Armor II Epoxy Flooring Kits
The Best Epoxy For Commercial Duty Floors Available


Armor II is a 100% Complete DIY Commercial Epoxy Flooring System for Shop and High Traffic Floors!

When you need a seamless high gloss epoxy floor finish that's as tough as nails, Armor II is the perfect choice.

Two layer professional grade solids-based epoxy coating without color flakes. For color flake finish click on the Armor Chip link at bottom of page.

Armor II includes a two part high performance epoxy base coat, two part polyurethane fortified color matching topcoat, etching solution, rollers, mixers and anti wear non-slip additive! FREE SHIPPING! Available in 10 solid colors.

Approved and used by the Coast Guard, U.S. Military, Fortune 500 companies, home owners, small and mid size businesses making Armor II a very versatile epoxy floor system with millions of square feet installed world wide!

Not a water-based or low quality thin build type solids epoxy! This is a professional epoxy flooring system packaged with clear instructions that anyone can apply with professional results. No prior experience needed for a beautiful and durable high gloss finish at a fraction of contractor prices.

At 14 Mils thick and a tough 8mg abrasion rating Armor II is rated for workshops, machine shops, auto repair centers, hangars, medical facilities, food prep facilities, steel wheel traffic, forklifts or pallet jacks. To learn what an abrasion rating means and how it effects the durability of your floor and how long it stays looking new. Click on the Epoxy Comparison Chart below or the MUST READ TAB on the Armor II Product page above.

For Full Product Info, Color Chart, Application Tips & Instructions, Photo Gallery And To Purchase Armor II Click On The Buy Armor II Image At Top Of Page.

Standard Colors In Stock For Next Day Shipping! For Floors 2500 SF And UP Click On Epoxy Pallet System.

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Two layer heavy duty aliphatic epoxy coating, 14 mils thick. Water based epoxies are only 2-3 mils thick and hybrid cycloaliphatic epoxies are all under 10 mils thick and lack the most important thing when doing a commercial epoxy floor job which is a polyurethane protective topcoat. Without a polyurethane topcoat to protect the epoxy, it will yellow and wear out!

Complete DIY kit, all materials and application tools included. Easy to apply and no prior experience required!

Solid color base coat and solid color polyurethane topcoat with 8 mg abrasion loss rating. See more about this critical rating on the Epoxy Comparison Chart page.

Extremely wear and abrasion resistant, chemical and acid resistant. Please note that clear versions of a company's epoxy with additives is not a topcoat. It must be a polyurethane epoxy to be a topcoat. The Armor II Topcoat has an incredible 8mg abrasion loss rating, second only to our Military Grade Topcoat that has an industry best 4mg abrasion loss rating. No other topcoats even come close to us. See more on this on the Armor II product page.

You get 100% true color coverage. Will not yellow or fade like water based and cycl1ophatic epoxies.

Nonslip additive is standard.

Approved and used by US Coast Guard in their Helicopter Air Stations.