Oil Bonding Epoxy Primer

This amazing product is the answer to floors that have been contaminated with Oil & Grease that won't come out via chemical and power washings. Typically you cannot epoxy paint over oil & grease stains, the epoxy will not adhere properly to the concrete. Unlike other primers that do not fully adhere to heavy oil stained floors and do not create a suitable bond with and epoxy coating. ArmorGarage Oil Stain Primer lets you roller right over oil contaminated floors and paint with no worries of adhesion between the floor and primer and between the primer and one of our coatings. Our system is a tried and true way of doing these types of floors that are notoriously prone to failures when trying to epoxy coat them. We provide a 2 year warranty against delamination of primer or epoxy from primer.

Simply give your floor a normal washing & etching (don't worry about getting all the oil & grease completely out), let dry, mix the two parts of the primer together and roll on as you would regular paint. Let dry for 6-8 hrs and then paint with any of our floor epoxy products. COVERAGE IS Aprox. 600 sq ft per 2 gallon kit. Coverage may vary due to porosity of floor and application thickness. Coating should be dry and hard to the touch, do not let more than 8 hrs pass before applying the next epoxy coating. Do not let floor temperature should fall below 55 degrees during curing process.

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