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Instant Concrete Epoxy Repair Compound

ArmorGarage Ready Coat Crack Repair Epoxy is an amazing 2 part (1:1 mix ratio) epoxy putty that you mix together to permanently and instantly repair all types of cracks, chips and divots and then immediately be able to paint over the repairs. Extra thick so it even works on vertical surfaces! Can fill cracks up to 3/8" wide without the use of aggregate. For larger/deeper cracks, see our Joint & Crack Compound. Cures to a super rock hard surface that will not crack or chip out ever. Apply after cleaning and etching of the garage floor. Simply scoop out equal parts, mix on a piece of cardboard until evenly mixed, then apply with putty knife or trowel. Can be painted over with any of our garage epoxies IMMEDIATELY, no need to wait for the compound to harden! You can also let it cure for 48 hrs and grind down smooth if necessary.

Coverage is 500 lineal feet of 1/8" x 1/8" size cracks for the qt size kit, 2000 lineal feet for the 2 gal kit. Less coverage for larger cracks. Gray color only.

Note: If filling in expansion joints(joints with flexible materials in them) that incur slab movement, we recommend you use our Flexible Joint Sealer.

For saw cuts and control joints you can leave unfilled and run the epoxy lightly in an out of the joints, this will make them look like finished grout lines. This is done more often than not but if you want one solid surface then by all means you can fill them in with this product or our crack & joint repair compound.


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