Battery Charging & Storage Area Epoxy Floor System For Electric Golf Carts & Forklifts

Golf Carts and Forklift batteries are notorious for leaking acids and other fluids in the storage barns or battery charging rooms. Keeping the concrete from getting eaten away by these corrosive fluids has always been a challenge. Epoxy floor coatings either don't work or fail after only a year or two of service. Tire abrasion and corrosion form battery leaks render the majority of epoxy floor coating useless in no time. Our customers have asked us to come up with affordable Acid & Chemical resistant floor coating that will last.

So we put together this combination of our epoxy floor primer and Novolak topcoat that is about 40% less expensive at $1.77/sf as opposed to over $3.00/ft for our full Novolak Acid Systems. Our epoxy floor primer will provide the proper adhesion to your floor and our Novolak Epoxy Topcoat provides a hard durable surface that you can store battery acid on if you wanted to.

Whereas our true Novolak systems consist of a Novolak primer and a Novolak topcoat, this system utilizes our standard epoxy floor primer. We have found that golf cart and Forklift battery charging stations don't require the full Novolak system and its corresponding expense. The corrosive acids and fluids being dealt with here will never make it through the topcoat so the primer just needs to provide adhesion to the slab. As opposed to a true acid floor application where very corrosive acids and chemicals are involved you need the primer to be acid rated also as backup insurance. If a highly corrosive acid or chemical made it's way through the topcoat the primer acts as backup safety till the spill can be cleaned and the topcoat repaired. This type of acid or chemical would burn right through a standard primer in a matter of minutes in some cases causing a real cleanup problem.

We even have solutions for oil stained floors and floors that have an existing coating that is wearing. See our Oil Stain Primer and Bonding Primer for these two common issues.

So now you can have the best of all worlds. A great looking floor finish with a long lasting acid proof finish that's easy to self apply, easy to keep clean all at an affordable price.

Surface must be clean of all dirt, acids or oils. Acid etching or diamond grinding are recommended depending on the condition of the floor. Acid contaminated floors should be cleaned and then neutralized with a heavy TSP rinse. Oil stain floors should be cleaned with Liquid Tide or Dawn dish detergent in combination with a diluted muriatic acid solution. Then neutralized with TSP.

For heavily oil stained floors apply our Oil Stain Primer to form a bond to the oil soaked concrete.

For coating over a previous floor coating, sand the coating clean and apply our Bonding Primer to ensure adhesion between our epoxy and the existing coating.

Application of the epoxy is straight forward. Mix the primer in a 1:1 ratio with a jiffy mixer till color is uniform. Mix 1 gallon for each person rolling. Use 3/8" roller and roller pan.

Mix topcoat in a 2:1 ratio with paddle mixer. Mix 1 gallon for each person rolling. Pour mixed epoxy onto floor in a left to right bead and then roll out with 3/8" nap lint free roller. If a nonslip texture is desired, purchase our heavy duty nonslip additive and disperse into wet epoxy and backroll over to encapsulate the nonslip particles.

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy To Apply
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Superior Adhesion to Concrete
  • Can Bond to Oil Contaminated Floors and to Other Existing Floor Coatings
  • Beautiful High Gloss Finish
  • Impervious To All Corrosive Forklift & Golf Cart Fluids
  • Shore D Hardness-88 For Long Term Durability.(Hard Hats have a Shore D Hardness rating of 80-85). Shows superior resistance to abrasion wear from golf cart or forklift tires.

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