If you have limited downtime this is the product for you. Extremely resistant to a wide variety of acids and corrosive chemicals with a very hard finish that provides increased durability. Dries to the touch in approximately 2-3 hours, foot traffic in 5-6 hours and full traffic the next day.

Very easy to apply, we recommend using in conjunction with our fast dry primer for best results.

Floor must be clean and dry. When using fast dry we recommend that you diamond grind the floor to eliminate waiting for an etched floor to dry. You can use the floor prep machine from Home Depot or an industrial type diamond grinder. In either case use the vacuum attachment to minimize the dust cleanup.

Mix the Part A & Part B per the ratio on the product label. Product has a fast set time( approximately 10-15 minutes) so we recommend once mix pour out onto the floor in a bead and spread out with notch squeegee and backroll with 3/8" lint free roller. Do not over roll as epoxy tends to setup quickly and over rolling will cause uneven finishes.

If using primer(Highly recommended) mix pigment into Part A then mix Part A & Part B per the ratio on product label. Pour onto floor in a bead and roll as you would regular paint. Let dry to the touch(Approximately 3-4 hours), should not leave fingerprint when touched and then apply the fast dry epoxy.

If a nonslip surface is desired purchase the Industrial Nonslip and mix in one can per gallon of epoxy.

Coverage for epoxy is 125sf/gal and 250sf/gal for the primer.