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ArmorGarage now lets you form your own cove base with our epoxy cove base kit. Contains all the material needed to form and indestructible cove base around the perimeter of your commercial kitchen and food processing floos. This will allow you to run your epoxy coating across the floor and up our cove base material forming a water proof tub.

This is also required by all Health Departments in food processing/handling areas, in addition to the waterproofing feature it provides a seamless transition from the wall to the floor preventing contamination from forming. See image above where the cove base was installed with the cove base tool prior to our Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring System application. The floor was diamond grinded and then the epoxy was applied across the floor and up the cove base.

Easy to apply, simply mix all components of each kit and apply with the a cove tool of the desired height.

Coverage is 30 lineal feet per kit for a 4" cove. We recommend purchasing one additional kit for most applications to use as a primer on the wall. Just mix the liquids and don't mix in the aggregate then apply to the wall and let sit for about 10 minutes. This will create a sticky surface for the cove base material to stick too. One kit used as primer should do approximately 175 lineal feet.

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