Garage Epoxy Flooring crack repair kit

Permanent Concrete Crack Repair Epoxy Compounds For Garage, Commercial Or Industrial Floors

ArmorGarage is a leader in providing all the essentials in garage and concrete floor repairs. We have a vast line of professional grade products to assist you in repairing cracks, pitted areas and divots in your garage floor, commercial concrete floors and asphalt driveways.

Our concrete and asphalt repair products are all design to be permanent. So if you're tired of repairing the same cracks holes and divots it's time to use an ArmorGarage product. Our first cost basis may be higher than other products but are you really saving any money if you have to do the same repairs over and over again?

We now also offer floor prep tools that allow you to use any standard floor buffing machine to either abrade or completely remove existing coatings, paints or adhesives. See the floor prep tools above.

Donít pay someone else to repair or prep your concrete floors when ArmorGarage can answer all your questions and ensure that when you go to prep, repair cracks and other damage in your floor, it is as simple and easy as possible. Our products make permanent repairs as opposed to cheap retail grade items you can pick up locally that last a couple a year or less and then chip out or crack requiring constant repairing. Our repair compounds are all designed to withstand extra heavy duty usage and never fail. All our repair compounds are all compatible with our epoxy paint kits. We always recommend repairing any cracks, divots or pitted areas prior to applying an epoxy coating. Remember our are super high gloss and will accentuate any cracks or divots not filled in.