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Color Flakes Color Chart For Basement Epoxy Kits

If you would like a colored flake finish order one of these options for each basement kit ordered. We will supply you with 6lbs of chips and our no odor clear topcoat for each kit ordered. If you would like a heavier chip pattern enter the number of chips desired you want in addition to the 6 lbs supplied see the Additional Chip product page link at the bottom of this page.

For this package please enter the chip colors of your choice in the comment box at the bottom of the checkout page. To apply simply toss chips in the air at a 45 degree angle away from and let rain down in a random but even pattern, do not throw too many chips at any one time in order to avoid piles of chips. Make sure not too apply too much epoxy at one time so as to be able to apply chips without have to throw them across the room. Using our Spike Soles makes it much easier to apply the chips evenly.

Once the epoxy with chips has dried to the touch, scrape the chips flat and vacuum up all loose chips then simply mix in the nonslip additive provided into the clear coat and roller on like regular paint in a nice even sort of thick coat. If you have 500 sf of floor you will have enough topcoat to do 2 coats and therefore you would put the nonslip into the second coat.

This option can be used for both the Dry Basement and Wet Basement kits.