See our EPOXY FLOORING FACTS & FICTION PAGE for all you need to know when buying epoxy flooring. Towards the bottom of the page is a Video of Armor Chip and a case study section done with ArmorGarage products.

First is the comparison video of two sections of floor in the same area in a large commercial type garage. The video says everything we try to convey to you about the difference in epoxy performances even from epoxies that seem very similar. The trick is that they are not similar they only appear to be. Such as so called 100% solids epoxies, most are really not, they're either only 100% by weight or volume or they're not military grade and use the lowest grade components or are some sort of hybrid epoxy, and or all of the above. The result is that you thought you bought a quality heavy duty product and maybe even saved a few dollars but then you realize sooner then you'll like that what you bought and applied to your garage floor is nothing like you were told or thought it was. That's the difference, ArmroGarage's Armor Chip and Armor Granite garage epoxy floors are what we say they are. The toughest, longest lasting and best looking epoxy flooring you can buy.

Next up is a presentation that you might think we're crazy to show which is a major Liquor Warehouse business that absolutely neglected and abused the heck out of the floor for over 14 years now. The floor looks in very bad shape no doubt about it but when you consider the fact the floor is never even washed unless a customer drops a bottle of something and an employee has to wipe up the spill, 3000 people a day with shopping carts are walking through there with all sorts of debris on their shoes, there are forklifts, hand trucks, dollies running around all day and employees actually dragging pallets across the floor everyday, all day, everyday of the year. You then realize it's easy to see why this floor is an amazing story of durability. Any other coating would have been vaporized off the floor in the first two years or less. Also as bad as the floor looks it can be brought back with a good sanding and reapplication of our Military Grade Topcoat which they say they are eventually going to do. So we are proud to show this floor as a testament to the durability of our product. You won't see anything like this from our competition, that's for sure.