Epoxy Flooring Primer

This epoxy flooring primer is actually a high performance epoxy that we make a little thinner so it soaks into the slab more. Our primer is better than 90% of the actual epoxies on the market so if you stopped right here you're ahead of the game. Be careful when buying primers and not to use water based ones, they don't perform nearly as well. If you see a WB in the primer description it's most likely water based and should be avoided.

Primers are used to prep floors for added strength and adhesion. Can also be used on floors that are in poor condition such as chalky floors, flaky floors or very rough and porous type floors. This primer bonds to and encapsulates poor condition concrete. Seals porous floors for better epoxy coverage. Remove as much as defective concrete prior to coating with primer to ensure best results. Prep floor properly prior to application. Coverage is aprox. up to 550 sq ft per 2 gallon set. Standard color is Gray, when ordering with an Armor Chip or Armor Granite kit, primer will be same color as the epoxy you order.

Can also be used to extend the coverage of our Armor Chip garage floor epoxy and Armor Granite floor epoxy kits. If your floor area is very close or slightly over the stated coverage use this primer to ensure adequate coverage of the kit. This primer will be absorbed into the concrete and will allow the epoxy to spread further since it is being applied to a covered(sealed) surface. Increase in coverage is aprox 25%. This is a good option in lieu of having to buy one of the Add On Half Kits to get additional coverage and an extra layer of epoxy which is never a bad thing.

If your floor is very old and in very poor condition and or is pitted use the High Solids Epoxy Primer version. Please note that even though our primer is high solids it should never be considered for use as a primary garage floor coating. High solids don't hold the chips as well and will not give you that deep high gloss luster finish you're looking for the same way 100% solids will. High Solids epoxies can be mixed with sand to make a slurry for filling in pitted floors. Once the slurry is made apply with a good flat squeegee applying pressure so that the epoxy fills in the pits and only leaves a very thin film on the surface. Then apply any of our Epoxy Systems over it. This is a floor that needs a high solids primer.

If going over an existing coating use the Bonding Primer which will create a bond between dissimilar coatings. This saves the hassle of having to grind off an epoxy that is failing. You can simply give it a quick sanding with 100 grit sandpaper to rough up and apply the Bonding Primer to ensure a bond with our epoxy. Only use the Bonding Primer to an epoxy that is just wearing out and not peeling off completely.

Order separately here or choose the primer option with your garage epoxy kit for a discounted price.


Stir contents in each can with paint stick. Mix half of the contents of Part A & Part B with Jiffy Mixer on medium speed until color is uniform. Apply with roller pan like conventional paint. If using the Low VOC Version, pour small can into gallon can and apply.

Allow primer to dry 4-5hrs(Dry To The Touch) but no more than 20 hours prior to applying the epoxy. After 20 hrs primer must be lightly sanded with 100 grit to rough up.