestructible. We wouldn't recommend pressure washing with perforated Peg & Loop tiles since the high pressure from a pressure washer will cause the feather light tiles shift and possibly split apart!

What is the load capacity of ArmorGarage Tiles?

There are two load ratings you should be aware of Rolling Load capacity and Static Load capacity with static load capacity being the much more important one. Unless you're installing your tiles in a production facility with lots of forklifts and rolling carts, the rollover capacity is irrelevant. Most applications have the load such as your car, truck or toy sitting on them in a stationary fashion. As time cause on weaker tiles can compress and form static load indents. ArmorGarage tiles or indent proof! Just imagine the PSi pressure on the tile supporting this 80,000lb apparatus! That's what we call Static Load performance! You won't find any perforated hollow core Peg & Loop tiles under any Hook & Ladder Truck!

How often would I have to wax and or coat my tiles?

If you apply a good quality wax and or maintainer as recommended you'll only have to recoat once every 2-3 years depending on traffic and weather conditions.

How should I install interlocking garage floor tiles and is it difficult?

Installing your new garage floor tiles couldn't be easier. They cut with any type of saw, a circular saw or jigsaw work best and they knock together with a rubber mallet. A typical 2 1/2 car garage can be done in 3-4 hours. Start from the center front row and work your way to the sides and then back toward the back wall leaving the final fill in pieces against the side walls and back wall for last. So you will be knocking together whole full tiles which will go very fast. Then measure the gap around the walls for each tile and cut a piece accordingly. leave about 1/4" gap if installing in warmer weather and 3/8" gap if installing in colder weather to facilitate expansion and contraction. You can install molding along the wall to cover the gap and the floor will expand and contract under the molding. We recommend putting some construction adhesive like Liquid Nails under the ramp edge and the first row or two of tiles to lock the floor in place.

Do I have to glue down your garage floor tiles?

Our garage tiles are very heavy weighing up to 4.5lbs each so when the whole floor is installed it's very heavy and will not move. They will however expand/contract with temperature changes like every material will. The majority of installations require no adhesive. The only times you need adhesives is if the tiles are going to be exposed to constant sunlight on a portion of the floor. If you leave your garage door or overhead door open all day and the sun is shinning on part of the floor that portion of the floor is going to get hotter than the rest of the floor. Therefore it will expand at a different rate and will often buckle at the line between sunlight and shade. If you leave your door open for short periods of time there's no need to glue the tiles down. The other application where you need adhesive is in commercial applications that have drive through situation. So if the tiles are open ended on both ends you need to glue them down.

How hard are garage floor tiles?

Our tiles are hard enough to withstand high impacts but soft enough to be flexible unlike hollow core polypropylene that are stiff and brittle which causes them to crack, chip and make click clack noises when walked or driven on.

What tools are required to install garage floor tiles?

A tape measure and circular saw, jigsaw and a rubber mallet to knock the tiles together is all you need.

How can I choose the best garage floor tiles?

Solid core tiles made from virgin PVC are the best quality you can buy. As opposed to Polypropylene tiles. Polypropylene tiles are made from recycled takeout food containers and soda bottles. Polypropylene costs less than half of what PVC costs. it is therefore not as strong, durable or flexible either. You'll also notice that Polyopropylene tiles are hollow and have only 4 Peg & Loop connectors on each side compared to our solid tiles that have continuous male and female T-Joints all around each side. The continuous T-Joints prevent the tiles from spreading apart and bulging. It's a far superior tile and in many cases either less expensive or not much more expensive than hollow Peg & Loop tiles. We no longer manufacture Peg & Loop tiles for garage floors due to the many short comings of this design.

Can your tiles be used with underfloor heating?

YES, they actually work perfectly with radiant heat and are much better suited for in floor heat fir garage floor or commercial floor applications.

Can I get a quotation for garage floor tiles?

YES, just fill out the Request For Quote form at the top of the page or you can call or email us for a prompt quote.

How much do garage floor tiles cost?

They range from as low as under $3.00/sf for cheap hollow tiles or imported tiles to as high as $6.50/sf for solid core PVC tiles depending on the thickness. There is no magic formula to making Garage Interlocking Tiles. It's a function of the quality/cost of the material used and the amount of material used. For instance our tiles have on average 4lbs of high quality PVC vurses many Peg & Loop tiles that weigh less than a pound using cheap Polypropylene.

Also see our Garage Floor Mats for another easy and affordable flooring option for your Home or Business.

Please note that Armor Garage floor tiles are sold by the square foot and not per tile. Please add 5% to the square footage of your floor for normal cutting waste when ordering any of the tiles. All tile thicknesses are nominal sizes and may vary by a 1/32".

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Installation couldn't be easier or simpler! Just sweep your floor clean. Start at front edge center and work your way back. Trim tiles to fit at side walls and back wall with any power saw. Trim locking tabs off front edge and slip on the ramp edge with some Liquid Nails or similar adhesive and your done. Normal installation of Armor Tiles do not require adhesive. For Forklift, pallet jacks, Firehouse apparatus or flow through traffic in one direction adhesive is required.

Go From This Floor.

Black and Dk Gray Heavy Duty Coin Pattern

To this beautiful tiled garage floor in a matter of hours. Tiles are the 1/4" heavy duty in Dark Grey and Black.

Notice that the cracks in the floor do not need to be patched! Our tiles are strong enough to bridge cracks up to 3/8" wide and divots up to 2" diameters. This saves you time and money.

To order, determine the square footage of your floor and then add 5% extra to the square foot area to allow for normal cutting waste and to have a couple of spare tiles left over. Enter the final square footage into the Quantity Box. Please note that our garage flooring tiles are sold by the square foot and not per tile.

Quality: 100% solid virgin PVC, not made from recycled inexpensive PVC substitute materials(polypropylene or ABS Plastic)!

Durability: Lifetime Guarantee!! Super heavy duty and virtually indestructible! Forklift and heavy equipment rated. Use in garages, work shops, hangars, production floors and more!

Strength: Our interlocking tiles are not perforated or hollow cored and not a flex type tile. So they will not form tire or wheel wear paths, and will not form indents under heavy point loads as will tiles listed above can and is why they offer limited warranties! Highest static load capacity! Will not split apart under heavy turning loads.

Worry Free! Armor Garage Tiles are Mold & Mildew Proof and prevent dirt and grim from accumulating underneath the tiles unlike hollow core tiles that have very loose fitting seams.

Price: The price of any garage floor tiles is determined by the type (quality) and amount of material used. There is no magic formula! Each tile is made with 4.3-5.5lbs of solid virgin PVC! Find out what other tiles weigh and what they are made out of and compare the difference!

Ease of installation: No adhesives, floor prepping, special skills or tools required. Tiles easily knock together with a rubber mallet and cut quickly with any power saw! Utility knife is not recommended unless you're Paul Bunyan! Our tiles have a higher hardness rating than other brands while still be flexible which is what makes our tiles so unique. Tiles that can be cut with a utility knife are too soft!

Sound & Feel: You can feel and hear the solidness of an Armor Tile floor. When you walk on it there is no Click Clacking noise as you get with Polypropylene tiles. Armor Tiles are sound deadening, you get that same comforting sound and feel as when you close the door of quality luxury car.

Structural Integrity: With interlocking T-Joints running the full perimeter of each tile you won't get spread or separation. Peg & Loop tiles only have 5 or 6 inferior Peg and Loop connectors that are prone to breaking during installation and while driving on cause they are brittle.

Free Shipping: Orders for 300 square or more ship free with tailgate service so you don't have to unload your tiles by hand.

This is what popular brand garage tiles look like compared to ours.
garage tile comparison
hollow core garage tile

As you can plainly see from the two images above there's no comparison between our garage flooring tiles and hollow cored peg and loop type tiles. Why would you pay almost the same amount of money for less than half the amount of material and quality you get with Armor Garage Tiles? Our tiles range from 3/16" to a super heavy duty 5/16" thick of solid PVC as opposed to recycled polypropylene plastic derived mainly from soda bottles and take out food containers. You can tell the difference as soon as you walk or drive on them, they make a cheap Click Clack noise! In order to eliminate those noises you have to buy a special sound absorbing mat for additional money and labor to install it! Plus who and how are you going to clean it? Why not just buy a better tile that's actually sound deadening right out of the box?

Which garage floor tile will form a stronger floor that won't shift or split apart? The hollow tiles shown directly below with just 4 little peg and loops per side that bend, deform and even break as you install them.

typical peg & loop garage tile

Our tiles with 11 continuous T joints per side form the strongest monolithic floor surface available!
armor garage T-Joint garage tiles