Ships in 5 gallon buckets. Each bucket will cover 1250 sq ft. Two coats are recommended. Seals, waterproofs and protects all shingle and tile roofs. Restores faded colors and adds a slight gloss. Ships Free!

Will this stop leaks for ice damning? No this coating is not designed to cure that, in fact we know of no shingle coating that is.

Wind will sometimes blow rain underneath the tiles, will this stop that from happening? No that is a shingle and installation issue that cannot be corrected via a coating. The only way to solve that issue with a coating is to apply an elastomeric type coating to encapsulate the shingles. You may solve your wind driven leaks this way but you will most likely create another more serious problem of trapping moisture in your roof since elastomerics will not let the roof breathe properly.

Our roof was not pitched properly will the coating prevent leaks from happening? No. Armor Shingle Roof Coating cannot correct structural, installation or faulty tile issues.

How long will your shingle roof coating last? It is designed to last 7-10 years when two coats are applied. When needed you simply apply another single coat that will bond to the original coating.

How long will this extend the life of my shingles? Depending on the quality, age and condition of the tiles when you apply the coating it can extend the life cycle of up to 10 or more years.

What is the main purpose of this coating? The coating is designed to seal leaks in shingles due to old age, to prevent further loss of the granules, to restore some of the faded color back to your shingles, to extend the useful life of your newer shingles and to preserve older shingles from further deterioration.

How is it applied It can be applied by roller, hand pump garden sprayer or airless sprayer. Hand pump garden sprayer is the most popular method.

How long does it take for deliveryThis is a stock item and usually ships the next day via FedEx ground or common carrier for larger orders.



Roof must be clean of all dirt, mold or mildew. For cleaning we would recommend a solution of 1lb of TSP Powder mixed with 5 gallons of water for every 1000sf of roof area. Apply with a soft scrub brush or shop broom and rinse thoroughly. To remove Mold or Mildew use a strong solution of Bleach or Chlorine mixed in water. Remove the Mold & Mildew first before cleaning rest of roof.

Roof must be 100% dry with no rain forecast for 24 hrs from application. Do not apply below 45 degrees.

Once roof is clean and dry it is simply rolled on with a 3/8" nap roller or can be sprayed out of a good quality garden hand pump sprayer. Some customers have been able to apply to spray it with an airless sprayer. We recommend applying one coat in one direction and the second coat in the opposite direction.

All roof defects should be repaired prior to coating. Seal or fix any defective flashings, roof penetrations, cracked or punctured shingles and replace any badly curled and rotted shingles.

Safe and easy to apply, no roofing experience needed.

Full industrial strength.

Goes on with slight blue tint so you can see where you are applying it and then dries crystal clear.

Seals shingles and locks in granules

Leaves a thin surface film that protects shingles from harmful UV rays and harsh weather.

Extends useful life of shingles eliminating need for roof replacement.

Does not change color of shingles.