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ArmorGarage high solids primer contains 97% solids. Which makes it great for priming very old floors that are in very poor condition such as floors that are very high in sand content and are very granular. See the picture below and notice the piece of epoxy the person is holding and you'll see the top layer of the concrete stuck to the bottom of the epoxy. To prevent this from happening use our standard epoxy flooring primer for floors that lightly granular and this high solids primer for floors that are very grainy. It's also great for pitted floors. To fill in pits you mix in sand till it gets to a slurry consistency and then flat squeegee it over the pitted areas. Be sure to have the floor cleaned either by etching or diamond grinding. For pitted floors you will need to do one or two strong etches to get the pits clean. Comes in 3 gallon set and will cover up to 550 sf. Coverage will vary according to condition of floor. For filling in pits we suggest using a coverage rate of 275 sf per 3 gallon set, again coverage will vary according to the density and depth of the pits.

We do not recommend using this as your base epoxy coat. Although it is high solids it is not 100% and will not be as strong as a stand alone epoxy. Also not to be compared to any primer that has WB in it's description which stands for water based. We do not recommend water based primers.

High solids epoxies are not recommended as your base epoxy especially when using color flakes, even though it's only 3% less solids there is a noticeable difference in the thickness and the flakes will create weak spots in this thin a coating. This primer is intended for floors that need more help due to their poor condition or if you are in an occupied area where odor will be an issue. This has a very low odor, not odor free but low odor.

Purchase separately here or purchase with your Armor Chip or Armor Granite kit at a discount.