Summertime is the time to get all the projects you need to get done before the new school season starts. We have an extensive line of epoxy products to meet all your project needs. From epoxy floor coatings for class rooms, hallways, Locker Rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias to epoxy wall coatings, pipe & equipment epoxy coating and the most durable epoxy roof coatings.

All made us in the USA using only the highest grade materials available. It's why are products simply last the longest.

See our Heavy Tonnage Epoxy System for classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, mechanical rooms and many other areas. There's a reason we call it the toughest epoxy on earth, it's virtually indestructible!

See our Military/Industrial Epoxy System and our Commercial Epoxy Systems for general epoxy coating projects.

Our Commercial Kitchen Epoxy System is the best there is. Combined with our Cove Base kits it forms a waterproof, bacteria proof floor that can handle anything your kitchen employees can throw at it.

Transform your old worn out tiled locker rooms and bathrooms with our Coat All Epoxy System. Let's you apply a beautiful high gloss epoxy floor coating right over your ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Have VCT or Vinyl flooring that needs constant stripping and waxing? We have what was up until now impossible to do. Coat over VCT or Vinyl floors with a clear durable epoxy coating. Reducing cleaning and maintenance costs dramatically!

Need to coat over rusty pipes and equipment to preserve them? see our Direct To metal Epoxy Coating. Super thick and lets you apply to minimally prepared surfaces, saving you time labor and money.

Outdoor areas, Surface Bond is the answer. Coat over asphalt or concrete, great for bike lanes, walk ways, cross walks and common areas.

If you have leaky roofs we have a Roof Coating for any type of roof, flat, pitched, tar, rubber, metal and even coatings for roofs with ponding water.

All our products are designed and packaged for first time users with no prior experience needed. This means you can buy direct and have inhouse staff install it saving thousands of dollars on each project. Call us for expert advice on project selection & application.