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ArmorGarage Surface Bond and Asphalt Rejuvenator Are The Best Sealers & Coatings For Flat or Patterned Surfaces.

There are four different types of coating products you can use to sealcoat your outdoor asphalt or concrete surfaces, latex based, asphalt emulsion, coal tar and concrete stains. These types of coatings are mostly sold at Home Improvement stores and while they all advertise high performance and long-term warranties, they very rarely live up to expectations or actual warranty coverage. See the following link for proof: About Asphalt Sealer Warranties

Surface Bond and Asphalt Rejuvinator are epoxy modified acrylic coatings that have superior characteristics over the other four types of coatings. Being an epoxy modified acrylic provides enhanced durability in wet conditions. This is where a lot of the other coatings go south. Wet conditions will breakdown these other coatings prematurely, this cannot be overstated since most applications are outdoors with rain and snow exposure. Heavy UV exposure is another factor that the other types of coatings donít hold up well too. Why is this? Well, latex is a low-cost material that should only be used in the most cost conscious residential applications. Coal tar and asphalt emulsion type coatings are basically thinner versions of the asphalt you already have on the ground. Their biggest feature is that they will make your asphalt look really black again for at least a short period of time. They are however very smelly and toxic! They also tend to have longer cure times which can be an issue for busy commercial properties. They also suffer from the same issue as latex in that they are not durable in wet conditions, they can reliquify in very hot temperatures causing toxic tire tracking all over your parking lots. Same goes for rubber coatings that are really asphalt roof coatings masquerading as blacktop coatings. None of these also do not increase the slip resistance of the original materials they are applied over. Whereas Surface Bond and Asphalt Rejuvinator actually increases slip resistance. Concrete stains are a watery thin cosmetic coating that really does nothing but add color to the surface. Surface Bond and Asphalt Rejuvinator are thick industrial grade coatings that can fill in small cracks and blemishes as you apply it. They cure to a super hard finish with a Taber Abrasion Loss rating of only an amazing .33mg. Other coatings are orders of magnitude above that meaning they are nowhere near as durable.

When you apply Surface Bond or Asphalt Rejuvinator to your parking lots, driveways, walkways traffic lanes or large public gathering plazas you get a coating that is very flexible, moisture resistant, chemical resistant, slip resistant, wear resistant, sticks like glue and is environmentally friendly. Many coal tar and asphalt emulsion coatings have high levels of PHP which is super toxic.

Available in a multitude of colors to match any design criteria and even available in Solar Reflective versions. This places ArmorGarage solutions head and shoulders above the competition.

Our coatings are easy to apply yourself or with inhouse staff no prior experience is needed. Cures fast for next day back in service. Superior flexibility to guard against cracking, low odor so can be applied while adjacent areas are still occupied or being used. Can be sprayed on with textured sprayer, rolled on and or squeegeed.

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