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Urban Designer Interlocking Tiles For Retail & Commercial Floor Applications

Need a durable new floor with a decorator finish that's economical and easy to install with minimal prep work required? ArmorGarage Urban Designer Floor Tiles are your answer. Our Floor Tiles are made to look like real stone floors at a fraction of the price and so easy to install anyone can do it with no prior experience needed. These are great as a replacement floor over worn out and ugly VCT tiles, ceramic tiles porcelain tiles and even asbestos tiles.

Perfect for retail and commercial application where appearance is important and durability is a must due to high traffic. ArmorGarage Urban Tiles are made with the same toughness criteria our world famous garage tiles are made with only fancier looking. They can handle up to 2600lb small wheeled traffic and unlimited amount of foot traffic.

Environmentally friendly with Low VOCs and made from high quality recycled PVC. There's really no floor prep need so they can be laid right over existing flooring or over new concrete with no adhesives needed. This saves you time and material costs. Two men can lay 500 square feet of tile per hour! Makes large floor installations very cost effective by reducing downtime and labor costs to the bare minimum.

Tiles are stain resistant, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, fire rated BF-S1 via EN 13501.1, sound deadening, slip coefficient of >.30 via BS EN 13893 testing. Each tile weighs a heft 7lbs and are 28.8" square or 3.6 sf each.

Installation is simple, start at front of room with a full tile in the center and work your way left and right and then add the next row going towards the back. At the walls you will have to cut the tiles to fit with a circular saw. We recommend installing tiles with a 1/4" gap at the walls and then caulking with a good quality caulk. For more information see the ArmorGarage Urban Designer Tile Brochure

Note: Tiles are sold by the square foot not per tile. Simply measure your floor and then add 5% for cutting waste to the square footage of your floor and then enter that amount into the quantity box.

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