All Purpose Epoxy Flooring For Charging & Caustic Wash Down Areas

If you have an area that is exposed to low level chemical and acid hazards such as charging stations, caustic wash down areas, fertilizers and other moderately corrosive agents then this will save you money and provide long term protection. Great for grow facilities, breweries and large warehouses that have a large number of electric forklifts or use caustic process and or cleaning agents. This is also the perfect product for any facility such as food production facilities that require lots of caustic wash downs. Caustic wash downs will destroy standard epoxies but do not need the same protection as Acid & Chemical producing facilities.

Keeping the concrete from getting eaten away by corrosive fluids has always been a costly challenge. Standard Epoxy floor coatings(even ours) either don't work or fail after only a year or two of service depending what they are exposed to. Our customers have asked us to come up with affordable Acid & Chemical resistant floor coating that will last.

So we put together this package which consists of doing two coats of our Novolak pigmented base coat. It's about 50% less expensive than our full Heavy Duty Novolak Acid Systems.This system will provide excellent adhesion to your floor and provide excellent protection in areas that do not have a lot of high wear traffic. We have found that a lot of chemically exposed areas have very little vehicle traffic and minor spills are cleaned up right away. These types of applications don't require the full hazardous duty Novolak system and its corresponding expense. The corrosive acids and fluids being dealt with here will never make it through the two layers of the epoxy base coat. As opposed to a true acid floor application where very corrosive acids and high traffic will destroy ordinary epoxy in no time. This coating is the best of both worlds in that it is economical and hearty enough to resist hundreds of different acids and chemicals.

We even have solutions for oil stained floors and floors that have an existing coating that is wearing. See our Oil Stain Primer and Bonding Primer for these two common issues. These two products allow our coating to be applied to floors that previously not coatable or very difficult to recoat.

Surface must be clean of all dirt, acids or oils. Acid etching or diamond grinding are recommended depending on the condition of the floor. Acid contaminated floors should be cleaned and then neutralized with a heavy TSP rinse. Oil stain floors should be cleaned with Liquid Tide or Dawn dish detergent in combination with a diluted muriatic acid solution. Then neutralized with TSP.

For heavily oil stained floors apply our Oil Stain Primer to form a bond to the oil soaked concrete.

For coating over a previous floor coating, sand the coating clean and apply our Bonding Primer to ensure adhesion between our epoxy and the existing coating.

Application of the epoxy is straight forward. Mix the epoxy in a 2:1 ratio with a jiffy mixer till color is uniform. Mix 1 gallon for each person rolling. DO NOT mix all the epoxy at once, this will result in a rapid hardening of the epoxy which is not covered under the warranty. We recommend using clear measuring containers for an accurate mix of the Part A & Part B. Use 3/8" roller and roller pan.

Allow first coat to dry in about 7-9 hrs and then apply second coat.

If a nonslip texture is desired, purchase our heavy duty nonslip additive and disperse into wet epoxy of the second coat and backroll over to encapsulate the nonslip particles.

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy To Apply
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Superior Adhesion to Concrete
  • Can Bond to Oil Contaminated Floors and to Other Existing Floor Coatings
  • Beautiful High Gloss Finish
  • Impervious To All Corrosive Forklift & Golf Cart Fluids
  • Shore D Hardness-88 For Long Term Durability.(Hard Hats have a Shore D Hardness rating of 80-85). Shows superior resistance to abrasion wear from golf cart or forklift tires.