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We make everything to be the most durable product of its kind and be easy to self install with the best looking finish possible. Every coating we manufacture is an HDSC coating(High Durability Surface Coating). Our garage epoxy flooring is used and approved by all branches of the US Military, Fortune 500 Companies, US Coast Guard, Work Shops and Home Owners worldwide. If you only want to do your project once, don't take a chance, we are the largest direct online seller in the nation so you can buy and install our product with peace of mind. You can read why our Epoxy Coatings are the best HERE. Or just look at this image.

In addition to great products with great customer service, quick shipping and 24/7 tech support, we are the best website for learning how to purchase and install the right epoxy coating for your floor, roof, parking facility or deck. We have the best information on just about everything you need for your project and the know how to help you install them like a pro even if it's your first time doing it. Who you buy from is just as important as what you buy. So if you want to the best product for your application and to know how to install it so you only need to do it once, ArmorGarage is your best source. Plus, all our products are made in the USA with all American made components! If doing your project the right and best way is more important than a low price then we are the perfect website and company for you.

99% of our images are from DIY customers who never did anything like this before.They got professional looking paint results with a better quality product that will out last any competing brand and at a fraction of the price contractors or franchise companies charge! Whether it's a floor, roof or wall in a military base, factory, commercial building or your home ArmorGarage has you covered.

We have a lot of products for many different applications, if you need any assistance please contact us at: 866-532-3979 or