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We specialize in military grade DIY epoxy flooring kits for Garage, Commercial or Industrial floor applications. With great customer service and quick delivery!

At Armor Garage our goal is simple. Provide you with the best looking longest lasting product you can buy. Simply click on the image of the epoxy floor kit or garage floor product of your choice in the Best Sellers list below.

For help in choosing the right product call us at 866-532-3979 or email us at If this is your first time installing an epoxy floor or garage flooring click on links below Best Sellers for critical information to know.

Over 90% of our customers are buying and installing an epoxy floor or garage floor product such as interlocking tiles or roll out mats for the first time. That's why we engineer and design all our products to be easy to install. There's also a lot you don't know about these products. So we feel it's imperative we provide you with as much information as possible about how our products are made and what they are made with. So you know the differences between all the competing products on the market. It's important that you know the differences BEFORE you buy. Below is a list of information pages designed tohelp better know what to buy and how to install it.

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For Epoxy Floors:

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How Do I Pick The Right Epoxy Coating For My Floor

How To Prep And Epoxy Paint Your Floor

Why Epoxy Paints & Coatings Fail

For Garage Flooring:

EPoxy vs Tiles vs Mats