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ArmorGarage started out with humble beginnings and has grown into one of the Country's leading supplier of high performance premium grade coatings and flooring products.

Everything we manufacture and sell direct to you is either heavy duty or extra heavy duty, that is our mantra, make everything to last as long as physically possible! We've thoroughly tested everything we sell on ourselves, our families and friends. All our sales representatives are required to actually install our products in the field. We do extensive field testing on all our products. We don't sell anything that doesn't work as advertised! We offer great customer service so that when you call or email, someone knowledgeable who has actually worked with the products will promptly answer all of your product or application questions and other technical issues regarding your project. We are very detail orientated and quality fanatics.

That's the Armor Garage difference. Many DIY projects end up as failures because of buying low quality products from people or companies with little to no product knowledge or installation experience. Those products get bought and installed without the buyer's knowledge that the performance characteristics of that product were never up to the job. We try to help you avoid that mistake. It's very easy to make a mistake when it comes to purchasing garage type flooring or epoxy coatings for your home or business. Why, because there are literally hundreds of cheap products with little to no data or information on them. Some companies leave out key data for various reasons, some data is meaningless. So you end up buying products that are just simply no good or not strong enough for the job without even knowing it till it's too late. Our website is loaded with information to help you know what you're buying so you do the job once and not two or three times.

We are a Yahoo Merchant Store and rated A+ by the BBB so that you can buy with confidence knowing that your payment and privacy are secure and your order will be received as advertised.

Our customers include many Fortune 500 companies, all branches of the U.S. Military, and thousands of home owners.

All our products are engineered with two qualities in mind, first is that they are easy to install and require no special skills or prior experience. Secondly that they are of the highest quality and durability money can buy. We like to think an Armor Garage product is the last product for your application you'll need to buy.

We try to explain everything about each product in great detail as much as possible. But if you need any assistance, email us at info@armorgarage.com or call toll free at 866-532-3979. We have the best and most experienced staff in the business ready to help you with any questions or project issues you may have.

Thank You And Enjoy Shopping At Armor Garage.

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Showroom and Local NJ pick ups at Union location.

Phone: 1-866-532-3979(Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30 EST)

Fax: 786-228-0062

EMAIL: info@armorgarage.com(for quotes or questions on products at anytime)

sales@armorgarage.com(for questions on an existing order)

support@armorgarage.com(for any technical support needed before, during or after installation at any time). We offer unlimited free tech support.