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All Purpose Epoxy Paint For Any Outdoor or Indoor Surfaces.

This is an incredible product that is super versatile. Can be used just about anywhere on anything. Superior adhesion and abrasion resistance makes this a must have paint in your shop or home. This is a two part pigmented epoxy that is very easy to work with and apply. For even more durability see our amazing Ballistix coating link below that can be used as an indestructible topcoating. Cold weather rated can be applied in temperatures down to 35 degrees! This alone makes this a super versatile product.

Adheres to bare aluminum without the use of a primer or surface prep! Aluminum is always very difficult to paint and most of the time it peels off in short order. We have solved that problem, our multipurpose two part epoxy bonds permanently to aluminum every time.

Also bonds tenaciously to asphalt pavement, another difficult surface to paint properly. Works indoor and outdoors and is vehicle and forklift traffic rated making it perfect for concrete or paver driveways, patios, loading docks, outdoor stairs, pedestrian walkways and much much more. Will not yellow and is extremely durable! Great for painting over any kind of tiles which are another very difficult if not impossible surface to paint.

Another great feature is that it can be applied directly over previously coated surfaces with no sanding or priming! Normally you have to sand to rough up the surface and use a primer or even grind the previous coating off. No longer necessary as long as the previous coating is still adhered to the surface you can now just paint right over it, saving you time and money. Have a concrete stain and sealed floor and it was worn down? Now you can paint right over it. Stained concrete is notorious for premature fading and wearing off. Requiring grinding and a full reapplication. This makes it easy to make your floor look great again.

We love this product and it truly is an all purpose epoxy paint. We even use it on tar based flat roofs! If you want to change the color of your roof this is the perfect product. Not recommended for shingle roofs, see our shingle roof sealer for coating asphalt shingles.

Coverage is 625 sf per 2.5 gallon set. Coverage may vary depending on surface texture and or porosity.
Surfaces should be cleaned of all oil, grease and dirt. Surface must be dry. Simply mix Part A(Hardener) with Part B(Tint) in 4:1 ratio and roll on like regular paint. We recommend mixing the small can into the big can and mix all at once. Pot life is approximately 1 hr. Do not mix in direct sunlight. Dries in approximately 3 hours. Foot traffic and light duty traffic ready in 8 hours. Vehicle ready in 24 hours. Do not apply below 35 degrees. Do not apply if rain is forecast within 8 hours. Do not apply to roofs with Ponding Water.
This epoxy will solve just about any of your painting needs. It adheres to all types of surfaces and is UV rated so it doesn't yellow.

Perfect for coating concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, flat asphalt roofs, aluminum surfaces and any wood surfaces. Works great on wood decks and trim. Covers porcelain and ceramic tiles with ease and permanent adhesion.

Works on steel surfaces making it perfect for coating outdoor or indoor machinery.

5 Year Guarantee against manufacturer defects.

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