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Wet Basement Epoxy Floor Kit

The wet basement kit is a unique epoxy system that allows you to coat floors that are damp or wet due to water coming up from underneath. This coating is impervious to water from any source above or below the floor surface. This is the only kit we know of that allows basement floors with water problems to be coated with an epoxy paint.

For years basements have been ruined by flooding or high water tables that destroy flooring and leave an unpleasant musty smell. ArmorGarage Wet Basement Epoxy solves all the problems associated with damp and wet basement floors. Standard epoxies cannot hold up to constant water exposure and typically fail in as little as one year. We guarantee this product for 5 years.

We do not recommend the use of color flakes with this product.

Available in Lt Gray, Medium Gray or White.

This kit is for wet floors where the moisture comes up from beneath the floor. For wet floors in industrial settings such as food processing or meat packing plants where water and moisture gets onto the surface of the floor see our Food Processing Epoxy Flooring product below.

Coverage will vary according to the porosity of your concrete. Basement floors can be rougher than normal and can be more porous than your garage floor. We therefore recommend you order then the actual square footage of your floor to be safe. A good analogy of this is that sometimes when you paint a room inside your house and you go away until it dries and when you come back the walls look like you didn't apply any paint to them. The sheetrock just sucked it in. Well some concrete floors are like that. The standard kit will do between 400-500 square feet. We offer a slightly larger kit that will do up to 650 square feet so that you can combine the different size kits to best match the size of your floor.
Floor must be cleaned thoroughly with muriatic acid at one gallon per 300 square feet or cleaned with the Floor Prep Machine you can rent from Home Depot which works great for this. If they have the Vac attachment that gets connected right to the machine get that too it will make getting all the dust off the floor easier. The floor must be completely dust free. Floor can be damp if not possible to dry out 100%.

Epoxy Application:

Epoxy is mixed in a 3 parts A to one part B ratio. Use calibrated containers to mix aprox one gallon of combined part A and part B components. Mix well on slow speed with jiffy mixer, be sure to mix along the sides and bottom of pail to ensure all the Part A & Part B is mixed together. Then pour in a bead from left to right onto floor and spread out evenly with squeegee. Repeat until done. If a nonslip finish is desired mix one can of the nonslip into each gallon batch. Pot life is aprox 20-30 minutes. Do not mix more than can be applied in this time frame. Use calibrated mixing containers to accurately measure out the Part A & Part B in the proper ratio. Let epoxy set over night and then light traffic for the next 2-3 days.

Wet Basement Kit includes:

Extra Thick Epoxy in color of your choice

Squeegee for application of epoxy

Epoxy Rollers and Jiffy Mixer

Floor cleaning TSP powder

Full set of instructions