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Can't or don't want to grind or etch? ArmorGarage No Prep Instant Primer is a revolutionary single-component, nano tech fusion primer designed for seamless application directly onto surfaces with little to no prep. Better than fast drying primers this is an instant primer! No Prep Primer serves a dual purpose as both a surface primer and an adhesion enhancer. This remarkable primer establishes a permanent molecular connection between the coating and the substrate which then can immediately be coated over with any ArmorGarage epoxy. Great for going over previous coatings also. As long as the previous coating is not flaking off you can apply this right over it with no prep!

No Prep Primer eliminates the need to prep by etching or grinding, saving significant time and money. Ideal for where dust created by grinding or shot blasting is an issue or when downtime is critical. Allows you to easily prime and epoxy in one day! Once applied with an acetone rated pump-type sprayer, simply wait 10-15 minutes for the No Prep to get ‘tacky’ and then apply your coating. Virtually any coating (except water-based epoxies) can be applied to ArmorGarage No-Prep Instant Primer. Can be used as a standalone primer on bare concrete, or as a primer to assure adhesion to an existing coating that is being recoated.

ArmorGarage No-Prep is so strong that adhesion tests have proven that the concrete surface will fail before the primer will delaminate! Simple one-part no mixing formula.

Sold in 1 Gal units. Coverage is 300-400 sf/gal. If ordering a sprayer buy 1 gallon with sprayer, add to cart and continue shopping and order additional gallons as needed without the sprayer unless doing a very large floor then we recommend two sprayers.

Although no prep is required we strongly recommend that any dirt, rust, grease, oil or other contaminants be removed prior to application to ensure the best adhesion.

This primer must be applied with an acetone proof pump sprayer, ex. Swissmex, with a cone tip. Keep spray tip 18 inches off the ground and apply product slowly in a circular motion, similar to how a stain is applied to concrete.

Allow primer to tack up for 15 minutes and apply epoxy coating using spiked soles. Primer must be topcoated with the epoxy within 90 minutes. Prime floor is sections so as not to have to rush epoxy application. Be sure to leave wet edge of primer to overlap next section. If you miss the 90 minute window simply sand primer with 100 grit and reapply primer.