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Roof Repair Patch Mastic

The key to a professional roof job is to properly prep all seams, curbs, flashings and where roofing material terminates on a parapet walls. This is not difficult to do and is essentially like applying spackle to sheetrock without having to have a perfectly smooth finished surface. Appearance is not critical you just need to get the mastic on where its needed and you don't have to do every seam or flashing, only the ones that need repair.

Our easy to use roof patch is applied with trowel or flashing gloves to all cracks, holes and flashings that need repair. Also used to seal seams on Wood & Concrete Roofs and on Metal Roof Lap Joints and Bolt Heads.

Guaranteed not to crack or chip off, permanently bonds with all ArmorGarage Roof Coatings.

Above is a good image of what is called Alligatoring and is typical of aging Tar based roofs or areas that have been patched with Tar based products such as Karnack Roof Cement. The good thing is that these areas are easy to fix and instead of filling them in with the roof coating you would run your trowel over this area with the mastic and fill it in very quickly and more cost effectively.

Can be used with white Polyester roofing mesh where reinforcement is needed such as on joints on wood & concrete roofs, flashing bases, curbs or edges. Do not use on EPDM, use suitable EPDM repair product for repair of seams and flashings such as roof repair tapes.

Average coverage is approximately 150 lineal feet per gallon.

Clean repair area thoroughly and allow to dry. If using Roof Mesh on a repair area, apply thin coat of mastic first, then work mesh into the mastic with the serrated side of rectangle trowel until mesh is fully embedded and the mastic has come up through the mesh then apply a second coat of the mastic fully covering the mesh. Allow Mastic to dry 24 to a max of 48 hrs and then apply Armor Roof Coating or our Armor Metal Roof Coating.

When using the Ponding Roof Coating over the mastic you must select either the 1 gallon or 2 gallon Ponding Mastic for those areas.