Beautiful Garage Flooring - Quality Epoxy Coatings - Engineered Right - Priced Right

Armor Garage is your one stop source for Industrial, Commercial or Garage Epoxy Flooring Systems, Roof Coatings, Deck Coatings and Garage Flooring products. Everything we make is engineered to be either extra heavy duty or military grade and easy to install.

Our epoxy coatings and flooring products are used and approved by Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military and home owners. None of our Epoxy Floor Systems or Roof Coatings are water based, our Garage Floor Tiles are guaranteed for life and our Garage Floor Mats are the only ones guaranteed for 10 years.

There's an old saying when doing a job, measure twice cut once.
When installing an epoxy floor or garage type flooring it's buy right install once. So take advantage of the resources on our website and make sure you read the MUST READ and
NEED TO KNOW TABS wherever you see them. They contain crucial information you'll need in order to determine what product is best for you and how to avoid common mistakes so that you only have to do your project once.

For further help with any of our products give us a call- 866-532-3979
or email us at info@armorgarage.com.