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Complete Do It Yourself Metallic Epoxy Flooring Kit

Transform your plain concrete floors into a 3D luxurious marble like finish. Our Metallic Epoxy Flooring creates an unlimited variety of patterns & colors. No two floors will ever be alike! Even when using the same Metallic Pigment Powders no two floors will come out exactly the same.

ArmorGarage Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating has an almost 3D look because of our three distinct layers of epoxy. We start off with our high performance epoxy primer in Black(Except for very light colors which require a medium gray). A brilliant black epoxy is much more expensive to produce than other colors. But it provides the best effects to the metallic epoxy look. We then use our special high build epoxy in clear that you mix the metallic pigments into. Then we finish it off with our best in industry military grade topcoat for a whopping 30mil thick finished floor with an amazing 4mg abrasion loss rating(The lower the rating the better). Unlike one or two layer systems or water based systems this a professional grade flooring system. Not only can the competition not match our finished looks they won't last nearly as long! Compare the abrasion ratings and you will see they are 20mgs and higher! That is exponentially less durable than 4mgs. Make no mistake it's abrasion that dulls and wears your floor out, so its the most important factor when considering any epoxy floor coatings.

Metallic floors are very technique and user dependent. That is why they never come out the same. One thing that will be the same is the ArmorGarage quality and durability not found in other brands.

Use any of our standard Metallic Pigment Powder Colors or any other brand of Metallic Pigment of your choice. There's literally hundreds of pigment colors available, we offer the most common pigment colors used that are commercially available. Our metallic epoxy is compatible with all metallic pigments so feel free to mix and match. The main thing to keep in mind is that the most important factor is the quality of the epoxy used. It doesn't matter which pigments you use if you use inferior primers, epoxy and topcoats you'll end up with an inferior floor!

Each kit comes with enough metallic powder for one complete color, you can add in any additional color you want as an accent color. So the only limit is your imagination. To do an accent color simply select the Accent Option in the drop down menu. You will receive approximately an additional 1/2 gallon of epoxy and one unit of metallic color powder of your choice. Please indicate your accent color choice in the accent color comment box. See Instruction Tab for application.

We use only 100%Military Grade Aliphatic Epoxy and Military Grade Topcoats. We do not use Cycloaliphatic Epoxy or water based epoxies and we don't use clear versions of the epoxy with just an UV additive and say its a topcoat. Our topcoat will result in a 4 mg abrasion rating(the lower the number the better) as opposed too much higher loss ratings from every other brand. Most brands have an abrasion rating of over 25mgs and higher! That is not going to keep your floor looking new for very long.

Putting down a unique and beautiful epoxy finish that isn't going to last makes no sense. Don't be fooled by lifetime guarantees, read the fine print they cover only delamination and only if you do just about the impossible. ArmorGarage provides 5 year warranty across the board including wear, no other manufacturer provides you with a warranty against wear because they can't. Their products don't hold up to abrasion like an ArmorGarage epoxy floor will. So you may save a few dollars by not choosing an ArmorGarage Metallic Epoxy kit and have your metallic epoxy adhered to your floor but it will dull, yellow and wear off in short order.

We provide the best equipped metallic epoxy flooring kits and will include our high performancef black high performance epoxy primer(better than competition's actual epoxy), metallic powder of your color choice, high build military grade clear epoxy(mix the pigments into this), military grade clear topcoat, rollers, mixer, metallic application squeegee not just a standard epoxy squeegee, spike soles(very important to use) and acid etching solution. Also includes Free Shipping. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT SHIP NONSLIP WITH THIS KIT AS IT TENDS TO DULL THE METALLIC SHINE AND THEREFORE THE FLOOR WILL BE SLIPPERY WHEN WET. IF NONSLIP IS DESIRED, ORDER ONE INDUSTRIAL NONSLIP UNIT PER KIT. YOU CAN USE A LITTLE LESS THAN A FULL UNIT TO LIMIT THE EFFECT ON THE FINISH AND STILL HAVE SOME GRIT TO THE FLOOR.

Please be sure to read the instructions by clicking on the Instruction Tab. Results and actual color can vary drastically depending on user technique. With Metallic Epoxy Floors there's no way to actually know what the final finish will look like because it's different every time. Color variations and final finish will differ from listed images and are not considered product defect and therefore are not covered under any guarantee. We do not and cannot guarantee any type of final color pattern or finish. Any brand that does not make the above clear to you is not being fully open and truthful with you!

Coverage will vary according to application technique and floor porosity. You can combine 600sf kits and 900 sf kits to best fit your floor size. We always recommend a 15% safety factor to ensure you have enough product. You don't want to run short when doing metallic epoxy.


ArmorGarage Metallic Epoxy System. In addition to our standard floor coating instructions, please see below for additional information to help you achieve excellent results. Be sure to follow both sets of instructions. Metallic epoxy is a three layer system that uses a colored based epoxy primer. Simply mix 1/2 gallon of A and 1/2 gallon of B of the primer(usually black) for 3 minutes on medium speed and roll out like regular paint. Once cured, about 5-7 hours the metallic clear epoxy coat with metallic powder additive gets applied in a decorative fashion to get the ‘look’. Do not go more than 20 hours between primer and epoxy coats. Once this is cured, then a clear protective topcoat is applied. Use of spiked shoes to walk on the wet epoxy is strongly suggested. Please note that metallic epoxy is a somewhat artistic method of application, so check online videos for some helpful tips and suggestions as to technique. Note that in addition to technique, temperature, application timing, speed of application, color choices, primer color selection, and humidity can all greatly affect final outcome appearance and it is almost impossible to replicate results from project to project due to these variables.


1. Apply colored primer (usually black or gray) to the floor. Mix per label instructions. Let cure overnight.

2. Add the proper quantity of metallic powder to all of your Part A’s, 4 ounces per gallon. Mix in thoroughly. This step gives you an even Part A to work with. IF YOU PLAN ON USING TWO COLORS OF METALLIC, EVENLY DIVIDE YOUR PART As AND MIX YOUR COLOR POWDERS EVENLY INTO EACH PART A SO YOU HAVE ON HAND THE PRE- COLORED PART A WHICH YOU WILL LATER ON MIX WITH THE PART B.


4. Plan the metallic application step by figuring how much epoxy you can mix, apply and achieve your ‘look’ in about 45 minutes. The 100% solids epoxy has 35-45 minute working time, and then it starts to cure and you won’t be able to ‘work’ it after it starts hardening. Mixing up smaller batches of the epoxy and hardener and getting it out of the bucket and onto the floor will give you more time. We don’t recommend to mix more than 1.5 gallons (1 gallon of part A with ˝ gallon of part B at a time). The mix ratio is 2 PARTS OF PART A WITH 1 PART OF PART B. You can mix as much or as little at a time as you want to, as long as you hold this 2:1 ratio, and mix A and B together very well. Using clear plastic measuring cups makes it easier to get accurate mix.

5. Mix your A and B together at the 2:1 ratio. Pour it on the floor in a ribbon left to right. Have your flat squeegee ready to go to spread it out evenly over the primer. Spread epoxy at about 80 sf per gallon rate with squeegee do not over work it. You can slightly twirl the squeegee while spreading. After it's spread spraying on denatured alcohol from a hand pump sprayer or spray bottle can make the epoxy ‘dance and swirl’, do this after you spread epoxy out. If you are using a second metallic color add small amounts of it at this time and swirl into the first color to get the results you want, again do not overwork the squeegee. Get as much of your mixed epoxy on the floor as fast as possible as the floor is cooler and this will slow down the curing process and give you more time to work. Keep mixed epoxy cool and in the shade, out of sun and heat.

6. Once you have achieved the look you want, let the metallic epoxy cure overnight. But no more than 20 hours later.

7. Apply clear protective topcoat, simply stir contents in can and apply with roller and roller pan. Please note that use of any non skid additive will de-gloss the floor so you may not want to use it, but this can make the floor very slippery if wet or greasy. If using a white or clear non skid additive in a clear topcoat the non skid may show up in the clear over a dark colored base so you may want to consider using dark Aluminum Oxide as a non skid as an alternate. Please note the epoxy instructions are for the color chip epoxy system, you will be using metallic powder in lieu of the color flakes. The procedure for applying the epoxy is the same.

SUPPLEMENTAL METALLIC INSTRUCTIONS: Each kit will have 36 ounces of metallic color powder, if you want to do two colors we recommend adding an additional color pigment as an accent. Purchase the Accent Kit and you will receive enough epoxy and metallic powder to add in some accents by mixing it up and drizzeling it over the floor and swirl it in with the squeegee or roller. You will have 2 epoxy sets, mix one set at a time. Mix ratio is 4ounces pigment per 1 gallon of mixed epoxy. We recommend you apply the full kit to half your floor and then apply the accent to that half, then apply the rest of the full kit and then add the accent to that. This way you don't risk having the epoxy set up and get ruined when you walk back on it with your spikes to do the accents.

Also read this page for additional Prep and Installation information HOW TO PREP & PAINT YOUR FLOOR